Iranian DM: We'll respond with force to Israeli attack
Dudi Cohen
Published: 03.09.09, 13:58
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1. lol if he won't like someone in the leadership
ghostq   (09.03.09)
he will make fireworks. oh chaos, and more chaos in Iran lol they will hurt themselves enjoy living in constant fear.
2. Vahidi is a dead man walking (end)
Barack Omadoff   (09.03.09)
3. Iran you are great
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (09.03.09)
well spoken, its time to put the Israeli on there knee.
4. If U..S. did it.,Israel still gets the blame!
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.03.09)
5. the international terrorist speaks
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.03.09)
and he sounds exactly like a terrorist. but that's expected from a terrorist state.
6. Mike
daniel   (09.03.09)
Hej .... Belgium is quickly becoming an Islamic Republic... no doubt you will enjoy that! Good luck!
7. You will regret that you were born Vahidi
Menachem, Israel   (09.03.09)
Vahidi, Ahamdnejad and the other anti-Jewish hate-mongers will end up on the dustbin of history alongside their predecessors like Haman, Hitler and Al-Husseini. It is time to bring down the evil fascist regime in Teheran and restore friendly relations between the Jewish and the Iranian peoples.
8. Iran talk
Pedro ,   Brazil   (09.03.09)
More they talk more we standing with Israel. So let them talk.
"It is wrong to think that possible talks with (the six world powers) would be about Iran's nuclear program," Soltanieh was quoted as saying by the website of al-Alam, a state-run television station. "Iran's nuclear issue can only be examined at the International Atomic Energy Agency," he said. Al-Alam, an Arabic-language service, said Soltanieh made the comments in an interview late on Wednesday. Orao.
10. poor retard :)
les ,   canada   (09.03.09)
don't you understand that the jewish people have the MEANS to frustrate you, and your gang's plans of a second holocust. my only conceren are the majority of the good, freedom loving people of iran whom will suffer the consecvences of your deranged dreams.... GOD SAVE THE JEWISH AND IRANIAN PEOPLE FROM THE LIKES OF YOU!
JOSEPH ,   ACCRA   (09.03.09)
Some of us still not understand why Iran continue to worry about Isreal attack. The FACT is that they can never attack Iran. The issue is that if Isreal want Iran to discontinue, then Isreal should be prepared to disclose and destroy theirs, otherwise which sermon are they preaching.
12. The G-d of Israel will protect us.The god of muslims,well,he
doesn't seem to have ,   a good track record.   (09.03.09)
13. Does he look like Muhammad or Allah ?
Zorro   (09.03.09)
Either way, he like his predecessors, looks like a " disaster in the making. You have shown his picture at least 5 times--- You wrote about him about 5 times.-- And he keeps repeating the same garbage each time.. Don't you have anything else to inform your readers about ?. Don't you think Ynet, that enough is enough ?
14. #11 HAHAHAHA! Stupid logic. Ignore!
15. #6 daniel, "Mike" is an Islamist impostor. Don't bother.
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.03.09)
16. Now I am calmer!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.03.09)
Jihadist stupidity is still alive and kicking! I was worried that Muslims will become much smarter in the distant future and then we'd have a problem. Luckily that's not going to happen any time soon! They are as stupid, megalomaniacal and primitive as ever - and they'll continue to be like that for generations! Israel's future is assured. Muslim's future is not that bright...
17. Vahidi ..... Psalms 83 tells the outcome....
Psalms 83 ,   selah   (09.03.09)
of the israels responce.... but your country does have a choice that could prove it wrong.... but I suspect you are to proud to change your path....
18. Shows that Iranian 'reformers' deserve their regime
Samuel Prime ,   Canada   (09.04.09)
If 80% of the Iranian parliament has voted for this terrorist butcher, then that would include a lot of Iranian so-called reformers. Now we can see more clearly the true color of these reformers: they want to continue the nuclear weapons track and support wiping Israel off them map, that's why they supported this piece of filth because of his massacring of Jews in Argentina. Gives Israel even more reason to attack Iran: the reasons for attacking Iran are mounting and become ever more imperative. That regime has Jewish blood on its hands, and Israel has not yet answered.
19. Lunacy
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.05.09)
"Every move from the Zionist entity against Iran, will be met with a harsh and powerful response from Iran." With what? You thirty-year out of date air force? Your ineffective Russian-made anti-aircraft batteries? Tell you what, though. Bring it on. I think Iran as a glowing cinder will be a vast improvement, anyway.
20. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.05.09)
Do you mean just the way the Arabs put Israel to its knees in 1948? Or do you mean the way the Arabs reduced Israel to its knees in 1967? Oh, wait! You mean the way it was done in 1973 -- a sneak attack on Israel's holiest day of the year on two fronts -- but you sure brought us to our knees. Israel was 100 miles from Cairo, on the West Bank of the Suez and poised to march on Damascus. (By the way, payback is a bitch -- for 1973 on Yom Kippur, expect an attack during Ramadan.) Look at Israel: mighty, strong, surrounded by enemies sworn to its destruction. And the Arab and Moslem world squabble like spoiled little children and descend further and further into total disarray. Sounds like Israel has already brought you all to your knees. And you have failed in all your many attempts at war and unrelenting terror. Can't WAIT for Ramadan!
21. Well spoken # 20! Well spoken
Israeli 2   (09.06.09)
22. This man is a military hero!
IRAN#1   (09.07.09)
And he means business. But y'all know that already :)
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