BGU president: Call for boycott unrelated to academic freedom
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 03.09.09, 00:07
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1. Gordon acted as a traitor, NOT as a teacher. It is NOT
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.03.09)
wrong to fire a traitor who has intentionally harmed his country. Free speech is about discussion, calling for your country to be harmed is the act of a traitor who should not be allowed to continue as a traitorous "teacher."
mea   (09.03.09)
3. Prof Carmi please don't confuse Gordon with facts
Danny   (09.03.09)
4. The quandary: how to support BGU and not its "Gordons"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.03.09)
BGU does a lot of good work in desert sciences, alternative energy, and a whole lot more. Yet, as with most Israeli universities, its arts and social sciences are rife with post-Zionist "scholars". Money is fungible. So if one supports, say, its work in environmental sciences, that just frees up money to pay the Gordons in the other departments. So I can appreciate that BGU benefactors in LA are talking about withholding support. Me, I've elected to support the likes of Technion and Weizmann. The country could always use more scientists and engineers, and even those with leftist proclivities can't do as much damage.
5. good, the academy in Israel
ghostq   (09.03.09)
shoot her own foot and now they cry about it, Gordon enjoy the unemployment line the Brits won't hire him cause he is from Israel and the Israelis won't hire him cause he is an idiot who subotaged their reserch and academic cooperation. baaaaaaa that just show that in order to get Ph. D. you don't need to be smart but either have enough money for expensive collage or an big a$$.
6. Apartheid???
Joe ,   Israel   (09.03.09)
As someone who grew up in South Africa in the 60's and 70's I can say that either Gordon has no idea of what apartheid really is or that he has another agenda. And if he thinks that he is doing the Palestinians a favour by blaming their plight on Israel - he is wrong again. Palestinian are suffering because their society is rotten and their leaders are cruel. Before they talk about having a state , they need to get their lives and their priorities in order and thats what Gordon and his ilk should be calling for. How many Israelis would object to a Palestinian state modeled on, say, England or Belgium and how much better would the lot of the average Palestinian be?
7. This guy was after new job anyway. Now he is 'famous'
Yael Barak ,   London   (09.03.09)
What good way to get publicity and ensure your CV/resume is looked at when you send it for review than being known as 'that guy'...
8. When myths battle
Eliyahu ,   Yrushalayim   (09.03.09)
It's good to read these idols of "free speech" and "the educated elite" battling. May they both end ignominiously and soon. By the way, there is no such thing as free speech or a free lunch. Every word you speak comes with a cost.
9. we all appreciate your reasearch cliniq
D ,   haifa   (09.03.09)
but this has nothing to do with what prof gordon is trying to say , israel is an apparthied state , and its occupieng over 4 million palestinians , and forcing them to live under the worst circumstances , and that is what prof gordon is saying to the world ....
10. Lecturer Gordon is a fascist hippie!
It's either his way or no way and he's not willing to listen to anyone else's opinion!
11. Why don't the students boycott his class?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.03.09)
If I had a professor like that in college,I would have slapped his stupid face.
12. to #9 you as an Israeli Arab have the freedom
ghostq   (09.03.09)
to learn in the university who get funds by Israel tax payer continue with this atitude you will find yourself out of school. ti hy, the gov can stop the funding and Israelis arabs will be out of school. you r shooting your own foot I have the feeling you will cry about it later on.
13. I am a UBG graduate. His students are 90% Arabs
Ron ,   LA   (09.03.09)
and the rest are leftists. BGU has a great Engineering and science departments but humanities are wery weak. Engineering is more demanding and in demand. Not easy to study-half and more drop after a first year. . Anybody can get a degree in History or literature or politics- no demand and there are no jobs after graduation so all the losers go there.
14. This has been going on for years
la cumparsita ,   London UK   (09.03.09)
Carmi should have dealt with Gordon a long time ago. See this article EXTRACT:"Is Prof. Carmi the only one at BGU who hasn’t been watching – and reading, and listening to – the vicious anti-Israel propaganda that Neve Gordon has been spewing for years? Was she unaware of his “destructive views” when just last January she promoted him, made him Chairman of the Department of Politics and Government? Is she the only one who doesn’t remember how Gordon barricaded himself with Terrorist Supreme Yasser Arafat during the siege of Ramallah? How – for years -- he’s posted his “destructive views” on Holocaust denial websites? How he repeatedly called for Israel to be destroyed through his “one state” solution, in which Jews would be inundated with Arab “refugees”? Can the head of the University possibly have been unaware that her lecturer in Political Science – and now head of the Department – regularly denounced Israel as a fascist, terrorist regime, one that “resembles Nazi Germany”? "
15. BGU'S elite demagogue - Gordon
Zorro   (09.03.09)
To # 11; Why aren't students boycotting his classes, simply because HIS teachings are bearing fruits. Nothing can be done, it's in his genes.
