Palestinian teen killed in Gaza shooting
Published: 05.09.09, 14:59
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1. Gaza Teen Dead
Rick S. ,   Fla.   (09.05.09)
TOO BAD!!! The Palis target Israeli civilians all the time and Israel does not. If he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, it's not Israel's issue. Stop with all these investigations. When do the Palis investigate themselves?
2. At 14,he's already indoctrinated to hate & kill Jews.We just
beat him at his own ,   game. Fair Enough.   (09.05.09)
3. When playing with fire, aimed at the murder of Jews,
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.05.09)
expect to be hurt!!!
4. the Shabbos ritual done
observer   (09.05.09)
5. Probably died of natural causes and listed as killed
Officially Palestinians rarely die of natural causes, unless Carter is on a visit - then they suddenly start to starve to death.
6. to #4 lol you observ shabos to know
ghostq   (09.06.09)
another ritual of palis is to shoot rockets at Israeli civilians on shabos. this is the out come. actually the palis shoot rockets every week only it's not on the official media channels.
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