EU source implies Israel behind July hijacking of Russian ship
Published: 02.09.09, 08:46
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1. good job Israel!!!!!!
Frank the Islander ,   Germany   (09.02.09)
the world supports you!
2. Mossad is the BEST. How do you bring down a bear(Putin)?
You take down his ,   trees(timber)Ha,ha.   (09.02.09)
3. If we were responsible for that, than I say Hell yeah! Any
thing to piss off ,   a-jad the monkey man   (09.02.09)
4. Ahmedinejad - you better start worrying!
5. 2 giant cargo planes to take back 19 sailors ?
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.02.09)
Those cargo planes are big enough to transport back those missiles ? Missiles? What missiles ? The Russians are talking about timber. Russia needs those timber Must we believe them ?
6.  If
SAm ,   US   (09.02.09)
true and missiles obtained , they can be studied or counter measures against them
7. Kol Hakavod!
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (09.02.09)
Added bobnus is it happened on swedish waters, feels really good after the satanic aftonbladet libel.
8. kol hakavod! NEXT STOP IRAN
Jonathan ,   USA   (09.02.09)
9. if true then both a good and bad move
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, USA   (09.02.09)
While keeping Iran from getting S-300 defence missiles for awhile, it looks like Russia is now planing to sell Iran its newer aircraft. Israel has better pilots but that mainly helps with in closer fights or ground support. In air to air the plane with the best long range missiles and speed normally wins. This would give Iran abit of an edge until Israel gets the F-35s or best the F-22. The F-22 is the only plane that can really take on both the S-300/400 missile defence system and the newer Russia planes and win. But the US is not exporting the F-22 and about to stop making them due to very high cost.
10. someone foward this article to.....
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.02.09)
Tom Clancey
11. As usual
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (09.02.09)
As usual when something happens that cannot be explained, then it must be Israel. Very convenient. Europe should not accuse without proof. I wish Israel could stop all arms shipment to its ennemies, but I doubt it can do that.
12. a feasable explanation but sounds like a conspiracy
zionist forever   (09.02.09)
I am sure there was more on that ship than timber its Russia up to its old tricks Soviet era tricks but it sounds like a conspiracy theory. Why would Russia be sending these missiles if that was the cargo to their client states Iran & Syria in secret? They have never been ashamed in the past to admit they have been selling weaponry so why hide it this time? If its put into operation the secret is out anyway and if its missiles offensive or defensive the world would find out very soon. It seems to me that it may have been an even more valuable cargo than missiles which they don't have to hide or justify the sale of to anybody. As for the idea its Mossad the reason the won't be ruled out is not because if they were capable or if they did it but because they have this image of being behind anything mysterious that goes on in the word. Its good that they have this reputation because what your enemies don't understand they fear but it also makes it impossible for anybody to ever rule out Mossad from any conspiracy theory they suspect they are involved with. There are still plenty of people out there that believe that they were behind 9/11 even though all the evidence shows thats impossible Everybody loves a good conspiracy. The real truth about who hijacked the ship doesn't matter what does matter is what were they carrying and if it was advanced weaponry or even something more dangerous was this the first time and if not what has been delivered so far.
13. #12 question
Brian ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.09)
What's more dangerous than advanced weaponry? Highly advanced weaponry?? We had better get some super highly advanced weaponry and quick!!!!!!
14. 12-a boney M mix probably...
Ypip ,   Canada   (09.02.09)
15. 13
zionist forever   (09.02.09)
uranium for their nuclear reactor? They might be happy to sell weapons publicly but I doubt Russia wants to advertise they may be sending Iran uranium especially considering that Russia is fighting tooth & nail to make sure no serious sanctions are place on Iran.
16. WOW!!! I can't wait for the movie.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.02.09)
17. Good Job Israel
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.02.09)
So the Fins are in the anti Israel arms business too. Obvioulsy with full approval of the EU and UN
18. de-tour
idontbuyit ,   Brussels   (09.02.09)
surely Russia would use the Caspian sea if they want to deliver secret weapons to Iran ..?
19. #15
Brian ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.09)
the Russians built those reactors, everyone thinks Iran is the source of all our problems, Russia is, and are nation is full of non Jewish Russian immigrants, and Russia is building up their naval presence in Syria, not long ago weapons caches were found in Lebanon, enough for several divisions, the soul purpose of, being the invasion of Israel, Russian weapons.
20. Not all the Euro-racists come from Sweden
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.02.09)
They seem to have infected all of Europe like lice.
21. #18 - I don't buy it either...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (09.02.09)
Why would Russia ship highly valuable weapons and/or planes to a Middle Eastern country on a boat with only 19 Russian sailors through the Arctic Sea? If it were as the reports say, it would be a very risky operation and it doesn't look like Russia (or the Middle Eastern country the supposed shipment was bound for) did anything to hedge against this risk. It sounds like a load of bull...
22. Russian Ship
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.02.09)
I really hope we did!! But it sounds rather fantastical to me. And if we did and if we didn't we should maintain silence. Let 'em stew!
23. Go Israel - The Mossad Hits agin!
Mike ,   Adelaide   (09.04.09)
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