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Safed rabbi asks Madonna to 'perform in modest clothing'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 31.08.09, 17:07
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1. Values of "Kabbalah "?!
Josh   (08.31.09)
What happened to Torah? We are a Torah nation not a Kabbalah nation. Secondly Rabbis once outlawed Kabbalah as magic and even modern Third Rabbis say that the type of exploitation modern Kabbalah cults are doing, it is magic. So much for "for there is no magic in the tents of Jaacob" Oh but wearing modest clothes is the only concern? (She should). Baalak would love this.
2. To 1 , the goy josh barks again
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.31.09)
And his hypocrisy has no limits . Telling that Madonna should wear "modest" clothes , while himself adores to see it .
3. #1
Josh, I am sure that if he was writing to you he would address it as Torah values. Although your point is a good point, we cannot ignore who the letter was written to.
4. Smart move
Shalom   (08.31.09)
a personalised letter, written in a way that Madonna can relate to. We'll see if it has any effect; and if so, shame on those "Rabbis" who have been teaching her kabbalah until now and not managed to change her.
5. as if he asked her to dress for a modest performance
observer   (08.31.09)
is he suffering from AH syndrome?
6. Opinion
Sagi   (08.31.09)
Madonna should wear what she pleases. The Rabbis should wear what they please. Of all the nonsense in our religion the Kabbala is the biggest load of it and it is insulting to the intelligence of normal folks.
7. Victim of those who prey
Shmuel ,   NY   (08.31.09)
Madonna, like many celebrities, may well be a victim of those who prey on the naivete and ignorance of so many. There are celebrity rabbis and there are for-profit businesses that take millions of dollars from well meaning people who are seeking religion and spirituality. Is the founder of the Kabbalah Centre even a rabbi: Did he even marry a Jewish woman (or did he marry his non-Jewish secretary, abandoning his wife)? Is there any legitimacy at all to the Kabbalah Centre? Do they spread Torah, like, or do they spread hocus-pocus based on false notions, from the Other Side, as to what kabbalah is all about? Is there any reporter or journalist who will do even one investigative story on the Kabbalah Centre? Why is everyone apparently so afraid of this group?
8. Israel
Mark ,   Netherlands   (08.31.09)
Welcome to israelistan. You jews are no different from arabs after all.
9. Madonna
lou ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (08.31.09)
Who cares about Madonna. There are many people around the world who couldn't care less about her. Even so, she is a Catholic and she should respect the religion she was born in. Kabbalah she is supposed to practise if not the real Kabbalah. What a waste of an article.
10. There is nothing wrong with True Kabbalah
Dovid ,   Modiin   (08.31.09)
There is nothing wrong with True Kabbalah. The problem is the Kabbalah Center and Rabbi Berg. The problem is no major orthodox rabbi or true Kabbalist endorses the center or Rabbi Berg.
11. #6 zero Madonna wear is what pleases rabbis
observer   (08.31.09)
12. #7 Good point but Aish?
Josh   (08.31.09)
Come on. It's not Torah I ever heard them teaching...all Rabinnic additions and prayers which by the way ARE kabbalah. You may not have noticed but they are written using uincantation methods taken from Kabbalah. They even admit it comes from Babylon. Home of the Magi preists who kidnapped Israel leaders.
13. 10 - I strongly disagree
Josh   (08.31.09)
It's magic. Magic in the tents of Jaacob brings curses on us all. Proof is in the pudding. How many crazy Kabbalist are there? In fact the danger of it is so well known that it is said that if you study it before 40 you could go crazy. We know in Devarim G-d said not to add a word or subtract so what is this book and how could something Holy bring insanity curses with it? After all G-d said if you chose life he will protect you from such curses. Clearly it is not "chose life". So yes there is something wrong. Just walk down the street and youll see mad kabbalists. The writing is on the wall. The Rabbis were right once to have banned it.
14. Give the Good Rabbi Credit For His Legitimate Request...
SDunc ,   USA   (08.31.09)
Madonna should honor the rabbi's request and dress according to her true beliefs and values, not to sell tickets. Walk the talk, Madonna... We will see what she really believes when she steps on stage. It will be revealed in her actions, words, and dress.
15. perform...
ahava ,   tlv   (08.31.09)
let madonna give her performance..she's an iconic performer..she's well recieved and recognized even given honours...she's an actress everything is just a job that give her why care?only the kaballah centres got her money through her generous contribution..leave her alone!let her viewers and audiences enjoy...just closed your eyes and ears so you wont be able to see what she is wearing...only ih these rabbis are not fantasizing how well she will be dress during her performance .bwahahahaa!!!!bwahahhha!!!! respect what she believe in after her performance there will be other issues popping out.
16. #8 Mark
You obviously don't know anything about Israel. But don't worry. The vast majority of Israelis are secular and pay little or no attention to pronouncements from rabbis. There. Now do you feel better?
17. Welcome Madonna, please don't raise any lust, Ha Ha!
Reb L. Yell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (09.01.09)
18. #1 Maddona will wear what she likes
Avi ,   Israel   (09.01.09)
Maddona please dress modestly? Oh Pah-lease what does he expect the queen of pop to wear a sack like those dancers on the Jerusalem bridge, shes 51 has the body of 21 year old , honey flaunt it if youve got it, and sing out loud "like a virgin" this is Israel not Iran ..
19. If she doesn't, will rabbi send out the dress thugs to beat
her up like he does ,   us????????????   (09.01.09)
20. #1 Josh is 100% correct.
Eliyahu ,   Yrushalayim   (09.01.09)
21. Mark , don't you have people expressing some "ideas"
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.01.09)
Did any wethouder , priester , pastoor , enz , not issue such "raadgevingen" ? One or some fools don't make a "stan" of Israel
......DACON9   (09.01.09)
......DACON9   (09.01.09)
....DACON9   (09.01.09)
25. I wonder what's Kabbalah fancy party, Madonna is famous for?
observer   (09.01.09)
is that a sort of barbecue (Kebab) party?
26. say what you want, wear what you want...
naked tel aviv dude ,   tel aviv, israel   (09.01.09)
just like the honorable rabbi has a right to ask madonna to wear something, she has the right to no follow it. It would go be inline with her kaballah though.
27. Entertainment Value
Mike ,   Portland, USA   (09.02.09)
Israelis deserve entertainment as much as any other country. Why should they be deprived of the full Madonna treatment, scanty clothes and all. If Madonna wears clothes from head to foot and a sheitel, Israelis should be compensated with something of similar entertainment value. How about the good Rebbe swimming with the dolphins in the Mediterranean in his most elaborate religious garb? That would be fun to see!! No cheating: he would have to wear his shtreimel and tzizis!
28. Well she didnt listen to him ha haa
Avi ,   Israel   (09.02.09)
What a load of BS, Madonna the queen of pop will wear what she feels like , this is tel aviv not tehran ! Like a virgin .....
29. Last Night
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (09.02.09)
Madonna was awesome!! Got into the Golden Ring area....amazing! Come back again soon!
30. #18 - Avi - Wrong
THk ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.02.09)
You are absolutely wrong! She may be 51 years old, but she certainly does not have the body of a 21 year old. Most 21 year old women do not come close to her physical strength, stamina and endurance. Furthermore, the vast majority of all women period, do not have such an incredibly sculpted body. It requires many, many years of hard work.
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