Goldstone Report slams IDF warfare in Gaza
Jonathan Weber
Published: 16.09.09, 20:18
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1. Goldstone Report slams IDF warfare in Gaza
Elyah ,   Los Angeles US   (09.16.09)
Whatever! The bottom line is this! Compare the time before operation cast lead and after. Ask this question, are there fewer kassams and/or mortors being fired since the end of military operatins?
2. Come the hell on
J K ,   NYC, USA   (09.16.09)
So, let me get this straight, 1) Israel cant fire back at Hamas because they fire within populated areas 2) Israel cant drop regular bombs with a large blast radius because of collateral damage 3) Israel cant use DIME bombs which limit collateral damage I mean, basically the Goldstone report says Israel can't do anything. What should Israel do? Fold up the tent? This has implications for others fighting regional conflicts such as Russia in Chechnya ad others. You better not defend yourself cause the UN will come looking for you. Utter rubbish!
3. The "ah ha" moment on UN's bias
William ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
Both mentions of arms used by the IDF - phosphorus and DIMEs (though the last is not proven entirely) is being used in this report to claim war crimes against Israel....though after each mention it was stated "this is not against intl law". So despite the legality in Israel's actions, the report and Pals are still accusing Israel of war crimes. This underscores the entire one-sided nature of this report. Equally, Hamas use of human shields in ignored despite video showing terrorists firing from population centers, including UN compounds, and grabbing school kids to use as shields. For proof against the IDF, the UN has....testimony, no video, no pictures, not even an IDF soldier witness.
4. the most moral army caught in-action by/of the UN
observer   (09.16.09)
5. The photo proves UNRWA building was not hit
Jake   (09.16.09)
Thank you, UN and Ynet, for proving the opposite of what you had hoped. It is clear from the picture that the UNRWA building was not hit or targeted, rather something outside of the building - probably that van parked outside. Thank you, UN. Thank you, Ynet. More photos, please.
6. #4, Even the UN did not deny Palestinian rockets started
Jake   (09.16.09)
the whole thing to be begin with.
7. Even BBC more "unbiased" than Ynet.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.16.09)
8. Sprung IDF!
Shlomo Kamra   (09.16.09)
Tomorrow I will tell more!
9. Israel stands alone!
John ,   Norway.   (09.16.09)
Israel is always the bad one!. It is all written, all countries go against Israel at the end of days. G-d will destroy every country that start with the Holy Land. Read your bible!
10. If all the cited weapons are not, in fact, illegal
Jake   (09.16.09)
and if the claims of human shields are based on interviews of 'anonymous soldiers' posted by Breaking the Silence, then the sum-total of incriminating evidence against Israel amounts to a large Goose Egg. In a court of law, it would be tossed to the rubbish heap. Sorry, Mr. Goldstone, but your big move turned out to be sh*t.
11. #5
Right, but it does clearly show the use of white phosphorus in the area of a civilian structure. The use of white phosphorus is only to be used on defined military targets.
12. Goldstone Report
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (09.16.09)
I think the lesson here to learn is better be hung for a sheep than a lamb, in plain the leaders of Israel should stop pussyfooting with the enemy, for the UN they should be held accountable for the blatant antisemitism outright hatred for the jewish people world wide
13. Bottom line:
Joe ,   Paris   (09.16.09)
the jewish people must fight back its' bloodthirsty enemies with bows, slingshots & crossbows only. Three cheers for Mr Gold$$tone!
14. #11
better anonymous   (09.16.09)
Right, but the Hamas cell positioned there with mortars firing at IDF was military target
15. Go Home Mr Goldstone
Roy Chweidan ,   Netanya. Israel   (09.16.09)
Go home to your buddy in South Africa Mr Goldstone. I mean Ronny Kasrils. Both of you are Jews who hate Jews and hate Israel. Your report is flawed and biased beyond belief. Refer to the reply of President Peres,world renowned and respected statesman,to your report which he condemns. Go before you disgrace yourself any further. After you get home, your best bet is to convert to Islam, together with Kasrils. You are unwelcome in the South African Jewish Community because you have disgraced them. Roy Chweidan, Netanya.
16. Possibilities with Iran after the report
Ahmed   (09.16.09)
This report will certainly affect the decision of any possible strike against Iran. If it was hard yesterday, I think it is almost impossible now. Israel will be an OUTLAW country if a strike takes place...UNLESS a coalition takes place ;)..And I think Nitanyahu knows the price for that..
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (09.16.09)
The pink and white soft and fluffy ones.Goldstone is a stupid prat.
18. #4 - That's the thing, the IDF wasn't "caught in action"
William ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
This report is months after the fighting. All context of the fighting and thoughts of the IDF soldiers were ignored. The report is based on testimonies of Pals again without context or military training in understanding warfare. The same reporting in Jenin declared it was a massacre of 500+ people which was patently false. No one was caught "red handed" except those who hope world bias can give a tainted report some leverage before the damage in mitigated.
