Poll: Most Americans support US aid to Israel if attacked
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 15.09.09, 00:39
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1. IF it were attacked NOT if Israel caused the attacks
lydia ,   Brisbane   (09.15.09)
2. 59% you say
GLOOSECAP ,   ca canada   (09.15.09)
Yeah, this is an excellent! A whole 59% of the US supports backing Israel. This is more than pathetic. It shows how the US is slowly (or is that quickly) turning against the nation of Israel?
3. Oh, of course we'd rally to the Israelis in such a scenario
Cameron ,   USA   (09.15.09)
Have to admit, I was surprised to hear such a large no. (45%) would do the same for the French. Would they do the same? I place no faith in the Europeans at all, in any context.
4. military aid to Israel
Mark ,   San Francisco, USA   (09.15.09)
Yeah, right, the Jews are point man on the front line of defense against the moslem invasion of the West-Americans ought to support aid to Israel!
5. Welfare case
Spengler ,   USA   (09.15.09)
I would like to see all aid to Isreal become subject to strict conditions and limits. People in Isreal seem to developed the habit of holding derogatory opinions of US officials when they suggest Isreal obey or even briefly pay heed to Int'l laws. If all aid were suspended during these episodes perhaps these people would learn a new vernacular when considering their world views
6. What Do You Mean *IF* Attacked?
emanon ,   USA   (09.15.09)
Qatushya and Grad rockets from Gaza are not an attack? Homicide bombers are not an attack? Kidnappings are not attacks? Lots of people are not paying attention . . .
7. 29%
Barney ,   USA   (09.15.09)
what percent of the 29 are neo nazis, white supremacists, and of muslim faith? I believe the number would be much lower with these folks removed. Meanwhile, most people, especially the Jewish people, would dig deep to help Israel even if the U.S. didn't which it would. What other sane voice in this oil rich region is there to talk to? Maybe a bold statement but like it or not AS Israel goes, the free world goes.
8. Most Americans what a peace deal in ME
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, USA   (09.15.09)
The Israel/PA confict has caused problems for the ME and US for far too long. While the US strongly supports Israel, the US also wants a fair peace for bothsides. I believe building should continue in the major settlements that are close to Israel(greenline), which bothsides can to some degree agree they will become part of Israel. E. Jerusalem and settlements like Ariel should stop building, these will be hard for Israel to give up but a 2 state solution will be very hard if they do not.
9. lying title
israeli   (09.15.09)
this is the only friend of israel in the world, and almost half would not help us... all israelis (arabs excluded) would come to america's side if needed. they dont feel to us the same friendship we feel toward them. we just made up this special friendship. like children with no friends invent imaginary friends.
10. if Israel attacks?, Israel is Western country?
observer   (09.15.09)
Arabs started only one war, in 1973, and were victorious then, and in 2006 as well. The Jews won only one war, in 1967, because they perfidiously attacked without declaring the war. Yes. Israel is Western to the Jordan River, yet its eastern border it keeps undecided. That little problem cost, and still costs thousands of killed Arabs and Jews. and millions refugees. 41% is not bad at all after the last two wars of Israel's self-defense!
