UN probe: Evidence of war crimes in Gaza conflict
Ynet and AP
Published: 15.09.09, 22:22
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31. #30 What truce?
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.16.09)
9000 kassam rockets and bombs blasted Israel since 2001. Sderot was bombarded with 7500 rockets. This was a supplement to other Palestinian terror attacks. The Palestinians refused to stop terrorizing Israel and escalated kassam rocket fire to 55 rockets per day. Israel's decisive military attack forced Hamas to finally stop.
32. first blow pay back
cook ,   S'ville   (09.18.09)
Much miss in debate over Gaza or Hezbollah or West Bank or Iran or Syria or Lebanon or Muslim Brotherhood or Shia vs. Sunni Terror is insight for the limited or Oversight for the aged. We would have to at least go back to 1948 to see the Oversight of the first blow, or to Joshua with Israel wanting to cross land only and pay for any water use but was refused or Abraham and raiding parties. All of it comes down to G-d vs a god, doesnt it. If any old god will do, there will never be a relenting. If G-d exists, Israel is right on course and cannot be defeated, though G-d hangs all pride out to dry once in awhile. Humble thyself in the Sight of the Lr-d and HE will lift you up...
33. tunnel
samuel ,   RSA   (10.12.09)
The tunnel between Gaza and Egypt was used for what observer no.30 or are you just another Arab propagandist who is trying to cover up yuour brethrens crimes .?Please inform us as to what these tunnels are used for and who digs them?
34. rubbish
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (10.12.09)
David in Los Angeles stick to watching Al-Jazeera ,Al Manama and other Arab propaganda networks as it,s pretty clear where you get your information from.
35. nosense
hammad ,   oman   (10.28.09)
i hate no one jews or arabs i want to see peace between them. but u cant ignore goldstone report because its true. ask your self where is group like hamas or islamic jihad came from or al kaeda.all are made by israel politics way i have no dought may israel is funding this kind of group to keep trouble around the world. just accept that israel is a root of terror.
36. Just be exact!
katomato ,   Poland   (02.06.10)
Find the particular terrorists and judge them! But don't take a revenge on Palestinian civilians! Not in that way! They ask for freedom as You did many years ago in Poland and Europe - as we Polish did for few hundred years. Shaloom
37. #24 I couldn't have said it better
observer   (07.06.10)
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