Meeting with Israeli minister may ruin Iranian diplomat's nomination
Dudi Cohen
Published: 07.09.09, 14:00
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1. this is your brain...
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.07.09)
and THIS is your brain on islam. any questions?
2. mike
Barney ,   USA   (09.07.09)
excellent! could not have expressed it any better.
3. Mike and Barney,
Persian CAT   (09.07.09)
What does THIS have to do if Islam, that makes bigots like you two to post your Islamophobic rants?!!! This is about political problems between to countries that have very bad relations with each other.
4. a lot to do with Islam
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (09.08.09)
External and internal conflicts are the lifeblood of Islamic societies and conflict in the Islamic world is not seen as a problem that requires a peaceful solution. Any regime whose allegiance is to a religious sect rather than to the nation, that does not believe in democracy enough to institute it, shuns female intellectual contributions, allows polygamy, insists on patriarchy, institutionalizes religious persecution, ignores family planning, expects endemic corruption, tolerates honor killings, sees no need to vote, and defines knowledge as mastery of the deeply pathological.
5. Saeb Erekat met Manouchehr Mottaki 40 days ago
observer   (09.08.09)
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