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Israeli film wins Golden Lion
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 12.09.09, 22:07
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1. Another anti-Israel propaganda film
Why else would the Venice Film Festival Give them an award? The same people who honored Hugo Chavez last week.
2. Congratulations
Mara ,   Madrid   (09.12.09)
3. Being a self-hating Jew has its awards
Hen   (09.13.09)
The Gentiles will love you, and you'll get invited to the white house. Will a noble prize be next for this anti-IDF director?
4. was it Waltz with Bashir?
Shiran ,   GUatemala   (09.13.09)
5. to #1 see the movie first and than talk
yaya   (09.13.09)
6. Easy way for an artist to be accepted abroad
Grigorius   (09.13.09)
Throw garbage at Israel while showing your Israeli citizenship
7. lebanon
tom ,   tel-aviv   (09.13.09)
to#5: some things do not have to be experienced empricaly: you don't have to stay on the rail tracks to know that the oncoming train will squash you. If an Israeli film (called Lebanon of all things) wins a prestigeous, european award trust me son: don't have to see it to know that it ain't self-loving zionist propaganda, no siree Bob. But hey, it's all either about sex or money in Life.My bet it's money/fame/fortune this time.... so congrats guys, Your Name shall be Known from now on, till the next self-critical israeli work of cine-art !
8. A deep movie
Silvan ,   Paris, France   (09.13.09)
It a beautiful movie about **War** (all wars!!). Those who don't recognize it have to going to fight... Congratulations to Samuel Maoz.
9. Samuel Maoz's film "Lebanon"
alexander krawehl ,   hamburg/germany   (09.13.09)
what a great message. congratulations for the whole Maoz team and Israel. hopefully the film will come to Germany shortly alexander krawehl
10. Proven easiest way for an Israeli to become rich and famous
Nemesis   (09.13.09)
The other standing ovation at the European intelligentzia's favorite film festival was, of course, for Hugo Chà vez..
11. bravo. another movie about israelis.
ghostq   (09.13.09)
12. Thanx for the propaganda for Lebanon
aman ,   milan   (09.13.09)
13. Did the three 'tankistim' serve in the IDF?
I'm sure they didn't   (09.14.09)
14. Raising hatred against Israel and especially against IDF
m   (09.14.09)
which is the symbol of Israel will today bring you fame and fortune. All packaged under "sesitive, self searching souls". Yach!
15. Waltz with Bashir wasn't all that
Jake   (09.15.09)
But it did have plenty of comparisons of the IDF to Nazis, and Palestinians to the Jews during the Holocaust. That's the stuff that film awards are made of nowadays.
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