11. if they knew what the US gets from it 100% would say give ai
zionist forever   (09.15.09)
I wonder what their replies would be if they were told all the things the US gets out of aid. Military aid is nothing more than a subsidy, Israel is committed to buying from the US. Israel spends billions of its own money every year on US weaponry. The aid is like the discount a store offers to get you in the door. A condition of military aid is Israel must spend the bulk of its military spending. We can't spend our $2.5 billion and then spend the rest of the annual military budget elsewhere. It gives the US a veto over who Israel exports its domestically designed weapons to and they have abused that in the past. They refused to let Israel export Arrow to India or Turkey and then offered them both Patriot. The US tried to stop Israel selling India its Phalcon AWACS system and then went and offered India the Boing version. Again with Phalcon with some other friendly countries Israel was in the finals but the US used its muscle to create problems for Israel and drove it out the market. So military aid allows the US aid to help kill competition to their own arms companies. The US has influence over both international & domestic policy making and have even interviened in the past to stop the appointment of a minister they didn't like. It provides a government subsidy to the US arms industry. Israel gets very little in financial aid now days just occasional part financing some individual projects which cannot be exported without US permission. They contributed to the original development of Merkava and so they do not let Israel export it. They stopped Israel helping Turkey develop its own tank and instead offered Abrams. If the American people knew just what they get out of aid to Israel then 100% of them would be in favour and be saying the more aid the better. I also imagine if all the Israelis knew how $2.5 billion was turning us into virtually slaves and we can't even decide who we appoint as government ministers they would be demanding we end it now. Without that aid Israel would be able to compete on the open market on an equal playing field and its economy would probably grow. This aid keeps us dependent on handouts and if we want our next meal we have to jump when the US says jump. Aid is a 21st century form of dhimitude & the US gets out of it alot more than we do but no government has the courage to say we want to end it now.
12. how many people
John ,   NY, NY   (09.15.09)
were polled? 5? 7? 17? Maybe 21?
13. who
John ,   NY, NY   (09.15.09)
will attack Israel? Iran? Ben-Laden? Don't be stupid. The enemy is only in the sick mind of Israeli politicians.
14. Between politics and friends.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (09.15.09)
"Army Says Israeli Armor Has Saved "Many" U.S. Lives in Iraq. The U.S. Army has thanked Israel for supplying it with armor for armored personnel carriers (APCs) in Iraq, the Israel21c website reported. The Israeli armor has saved "many lives," according to a letter sent by the Army to Rafael, the Israel Armament Development Authority. Israel expedited delivery of the armor to the United States to help protect American APCs from roadside bombs, which have killed more than 150 U.S. servicemen in Iraq.(March 2005). Lately the alliance with the USA bears a question mark :
15. To: #10
Eyal ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.15.09)
read your history. Israel has won every war we have fought, against impossible odds. the few against the many. all the enemies who rise up against Israel are cut down by G-D's mighty hand. pick a side... your existence depends on it, choose wisely :-)
16. to #1 how you cause attack? r you telling
ghostq   (09.15.09)
me that your country involvment In Israel and the australian heros who barriy in Israel since palis killed them during the famous battle of Beer sheve died in vain? mmm someone here need to change her meds cause this r not working.
17. to #10 wrong except 67 all the other
ghostq   (09.15.09)
war were Arab initiatives. you just follow to much arab propeganda and not observe the facts. the riots in the 30's colaborating with the natzis the 1948 indpendence war(actually arabs killed everyone on the 2 busses thata were on their way to Jerusalem including the children) the 73 the the golf war the second lebanon war(kidnapped 2 Israelies soldiers from it's soverign teritory) cast lead(hamas refuse to continu the Tahadia inspite the Sadia Arabia pleads) you see arab doing only the list goes on sucide attackes the siege on Jerusalem by jordenian Army between 1947-1967 see Arabs violent initiatives only.
18. Israel is a Middle Eastern Country.
19. A Nation Amongst Nations?
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (09.15.09)
B"H Israel is NOT just a nation amongst the nations. We are G-d's chosen people and meant to rely on Him rather than on the (false) friendship of 59% of Americans.
20. all we need is G*D support
albert john ,   canada   (09.15.09)
In 1967 israel fought with 6 nations in 6 days ...I must tell the world it was all with almighty's help and our warriors they made it happen, where was USA they intervene when we reached suez canal when it was captured. Even today Israel can do it but they need a PRICE TAG OF USA . If time comes Israel will not even ask USA. We made mistake in Holucast era when our jews did not have theIr state to fight but not now.
