Israeli surgeon jailed for organ trafficking to be extradited from Ukraine
Olga Gouresky
Published: 31.08.09, 13:24
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1. So ironic. What say you, Sweden?
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (08.31.09)
Palestinians are apparently more easily linked to organ harvesting improprieties than Jews.
2. Israeli doctors are apt to anything.
Remember the doctor case in Rechovot? Remember the doctors cases in Hadassah (and their ongoing atrocities and fabrications)? Remmber the doctors in Romania?
3. Israeli surgeon trafficking human organs
USA   (07.17.12)
good thing he was the ONLY israel involved in this global scandal of millions....except for the 'finders" like Rabbis in New Jersey who was "just trying to help people" and pocketing about $100K per human organ.... Now that Zis had pd up and been 'exonerated'.
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