Goldstone testimonies revealed
Jonathan Weber
Published: 16.09.09, 15:48
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1. No one from Sderot was interviewed
steve from raleigh   (09.16.09)
Nor Ashkelon, you know, because, well Jews lie.
2. Goldstone and UN deserve each other
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.16.09)
UN track record : Allow genocide in Ruanda, rape by some UN troops in Congo on children and women, introduced AIDS to Cambodia, allowed Muslims to be murdered in Serbia (Dutch UN contingent), a near "Ruanda repeat " in Darfur, UN failure on implementing 1701 and most recently allowing rockets to be fired on Israel. If the qworld gives credence to Goldston and his reort it says as much about the world as it does the UN
3. No one from Sderot was interviewed...
...because apparently, the Goldstone commission was not allowed to enter Israel and collect testimonials there. But why???? Things to hide? Ridiculous. Arrogance, independence, and general feeling that "the UN are a bunch of useless idiots"? Probably. However, it is not very logical not to collaborate with these experts, and then to be bitter and appalled because their report lacks information from Israel.
4. Sure, that happened, just like Al-dura
A Nice Fellow ,   Montreal   (09.16.09)
And the Jenin massacre. Riiiiiiight.
5. Why??!
KEvin ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
So why do we need o publish this? How much do we have to beat ourselves up? War is screwed up. I get it. We need to make things better and move on.
6. #1 Steve
Shlomo Kamra   (09.16.09)
Yes Steve, jews do lie, unashamedly. Nevertheless, everyone including those from Sderot and Ashkelon, were asked and were free to give evidence, or to refute evidence, and you know what Steve-they all refused. Israel is scared to admit the above facts. I know what I saw in January, Steve, and it makes me sick.
7. That's what happens when you have Hamas as your neighbor
Yonah ,   Houston USA   (09.16.09)
When you live next to terrorist who fight in civilian clothing, you run the risk of this happeneing. Maybe next time they will try to flush out Hamas on their own.
8. #6, what did you see? What i hear are lies
ziggy zion ,   samaria   (09.16.09)
sholmo .. what did you see, Iraelis intentionally killing palestinians as they allege .. i doubt that very much and if it is true, show us the proof. Don';t quote a bunch of Palestinians, they have discredited themselves too many times to mean anything. As for calling Sedrot's Jews liars, no proof again. and why should they partipate in a fraudulent phony exercise in human rights from the UN who lets millions die everyday in muslin countries without one iota of comment. You are just another fool playing into enemey hands meaning you are either a traitor or too stupid to know better. I bet its the latter.
9.  Stories
Sherlock ,   US   (09.16.09)
In first alleged incident of the male family member hand cuffed and shot in the leg by a 'soldier' or soldier on roof and left to bleed was the hand cuff shown to the investigator ? Things happen but wonder why IDF would shoot at group under IDF control on ground, and why only one shot , and why person was left on ground for days.
10. Interesting why it's so one-sided
Olga   (09.16.09)
The mission is one sided! No Israelies from Sderot were interviewed. A mission member signed a letter to the Sunday Times saying that Israel's actions against Hamas attacks were acts of "aggression not self-defense", prejudging the investigation before it had even begun.
11. The United States dropped a nuclear bpmb on Nagasaki and
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.16.09)
Hiroshima after Japan started a war. If you don't like the consequences....then quit firing missiles into Israel. People are going to die you idiots.
12. YNET do some soul search this coming year!
joseph ,   miami   (09.16.09)
The testimonies here are very sad. I am sure they don't show the whole picture but nevertheless I am sure many people suffered in Gaza. Such is the sad cost of war and the IDF is known to be the most moral army in the world. Strict care is taken to lessen the burden on the civilian population, some time at the cost of our own soldiers (i.e. Jenin). But things should not be blown out of proportion and focus should be centered in the WHY this whole situation happened in the first place. Why are the ongoing deliberate attacks on Israeli citizens always less 'sexy' to the media than the suffering of the Palestinians that result from the action of their own people? Why don't you YNET guys focus on the ongoing effort of these terrorist groups in exterminating as many jews as possible since even before 1948 and repeatedly ever since? Why do you harm our nation by showing the ugly war stories that tip the international PR into their side? They are the ones wanting to kill us... we are the ones wanting peace. Just look at our songs and look at theirs. How many songs in hebrew talk about peace? How many songs in Arabic talk about Shahids, Martyrs and bluntly killing the Jews and 'throwing them to the sea'? May this coming new year help you do some 'heshbon nefesh', some soul search, and may you find the light to report the truth. And remmeber: "Im Ein Ani Li...Mi Li?" We have enough enemies. Shana Tova Am Israel!