21. No More Aid - no need for it
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (09.15.09)
Israel does not need aid from the USA - all we want is a friend. 40 years ago, Israel was in dire need of US aid, but now, this aid is usless to us. we can buy and make our own weapons to defend ourselves. all we want is friends, friends with the same cause as us, to defend freedom at all cost, defend it for our children, and our children's children. THE WEST MUST STICK TOGETHER, for there are others in the midst, that want to destroy all freedom, and impose religious fury on us all. Dont give this aid to the Pal though, they will build bombs, rather use that money, build them schools, hospitals, factories and shoping malls, invest in their economy. Money will buy their goodwill im sure. Maybe if they dream of their next BMW, or visit to Europe they will stop with all their dreaming of boms. Islam and poverty does not work. Islam and money ( Dubai) does work, just pour that money to the Palastinians
22. ISRAEL DOES NOT GET AID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23. agree with #11: end it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.   (09.15.09)
us aid is nothing but dhimitude!
25. #10 what if the US decided to save Israel her generosity?
observer   (09.15.09)
Israeli leaders' nervous break down in 73 would not have been amended, and Operation Nickel Grass would not nave been accomplished. Simply; there wouldn't have been Israel.
26. observer you should be more observant of history
zionist forever   (09.15.09)
1948 - Transjordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq attacked Israel promising to drive the jews into the sea. Israel didn't attack them. The arabs also lost that war and Israel grew from the 51% of Palestine offered by the UN - 80% + west Jerusalem 1956 - True Israel started it when it was asked by France & UK to join their coalition to retake the Suez Canal. This suited israel fine because Egypt was getting new jets from the Russians which Israel wanted to destroyed as it had no jets of its own Egypyt also blocked any ships using the Canal In exchange for joining the coalition France gave Israel Mirage fighters ( Israels first jets ) & agreed to sell a nuclear reactor. The result was Israel took Sinai as planned which is wanted to hold to trade for peace but the US demanded its unconditional return. 1967 - Egypt expelled UN peace keepers in Sinai & started building up its army on Israels border & formed a coalition with Syra & Jordan. Israe took a pre emptive strike destroyed their air forces so without air cover their ground forces would be easy pickings. Egypt alone lost around 20,000 men Israels casualties were in the hundreds but if it had waited its own casluaties might have been 20,000+ 1973 - Israel was caught off gaurd when invaded by Egypt & Syria but eventually turned it around and won 1982 - Israel went into Lebanon to drive out the PLO & it achieved that goal. Israel later withdrew to a small area near the border the military held until 2000 when they pulled out. 2006 - was a failure but not because Hizbollah were a superior force but because Israels politicians tried to micromanage the war & ignored men in the ground and also the IDF was not in top shape thanks to over a decade of cutbacks because of the oslo dream which was going to end all wars. Dan Halutz was convinced air power alone could win it & refused the calls for more infantry. Amir Peretz the minister of defense didn't know the first thing about defense. In the last days when the more ground troops started arriving the IDF started to get their act together but then Olmert caled for a ceasefire. 2008 - Cast Lead was a total sucess except for the fact that Olmert called for a unilateral ceasefire before the job was done ignoring objections from the IDF.
27. polls- who cares, who believes it?
Lisa   (09.15.09)
Most Americans?- 59% in favor aiding Israel? ONLY 49% to help France? Most is not 59%- 59% is a tad more than half- 49% is a touch less than half- this is typical journalistic jargon and influencing people- . Now if those countries had lots of oil- !!!
28. #26 zionist...
Lisa   (09.15.09)
great history lesson- but what is the point here? This is a poll that is totally inconclusive- what is 59%, 49% of what? people who do not know history? I agree with you there. Not sure why Ynet even bothers with something like this. 59% ?- if I was Israeli I would not take that as a guaranty to get help-. I am surprised the % is even this high with war in Iraq and Afganistan still going on. Americans want their soldiers home and safe... before starting the next war.
29. How many of them can show place of Israel in Map??
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (09.15.09)
Before Ahmedinajat wipes off? Perhaps a better question what is the religious percentages of participants of survey? It is obviously biased selecting a group of people majority of which were US jews! In fact only less than 10% of Americans will give go ahead for Military support to Israel!
30. Israel support
Arne ,   Ghent Belgium   (09.15.09)
Where was that poll held? Probably in Brooklyn N.Y.
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