Olmert, Zaken ask to delay court date
Aviad Glickman
Published: 16.09.09, 15:33
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1. ohlmert/zaken
sas ,   israel   (09.16.09)
no reason to delay date at the court. those 2 are guilty and belong behind bars. i cannot wait for the day when they will be there.
2. #1 Don't hold your breath because it will not come to pass
Bob   (09.16.09)
Olmert will not sit behind bars and because of him neither will Zaken. The justice department is part of his click, do you expect them to incriminate him? Are you off your mind? He's not hareidi, he's not Sephardic and neither is he Right, how could a Leftist, one of their own, be accused and put behind bars?
3. #2 - the judge will have to send him to jail
redbourn ,   tel aviv - Israel   (09.16.09)
Rishon Tours is an open and shut case that doesn't depend on witnesses and all the paperwork is there. The minimum sentence is jail time and the judge can't sentence for less than the minimum. Why do you think Olmert's attorney's keep trying to postpone? The judges are onto this and didn't let them postpone. Which clique are you talking about? Hirchson and Katsav? Hirchson's already in jail and Olmert and Katsav will be joining them soon. Probably in the same cell because the other prisoners would refuse to be in the same cell with them. You get no lower than stealing from army pensions, the Shoah and handicapped children's charities and the country want to see Olmert locked up, and so do the judges. Mike
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