Former PM Olmert indicted
Aviad Glickman
Published: 31.08.09, 00:02
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1. The wheel of justice
Josie ,   Israel   (08.30.09)
The wheel of Justice might be slow but it does turn around. Congratulations to the people of Israel
2. Idealistic generations, greedy generations
manugw ,   Buenos Aires, Arg   (08.30.09)
Often I see movies with the arrival of the first settlers to Palestina Eretz Israel, and now I read this and it is difficult to believe my eyes,, There are generations ...Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan full of ideals and hope and generations full of greed.... Katzav, Olmert, next one ( I hope not).
3. This is NOT justice!
Ron Morrison   (08.30.09)
Some right wing fanatic has a political agenda, otherwise this would have happened when the left wing was in office. It is well known in Israel that only the left wing cares about justice, which is why all of the judges are openly and clearly left wing. Now that Bibi is in power, things like this will happen all the time since justice is out the window. If Olmert was really guilty of all those things, he would have been taken to trial a long time ago, not after he left office. And it was proven that Olmert was innocent of bribery, that when he recieved all the cash and gifts, it was perfectly legal and clearly not bribery. There is no way that a politician would have been allowed to stay in power if he had questionable business practices. A left wing government would not have stood for that. Especially with Peres as president. He doesn't tolerate financial monkey business from politicians.
4. Just like Rabin and others
Eric ,   New York City   (08.30.09)
Leah Rabin was caught with an American bank account at a time her husband was in a major political office and it was illegal for Israelis to hold foreign accounts. Such behavior has clearly been part of the Israeli mentality for years and Olmert must have thought his infractions were relatively minor in the long run. Criminal, yes, but he did not rake in millions in some incredible scheme. I hope the punishment ultimately fits the crime.
5. finally indictment
alexi   (08.30.09)
Olmert may not be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. However, his demeanour is that of absolute guilt. Everyone knows he is a crook straddling the dark side of the law for years. What is most shocking is that oron of meretz and oppenheimer of peace now and oz and grossman would buy peace moves from this indicted non combat serving israeli. He is totally untrustworthy and was willing to sacrifice israel's security to erdogan of turkey,abbas of fatah and assad on the golan. Now he will launch a PR campaign to convince israelis of his innocence. This is a mistake because his face reeks of corruption and weakness. At trial, messer will testify against olmert and zaken who is the female version of olmert. And olmert who is good in non political survival will likely beat the talansky case but will be found guilty on the tours case if it is separate from talansky case. But worse for olmert, the indictment means that he is facing a jail term like hirschson-5 or 6 years. Whatever happens, he will be damaged goods and israelis will have nothing to do with any comeback. This is not rabin or beilin or barak, i didn't care for their proposals at all especially beilin and barak but they were sincere about them. Olmert is a disgusting indicted criminal who is shallow and weak, terribly weak and has no idea of what he was doing in the security field. His world will fall apart. The worst aspect, is that olmert's wife will have to deal with this indictment which she knows is factually correct. His problems will now creep into his family. He will be ruined by all of this. Mazuz and lador are tobe congratulated.And livni, ramon, barnea, verter, marcus and benn who attached themselves to 0lmert are totally discredited. Livni in particular is now damaged as she will not escape sharing he same concession politics with an indicted criminal who never did combat.
6. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (08.30.09)
very sad but it's GREAT that he finally goes to where he belongs.
7. ohlmert
sad ,   israel   (08.30.09)
a disgrace to Israel but let him be where belongs. What about charming Aliza???????????????She's not the most honest person in the world either.
8. ohlmert
fcd ,   israel   (08.30.09)
9. Sof-sof - finally!
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (08.30.09)
Olmert stole money from Tzedaka, from Shoah survivors and did nothing but betray Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael while in power. He demoralized the IDF and supported Yuli Tamar's assault on Torah and Zionism in the Israeli school system. True justice will be served if he ends up in the cell vacated by Sami Kuntar, Olmert's gift to Hizbullah.
10. No He'll Get Punished...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.30.09)
for what he did in Gush Katif and Lebanon.
11. I hope Olmert goes to prison and commits "Pygmie Suicide"
meir elazar   (08.30.09)
I was saddened that someone as handsome and talented as Dudu Topaz would make some horrible mistakes and end up taking his own life in this diminutive fashion. On the other hand, I can think of no one more deserving of prison for all his treasonous acts than Olmert. It is about time. And if Olmert committed "Pygmie suicide", I would not shed a tear.
