2 Hamas gunmen killed by malfunctioning explosive device
Ali Waked
Published: 01.09.09, 21:00
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1. I'll bet Ali Wicked just hates to report when terrorists get
caught trying 2 harm ,   or kill us. Rueben   (09.01.09)
2. Sow hate,reap hate.Sow death, reap death. Any questions??
What goes around ,   comes around.AHH.   (09.01.09)
3. Will Swedish newspapers publish this?
4. Where & when does the funeral meet?
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (09.01.09)
Should I bring salad or burekas for the grieving families?
5. All the good bombmakers have gone to blast UK troops in Afgh
Alan ,   SA   (09.01.09)
7. Oh good! Now I can dance and pass out candy in the streets!
allah welcomes 2 ,   more into hell.   (09.02.09)
8. Re 2 Terrorists Die
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (09.02.09)
Paradise is now down another 144 virgins.
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