Gaza teen undergoes sex change operation
Published: 10.09.09, 23:23
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1. Oy. The Spanish are stealing body parts.
Shai ,   IL   (09.10.09)
2. Did Michelle Obama have a sex change operation?
Rami   (09.11.09)
Her hands are unusually large, and she has an Adam's apple. She walks with a strange ape-like or mannish gait. I wonder if she was brought in by the Democrats to reveal her true gender ex post electio, as a boost to the transgender community?
3. All arab women would like to be treated with the same
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.11.09)
respect given males, but it will never happen. This is one lucky guy if some hamass religious fanatic doesn't kill him for the surgery.
4. They were NEVER girls
Rambam ,   us   (09.11.09)
Both "sisters" are genetic males. Both have a defect in the synthesis of testosterone due to 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. This was described in the Arabs of Gaza by Dr. Ariel Rosler from Hadassa-Jerusalem. I wonder whether Spanish urologists were smart enough to talk to him or just did the cutting.
5. Where did the penis come from?
Dave ,   US   (09.11.09)
6. came from Michael Jackson..
7. very strange....
"high levets of testosterone and NEEDED a sex change operation" NEEDED???!!!who said? and who in tyhe world does sexchange operations to 15 year olds?! and for 3,000 $ ?? something is very weird here.
8. this some sort of article joke?
sammy ,   amman , jordan   (09.11.09)
i not understand this , why serious news website make the jokes like this???? No understand , she boy or girl now?
9. sex change
solemnman ,   israel   (09.11.09)
Considering how females are regarded by the Muslim world I would expect queues, for this operation ,to start forming around the globe.
10. to #8 She boy now
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.11.09)
11. How is it even legal ?!
Sharon   (09.11.09)
mind the fact that she is only 15, patients who change their gender undergo years of psychological and physical evaluation. It is more than a life changing operation, and the hastened nature of this particular procedure makes one question both its legality and morality.
12. Definately put him on the sucurity list
Mike ,   England   (09.11.09)
He might want to blow himself up to prove he is a guy.
13. I find this story very strange
Leah ,   Israel   (09.11.09)
Do you think the father wanted her to be a boy so much that the whole thing was planned with the Spanish doctor? I think we are going to see alot more of this sort of thing.
14. what do Odai & Michael Jackson have in common
zionist forever   (09.11.09)
As a girl she looked like Michael Jackson. As a boy now we all know who he is if Hamas get hold of him then he should also expect to die young because the rulers of Hamastan can never allow something as unislamic as sex change operations.
15. perhaps some more information is needed
dabox ,   atl   (09.11.09) explains what medical issues this unfortunate has
16. No. 11 Sharon
NYC Girl   (09.11.09)
Perhaps because, in this case, the doctors were able to diagnose an actual hormone imbalance, it was treated as a medical issue, rather than a psychological one. But, even in that case, one would assume the person would have to be counseled and prepared psychologically to live with a different gender than the one they were born with, but I could be wrong. From a legal point of view, however, there may have been some concern that if this condition wasn't corrected until she was of legal age, it could have resulted in years of depression and potentially even suicide...which would also speak to the moral imperative.
17. jason white
sami ,   kfar yona   (09.11.09)
jason you should turn off your computer and get outside more often...there is a whole world beyond your keyboard
18. When talkbacks are more informative than the articles
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.11.09)
If what TB #4 is true it should have been mentioned in the article. Talkbacks are fine and fun, but the if the person writing the article could leave out something this central to understanding what happened then you have to wonder if there are any editorial standards at YNET.
19. to sami-kfar yona
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.11.09)
You should take a long walk on a short pier. You the creep that is stalking me? How do you know how much time I spend on the computer?
20. 16
zionist forever   (09.11.09)
Its immoral allowing a girl of this age to have a sex change operation. Something like this should be offered to adults only and even then after lots of mental counciling. At that age she is to young to really be sure of anything and is not thinking about the future. What if at some point in future she wanted to have children? How will it affect any future relationships in general being a female altered to be more like a male. Adults understand about all these things and are in a better position to decide if they want to go through with it or not. A teenage girl doesn't have this knowladge. The parents should have insisted that she waits till she is an adult before she goes through with it and the spanish doctors should have refused to mutilate this girl.
21. This isn't a case
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.11.09)
of gender assignment, or even a hormonal imbalance. This is a case of being born with physical attributes belonging to one gender, and hormones belonging to the other gender. I gather from the excellent post at No. 4 that this disorder (I'm not sure that is the right word) is well-documented with respect to Palestinian Arabs in Gaza. I am curious to know if this is phenomenological, or if it is the inevitable result of marriages between first cousins, or other close relatives. I am also curious as to whether his chromosomes read XX (female) or XY (male). Either way, I hope this young man will not be unfairly stigmatized. This was beyond his control. His gender reassignment surgery was a necessity, and I wish him -- and others like him -- well.
22. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.11.09)
I agree with you as to her unusual gait and her mannish traits. That said, I must point out that she has twice given birth. You can be the beneficiary of the best gender-reassignment surgeon in the world ..... but all the surgery and all the hormone treatments in the world are not going to allow you to get pregnant if your chromosome pair is XY.
23. Just an opinion!
Omar ,   United States   (09.11.09)
Yes, another fake ending! we all can see that!
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