19. #4 - IDF is the most moral army...compared to world
William ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
especially those armies involved in direct confrontations with immoral terrorists who hide among civilians on purpose. The claim that IDF is most moral is a relative comparison. Because it's based on other world armies, the bar is lowered quite a bit.
20. #11 - and use of phosphorus was not illegal
William ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
Despite your attempts to claim the opposite, the IDF used phosphorous according to Intl law, which the UN clearly stated. As another posted mentioned already, terrorists were using the compound for attacks which negates the civilian protection status of the building per the Geneva Convention. You know, that document that every one cites to attack Israel until it doesn't work anymore so they just ignore it, like Goldstone did?
21. Maybe Israel needs its own rebel group
William ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
According to the report and the Leftist activists, it's ok to be a non-State and break all human rights conventions and war crimes laws. To be a terrorist group means to have absolute freedom, and knowing that the will of the world means nothing to them, Leftists use their energies to attack States and tie their hands. Perhaps the best way to answer this report is to set up an independent, crack squad of Israeli rebels to launch attacks and inflict terror among the Palestinians. The IDF and Israel can claim no involvement and apparently, the laws of the world won't apply anymore.
22. #11. Israel admitted the use of the white phosphorus
Jake   (09.16.09)
but not against civilian targets, against military targets. Perhaps the UN report should have starting with condemning Hamas for not removing themselves from the vicinity of civilians while waging their war against Israel. Admittedly, that would have required more beaureacracy and paperwork on the part of the UN, which would need to create a new document template, other than the usual "Condemnation of Israel" form.
23. un report fails to acknoledge!
OZ   (09.16.09)
the main reasons for the lead cast operation-- hamas indiscriminate attack of israel's southern civilians communities...... if the report mentions it, it is the same lame language all un reprts attack israel. let's face it- israel's right to exsit and defends itself is questioned in all levels of international diplomacy.
24. #16 Maybe that was UN's objective all along
Jake   (09.16.09)
to disgrace Israel to the extent that its hands would be tied when dealing with ANY future military threat, and I am not talking necessarily about Iran (though this may be what UN and the media choose to believe is Netanyahu's highest priority).
25. From now on, Israel may only use Pink Phosphorus
Jake   (09.16.09)
because, though not illegal, White Phosphorus is deemed by the UN to be inadmissible for use by Israel.
26. Biased Goldstone report
renaud sarda ,   renfrew, scotland   (09.17.09)
Goldstone report on the conflict in Gaza is fundamentally biased against Israel. His so called long awaited Report Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza, and yet Again nothing about the Israeli genuine efforts to warn civilians of an impending attack, whether by telephone or by leaflet. Nothing was said about Hamas's placing military infrastructure within the heart of civilian population; In plain English, there is something the report misses when they talk about Gaza. Hamas is not a government in the sense that they try to protect and serve their people, Hamas is a terrorist group concerned with only two things: -One staying in power at all costs, and building a terror infrastructure. -Two to achieve their main objective to destroy Israel. The Palestinians living in Gaza were pawns and were used as needed, and sometimes that means they killed the people who they claim they try to protect for propaganda purposes. In a complicated conflict, Goldstone assumption is that Israel was the main party responsible for civilian deaths, and he ignores the fact that Israel did all it could to avoid civilian casualties. The main violator of human rights was Hamas; its eight-year rocketing of Israeli civilians and its deliberate placing of its military in civilian buildings, homes, schools, hospitals and mosques were major violations of international law.
27. Looks Like Israeli Military Personnel Better Stay ...
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.17.09)
In Your Jewish Paradise. Forever. Because if they leave they may be arrested as they should be. I know if any ex-IDF come into my establishment I will turn them in to the local police. I want to see Israeli military personnel serving some much deserved prison time.
28. human sjhields ok, iprefer dead enemies to dead idf soldiers
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (09.17.09)
One cannot apply geneva conventions is terror war where enemy ignores the conventions. War is a choice between dead enemies or dead friends and family. Once the choice for war is made one should not expect something clean.
29. When rockets come at you.
Angus ,   US   (09.17.09)
Can't keep munching away at land that is not yours and then act all indignant when rockets come at you. Nobody's buying it anymore .
30. Goldstone-what a joke!
Moshe   (09.17.09)
If Israel used Willy Peet they obviously didn't use enough! I'd have mixed in some napalm! What is the world playing at?? This country is under attack by an enemy that wants to destroy it, and will, if iran gets the bomb. Will Goldstone condemn the iranians then for war crimes if Israel is struck by a nuke? I'd use some WP on Goldstone.
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