Ramon crash: 'We may never know what happened'
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 14.09.09, 10:33
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1. Unlucky
Sam ,   ME   (09.14.09)
It Looks like either he lost concussions or hit something. Even if you have a Major computer Failure ejection seats should have worked. Unless if he is extremely unlucky.
2. ground all F16s until examined & phase out old ones
zionist forever   (09.14.09)
There have been a number of F16 near misses in recent months. Last week a pilot had a malfunction and was ordered to turn off his engine midair and glide back down. The F16 A is going on 30 years old now and should have been phased out of service. Right now its time to ground all F16s and go over each one individually for faults and at the same time start phasing out the older ones starting with the A version which Ramon was flying Give them a make over and then put them into reserves and not for front line duty. Also replace the F16 with a plane that the pilots will like and suit Israeli flying style don't buy American so you can get a discount. The F35 which other than the fact it has stealth capabilities in inferior to even the F16 and is not the kind of dogfighter that the IAF pilots like. It's is also probably more expensive with a subsidy to buy F35 than buying a modern European aircraft like the SAAB Grippen of Typhoon Eurofighter at full price.
3. When something happens, it is planned, US President Franklin
Rivkah   (09.14.09)
Roosevelt commented long ago. What could be the benefit of an Israeli favorite son dying in a crash? Maybe the public is being prepped for losing their sons and won't take it as hard. A lot of sons are going to be lost in the coming wars as nations challenge God's right to give Israel and Jerusalem to His people who are the brethren of the Christian Messiah. If only the Christians realized that. If only the Muslims did, too. What a better place the world would be if people stopped calling God a liar by their actions and persecutions of the Jews.
4. Maybe his face was beamed with a laser light.
Rivkah   (09.14.09)
That has happened to US pilots in the Washington State area and that blinded them. R and D needs to find a protection from that for pilots.
5. Dear Rivkah
Sam ,   Me   (09.14.09)
#3 would be a good argument. If God existed!
6. To Rivkah : Hamas laser light?
Al ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (09.14.09)
Do you think Hamas or other palestinian guerrilla are using new weapons to shoot down israeli planes? If not your talkback gave them a precious advice...
7. Rivkah could be right.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.14.09)
There have been cases of pilots blinded by lasers. All you need is an industiral laser. The russkies did it to two U.S. pilots about 15 or so years ago. Better wear sunglasses when you fly.
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