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Litzman challenges Rabbinate's control over hospital rabbis nomination
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 13.09.09, 11:31
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1. Prayer is the answer
Tamar ,   Tel Aviv   (09.13.09)
This is what our failing health system needs, more rabbis and less doctors, nurses, medicine and medical supplies. In fact, why don't we get rid of hospitals all together and just send our sick to beit knesset so that the rabbis can pray for them and feed them kosher feed. And while we are at it, forget flu vaccines and tammi flu when you have flying rabbis saying prayers in airplanes for the entire country. Rabbis should stay in synagouge and leave the medical decisions to the doctors! Not to mention, we need to get them out of our politics also!!!!!!!!!!
2. Glad to see this clown has his priorites in order
Avi ,   Israel   (09.13.09)
Not ! still more jobs for his pals and a chance to rip off the public even further.
3. 1 - The Rabbis kept the Jewish people for 2000 years
Jean   (09.13.09)
And it will be the Rabbis to keep the Jewish people for the next 2000. If not for them, there would be no Jewish people, so they know best!
4. Jean , wrong , it were the antisemites
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.13.09)
not the rabbanim . And for the next 2000 years , i'll rely more , if not only , on the IDF , not on the rabbanim . We have seen how the rabbanim managed to save our six million brethren .
5. #1 and #3 Not hardly - we fall to might blows
Josh   (09.13.09)
I am so tired of that line. What does it really say. Everything is ok? Well its not. The Church kept the Cristians together for a long time, so what? Heck look at the Hindus. Should we support buddah? Our existance is not proof but rather our curses are. Only G-d keeps us or destroys us. "How can two lead a thousand to war if the hand of Hashem had not done this?" Look at the history of pograms and enemies promoted above us and truly tell me if the Rabbis helped or hindered our existance when we followed their leadership. Palestinians are given more respect worldwide than we are. What does that say when you read Torah curses? Be honest, history doesn't show we were "kept" by any human. In fact within the origins of antisemites started with a book on the rabbinical mistreatment of a convert. How big a sin is mistreating converts and injuring the ones G-d loves? Look back and own the truth. Luther got his fuel from the analysis of Rabbinic truthfulness by a converted Jew. Should we hate the convert G-d tells us to love or give him and ear? Should we silence all converts and stop the return from Christianity a jewish sect movement? Should we blame the convert for everything? Should we go back and see how such a small seed grew into a world war and massive death or silence the symbolism and lesson? Maybe the golden calf story is too terrible to tell also? The symbol of the Jainism swastika used by Germans and historically used like the Jainism chakra (Hamsa) is today by Jews for good luck is obvious. It use to grace synagogues in Israel. Doesn't that say anything? Anyone tearing down and grinding up hamsahs like Moses did the golden calf? Have the rabbis sought to remove the hamsah, brother of the swastika, from Jaacobs tents? Do we look back or continue unchanged by history or hide the facts that don't please us? Abraham had goy friends why don't we treat them the same? Dogs? I don't see the light to all nations there nor protector of our people in the Rabbinics. That will only generate darkness to all nations. That line of rational that if we seek to get Torah and righteousness it must bend to the will of Rabbis is nothing but bunk. Focus on "...lest you say, who can go up and get it for us?" Torah backs me on this opinion, read Deut 13 and read about Korach. G-d has kept us together and not men in black doing Babylonian prayers. (Babylonian culture from Magis). "Let my people go" seems to be a theme that threads through all this bunk. No the Rabbis contribution doesn't mean anything to whether G-d keeps his promise of maintaining a remnant alive. His Torah promise to the Fathers and "chose life" does. Back to Torah for survival as the radical Muslim world preps a new holocaust with their words. A prayer won't save you if you don't keep Torah and pass Devarim 13's test. Especially if that prayer is built on magi magician principals that only provoke G-d's anger. Give G-d an original prayer is what Torah states. Why are more repetitions viewed by any Jew as a good thing? How would you like everyone to address you in repetitions? Do we know Torah and our G-d? No more excuses.
6. 4Charles is right!
Jean   (09.13.09)
Let the antisemites decide how the hospital is run, and have the IDF help in the future. Brilliant!
7. Litzman,try calling a spade a spade
Sagi   (09.13.09)
Jobs for the boys is what you mean.
8. Josh #5
Chaim ,   Jerusalem   (09.13.09)
I bet your wife is tired too of your repetitious I love yous. Send regards to jesus, my child
9. Medical Rabbis
Michael ,   Haifa   (09.13.09)
Who needs doctors in hospitals when rabbis can cure you with amulets, holy water and all the other junk commonly sold at the graves of "tsaddikim" ?
10. do what you know best...
Lisa   (09.13.09)
the rabbanim take care of the people's spiritual needs- and the medical profession, please , take care of the physical well being of the people- anything else is plain stupid. Would you want your rabbi to perform open heart surgery?
11. appointments
colin   (09.14.09)
He Litzman wants to appoint extra rabbis for the religious force against seculars but syas he has no money for more docters and nurses.SOMETHING SMELLS !!!!!! Since wgen is religion more important than health????Only the datim 20% of Israel thinks that an idol is more nessesary
12. #8 Jesus is your child?
Josh   (09.14.09)
13. 8 chaim send regards to your child jesus?
Adam ,   K-City, KS   (09.14.09)
Mary was bethrothed. How could you?
14. transplants
Marilyn ,   USA   (09.14.09)
When when brother died in a car accident, we were happy about the organ type donations that they could do after death. They could help like somewhere around 50 people. Blind people seeing and such. We focused a little on this and it made us feel better. Now with me, if I'm in that bad of shape that a doctor thinks I'm brain dead, it's like just go ahead and start transplanting. This is just my personal beliefs though.
15. Religion in hospitals.
Philip ,   Afula,Israel   (09.14.09)
We URGENTLY need to contract young and energetic surgeons to perform the most important of all operations here, SEPERATION of STATE from Religion. Before we become terminally ill .
16. Bring hospital medical facilities up to immediate necessitie
H.H.M ,   Israel / Jerusalem   (09.14.09)
Bring hospital medical facilities up to immediate necessities Deputy Minister Litzman seems to be more interested to find paid positions for his cronies than in actual proper hospital functioning. Otherwise his wish to appoint hospital Rabbis is not understandable when the most basic services of hospitals become questionable owing to missing physicians, nurses and other medical personnel not to speak of warnout medical instruments. Our hospitals are insufficient equipped even without sufficient really sheltered / safe places for its patience in sufficient numbers.- These basic pure physical medical purposes must have priority to all other possible plans to ensure national health needs for its mixed population under all conditions. In case of really needed Rabbis for hospital’s patients these can be drawn from existing local Municipal Rabbinical Personnel even without additional cost to the public.- As in Israel are about 20 to 30% of its population are members of other religions which in case of equal treatment would required for their possible religious needs in hospitals, similar religious personnel. First of all immediate pure medical needs have to be safeguarded by law.
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