12. mr. ehud olmert
muriel ,   israel   (08.30.09)
hopefully he will prove to be innocent. i truly believe he is too intelligent to have jeopardized his character by these matters. As for Talansky, he tried buying his way into a position of friendship and benefiting from it. good luck ehud !
13. #3 silly wabbit
Tough Titty   (08.30.09)
Tricks are for kids. You don't think it is possible that Olmert commited crimes simply because he was in office? Geez, what a rube you are, eh? It is precisely because he was in office that he was bribed. Magical thinking does not work, except inside the minds of people who want to blame everything on the right or the left or some other camp. This is why there are laws and trials instead of guillotines and mobs.
14. #9, EXACTLY dead on!
TT   (08.30.09)
15. GUSH KATIF: all involved went down
Jew Boy ,   Jerusalem   (08.30.09)
16. To #3 Ron Morrison
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.30.09)
Great examples of deductive logic there Ron. I think you must be Olmerts only supporter in the world. BTW, nice to see someone else actually using their real name if that is actually yours.
17. Yeh ,nice picture the robe around your
Sami ,   Lebanon   (08.30.09)
neck is getting tighter and tighter.
18. No Justice in Israel!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.30.09)
They hang every Prime Minister they get. The government need's to reduce taxes. They are way too high, and I can understand people trying to avoid paying them. Of course the government gives you the excuse that the high taxes is for security, but that's all BS. Israel get's $4 billion every year from the US, which is more than enough to cover Israel's security. The people are being raped and should leave the country until they get a better deal from the crooked elite who run it.
19. ohlmert
das ,   israel   (08.30.09)
and his millionaire friends around the world that wined and dined him and his family......and then got special contracts.........the man is corrupt and belongs behind bars - the sooner the better.
20. A simple question
Rita ,   Tel Aviv   (08.30.09)
What is better, 5 years in jail or Sharon's coma? Difficult choice?
21. bad news
mohson   (08.31.09)
ehud, bad news has come. Lador and mazuz who have it in for you indicted without substantiated evidence. Obviously,, they had it in for you. And the people of israel let you down after all you did for that. You and your sons fought in combat for israel, suffered terrible wounds for which your kids had to go out of the country for treatment. And your colleagues abandoned you after you heroically beat hezbollah in the lebanon war. Winograd's conclusions were false and were set up by livni who wants to replace you. Never has a country screwed their most heroic son. Israelis, this is what olmert believes. Yoiu see he is delusional. He never did combat. lost the lebanon war and is a white collar criminal.
22. we can celebrate when he is living in Samir Kuntars old cell
zionist forever   (08.30.09)
I don't have alot of faith in Israel liberal left court system when it comes to politics. Knowing Olmert he will probably be given some cushy short suspended sentence and a slap on the wrist told not to do it again. Katasv did a plea bargin instead of being charged with rape he pleaded guilty to sexual harrasmant and got a luxury car, offices in downtown Tel Aviv & private secretary, security provided by Shin Bet and a presidents pension all STILL BEING PROVIDED BY THE TAXPAYER Then he will go on to write his memoirs and explain how the scams really worked & how much was in those brown envelopes. After all the damage he has done to the country through his policies and the shame he has brought to the office of prime minister jail is a soft punishment.
23. B"H he was not able to give more of Israel to the terrorists
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.31.09)
For what he accomplished in office he should be given an award by hamass and fatah and the plo. Put a monitoring bracelet on him or he will be living the good life in iran or iraq or saudi arabia.
24. #3 Ah what Israel are you living in? Oh I know.It must be
the NY version cause ,   you sound like a DEM   (08.31.09)
25. #3 Waht does bibi being in power have to do with this?He was
Rueben ,   Israel   (08.31.09)
told by Mazuz when HE was in power that he was going to be indicted. You must be one of those far left leaning fringe democrats who thinks anybody in office is above the law. Now, take a deep breath, and GET THERAPY soon.
26. The sins of Gush Katif is finally bringing down all the play
ers. You reap what ,   u sow.Harvest comes.   (08.31.09)
27. Headline Editor
reader ,   Israel   (08.31.09)
One of the dumbest and most disinformative headlines I have ever seen.
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