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Book: Hezbollah got inside MI's inner sanctum
Published: 13.09.09, 15:04
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1. Good story. A great way to discourage
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.13.09)
to the enemy. Does the book have maps and pictures of the secret installation?
2. Face it
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (09.13.09)
Face it,you guy's just cant beat hezbollah. They have proven this on numerous occasions. true you might be able to damage some of their infrastructure,but thats replaceable. No wonder many idf soldiers call the war in lebanon israel's vietnam.
3. #1 - But Hasn't Been Repeated
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.19.09)
I assume the infiltration was discovered and taken care of. There's always going to be holes in any country's security. If the intelligence service is good it will plug up the hole and learn from its mistake.
4. But the VietNamese admited they couldn't have won
mzk ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.29.11)
They won through the American press. It was immoral of the US to abandon VietNam (a war I expected in my youth to be drafted into) and it was immoral for us to abandon South Lebanon. You make it sound like there is a way not to fight Hezbollah. They will attack us no matter what; we have nothing ot theirs. Perhaps one day a terrorist organization will start shelling your part of Vienna, and we will see if you petition Austria to let them continue.
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