13. Culture of suicide bombers led to these tragedies
JB ,   NYC   (09.16.09)
When the Palis have no qualms in sending women and children out to blow themselves up in the midst of soldiers, then the soldiers will naturally be weary when palis approach them. Remember the woman wearing suicide bomb underwear that tried to pass through Erez to blow up at the hospital where she was treated? there are dozens of examples like this, where the innocent civilian becomes the attacker. Hamas's cynical use of civilians was directly responsible for instances listed above.
14. Of course IDF was fighting a ghost in Gaza
S.   (09.16.09)
As the enemy of IDF is nowhere to be found and IDF soldiers seemed to aim only at civilians and that's about it. I mean,.. come on... the last story, e.g. A gun fight ensued. So what does that mean in plain English? That there are more people firing shots. At each other. As each others enemies. And people die in those situations. It's war. Moreover... testimonies from Palestinians say hardly anything. We all know the al-Dura case and hte "Jenin massacre". Do a real research. Find out how the fighters of the Hamas and co were killed and where the killed civilians were at the moment. Try then to connect the dots. Lousy research so far. I've seen better.
15. It's called war!
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (09.16.09)
What about the Grad missiles that were fired at my house for no reason at all? Why didn't anyone interview us? This report is all bullshit!
16. The Plain Truth
Yakov ,   Maalot, Israel   (09.16.09)
As to the Goldstone report I say that the people that admire the Palestinians the most extravagantly are the most daring liars that is why they detest Israel so violently since we dare to tell them the truth. Furthermore the authors of these narratives are perpetual liars and it takes servants of fallible human memory and perception to believe them as self claimed truths.
17. Goldstone fell asleep at the viewing of the Sderot attacks
M   (09.16.09)
The 3 musketeers from the un commission were shown evidence of the Hamas attacks on Sderot, but judge Goldstone found it boring so he fell asleep. To see the other side (not only the Arab one, or leftist) you must go to Arutz Sheva.
18. #16
Yakov, go to Gaza, and ask them yourself
19.  The Plain Truth #2
Officer Tomer Duk "Peace is impossible for a nation like Israel without its own demonstration of unassailable military strength and its utter rejection of concessions to an implacable enemy. "
20.  The Plain Truth #3
No Palestinian fighter jets bomb Israeli cities - because Palestine has no fighter jets. No Palestinian bulldozers demolish Israeli homes - because Palestine has no military bulldozers. No Palestinian soldiers invade Israeli neighbourhoods, terrorizing the populace - because there is no Palestinian army. The conflict in Palestine is a war of Israeli state terror against a largely unarmed and defenceless civilian population.
21. An example of biasness - story of Ruhiya
William ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
Notice in the final paragraph of this article, a story about Ruhiya. You don't have to look deeply to see the biasness of both pal testimony and UN gullibility. "a shot was fired, hitting Ruhiya. Her neighbor, Yasmin al-Najar, was also shot, in the leg. A gun fight ensued..." This is based on Pal testimony indicating two things - because the IDF was nearby they MUST have fired the shot at Ruhiya. And by stating a fire fight ensued, they paint Hamas as being "freedom fighters responding to IDF crimes". In other words, these non-military persons are now experts on warfare and know exactly who fired the first shot, despite being involved in hostilities, knowing where Hamas men were at the time, nor even knowing who fired the first shot. Pal terrorists have used civilian for cover before, and even shot at them in order to create a diversion or create "evidence". Why their testimonies are not taken with a "grain of salt" proves the bias of the report. In 2005 when a weapons truck of Hamas blew up and killed a dozen Gazans, they all blamed the IDF yet no place was in the sky then. In 2002, the story of Al-Dura stated the IDF killed him but German investigators show he was being shot at by Pal terrorists.