16. Israel bashing is the norm
BGU student   (09.03.09)
Under Braverman´s leadership the BGU accumulated a real army of Gordons. They are the norm here and they set the tone. They say what Europe wants to hear. And no one dares to stop them.
17. apartheid and genetic diseases
Michael ,   Haifa   (09.03.09)
Carmi writes: "Gordon, however, used his pulpit as a university faculty member to advocate a personal opinion, which is really demagoguery cloaked in academic theory," Gordon is a political scientist, who has every right to address himself to a political phenomenon. such as Apartheid. Had Gordon written his piece about South Africa, nobody would have even squeaked. But since he dared to take a comparative approach (which is academically legitimate and not demagoguery) by looking at both the South African experience and current Israeli reality, then the patriotic wolves start howling for his blood. Carmi slightly distorts her own preoccupation with genetic diseases among Beduin as a contribution to furthering Arab-Israeli relationships. That indeed may be a fringe benefit of her work. But her academic kudos is achieved through her research on genetics not on furthering Arab Israeli relationships. Political science is a subjective discipline, whereas genetics is disinterested in subjectivity. Being a president of a University is also a subjective occupation, so Carmi should not try to hide behind objectivity to further her claims.
18. to #9 - I work at the Technion - Arabic and Russian speech
Yon ,   Haifa   (09.03.09)
is all around in the campus. Yesterday I have been stuck a little when hearing 4 hours long - in a lab of the Dep of Chemistry - of teachers with Russian accent explaining in Hebrew to Arab students. Apartheid?
19. The essence of academic freedom
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (09.03.09)
It is the essence of academic freedom to advocate THE ONLY METHOD that will make sure Israel survives. Without universal boycott Israel will go under and die. Gordon should be praised as a hero.
20. Academic Freedom & Free Speech Only 4 Leftist Liberals--ONLY
Anon   (09.03.09)
Post-modernist relativists; no absolutes permitted. Anyone from the right or who believes Torah muzzled & suppressed, denied academic jobs & tenure. Oh yeah, that's freedom & democracy. Not!
21. How to deal with Gordon and the boycotters
Ze'ev ,   Eshkolot, Israel   (09.03.09)
Why don't those who supported BGU but are now withdrawing their support because of Gordon use their money to set up a legal defense fund? Tell President Carmi to fire Gordon, with the promise that in addition to whatever legal defense the government or university gives her, the fund will pay for top-notch defense lawyers. Someone should be able to keep that shmuck out of the classroom, without pay, long enough to force him to another job.
22. minimize his...
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.09)
hours for teaching,contact with student body, extra curricular activities and any advisory board which he may serve on. If you do this he will feel so unproductive that he may seek employment somewhere else in the world,say, Britain where his views are shared. If he wants to think like an Israeli hater let him bloody well go live with them!
23. Check website
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (09.03.09)
to see the names, articles and comments about a dozen Israel bashers on the BGU staff. The number at BGU easily outnumbers thenumber at any other Israeli university. Neve Gordon, incidentally, is the most prominent of all closely followed by his mentor and friend, David Newman, who appears weekly in a column right here at YNet.
24. #7 exactly right
Charles   (09.03.09)
25. #17
Danny   (09.03.09)
How can an Israeli woman working to cure Arab genetic diseases not help Arab-Israeli relations? How can a guy who frankly fabricates most of his arguments be helping? There is absolutely no comparison between Israel and apartheid South Africa. If Gordon were a serious academic then would not only know this but say it too. The fact he stretches some of the discrimination that occurs in Israel to be "apartheid" whilst fabricating others shows he is simply not a serious researcher - something which unfortunately is rather common amongst Israeli social sciences and arts. Of course if he had the courage of his convictions he would leave and teach elsewhere, otherwise this is a pain free, effort free attempt to garner some notoriety for himself at the expense of the country that gave him all his opportunities to date. If there is a lower form of scum then I haven't met them in Israel yet.
26. #6 Apartheid Joe
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (09.03.09)
So Joe. as someone who grew up in South Africa in the 60's & 70's I presume your family, (like a lot of South African jews) were supporters of the Apartheid regime. In fact I would go so far to say that you were probably a supporter of Mr. Vorster, who was a big fan, (evantually) of Israel. In fact he went so far as to say "Israel and South Africa have one thing above all else in common: they are both situated in a predominantly hostile world inhabited by dark peoples." Or were you one of the few Whites who always railed against the system and tried to promote the 'Kaffirs' Civil Rights..... I think Not. You are indeed, an Apartheid Nation.
27. 11
Rosie   (09.03.09)
Because most of them are Arabs.
28. #26, Freaky
Danny   (09.03.09)
It is like you know him intimately... Don't let facts get in the way of an argument by the way, like the pesky fact most Israelis aren't white.
29. 8
Rosie   (09.03.09)
Well said!
30. # 28 Apartheid Danny
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (09.04.09)
Apartheid doesn't have to be based on skin colour. Or is that another 'Pesky' fact that can be dismissed.
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