22. UN report designed to help Hamas when cease-fire couldn't
William ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
The UN has repeatedly come to the aid of Arab groups when they were threatened with an all-out Israeli win, since 1948. The cease-fire brokered by the UN was meant to help Hamas stay in power and appear the victor. When infact, it helped crack down on arms smuggling and push Hamas popularity way down. This report is a way to help Hamas and Iran save face by attacking the State through court systems and appearing as "the victim". Despite mention of Hamas in the report, NO country or group will sue Hamas, place them on a terrorism list, or even make them Persona Non-grata.
23. Last story
Logician ,   australia   (09.16.09)
It's incredible how all they say is that a group of women walked to the city square assumable unarmed but miraculously managed to have a gunfight after the Isrealis opened fire on these defenseless people. Next time leave the guns at home and you might not get shot. All the stories are total fabrications.
24. Gazan Testimony in Gaza, Israelis had to fly to Geneva
Chopper4 ,   South Africa   (09.16.09)
How ppl forget that simple fact, That the Pals could give testimony in Gaza while Israelis had to go to Geneva. What about the thousands of ppl that could not afford the ticket which was at their own expense???? No wonder that this report is so bias! The UNHRC would never have allowed it to be any different!
25. #18 - Will they be expected to tell Yakov the truth?
William ,   Israel   (09.17.09)
"Oh that was just for the report of Goldstone. Hamas gave us $100 to give damning evidence. But since your Jewish and no one will believe you anyway, I can tell....nothing really happened. It was just a story." If residents of Jenin were interviewed today will they take back their claim of a 500+ person massacre despite being proven fraudulent? I doubt it. The world still believes the organ theft myth despite Pals interviewed going on record as never insinuating such an accusation.
26. #19, #20 - your own "facts" dispel your claim
William ,   Israel   (09.17.09)
"its utter rejection of concessions to an implacable enemy." Still waiting for those concessions. Which are they now? Instead of killing Jews, Pals only seek to wound them? Instead of accepting a Jewish State (which was accepted as such in Balfour Declaration and UN Partition) but rather a secular State they want to flood with 3.2 million angry racist Palestinians? Hardly a concession in my mind. "No Palestinian soldiers invade Israeli neighbourhoods, terrorizing the populace - because there is no Palestinian army." Yes they do - it's called Hamas, Fatah, Al-Aqsa, PRC, PFLP, and countless others. Oh, but because they don't wear the same uniforms or have an official title, they are not worth mentioning, right? Luckily, barriers and better observation keep these murderers at bay, but still they try. "The conflict in Palestine is a war of Israeli state terror against a largely unarmed and defenceless civilian population." And with the power of Israel, the Pals could have been wiped out many times, yet the total number of Arab dead (not just Pals) for 61 years is eclipsed by deaths in Sri Lanka, Darfur, and many other world hotspots. For being "unarmed" there certain are a lot of rockets, grenades, suicide belts, fire bombs, guns, RPGs, etc. floating around among the Pals. If you mean that the civilian population is largely unarmed, so too is the Israeli civilian population as only police and IDF are allowed to carry weapons by LAW! Which is why Pal terrorists attack a pizza shop and not a police station.
27. we need to see what we are and what weve become
jack ,   jer is   (09.17.09)
and to change; denying these things happened isnt going to help .grow up \good at dishing it out but whos man enough to take it when things turn around and they will
28. The Report
Sammy ,   Toledo, USA   (09.17.09)
Israel relies on thr Biassn American Vito, But for a change, I hope Israeli leaders will face justice this time. I hope the world will see the real ugly face of Israel, and know who that the terrorist is the occupier and not the refugee.
29. the article of your journalist is manipulative...
Z ,   R   (09.18.09)
"The testimonies were given by family members who lost their loved ones and eyewitnesses to the fighting, and they SHED SOME PERSONAL LIGHT ON WHAT HAPPENED in Gaza."
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