Barak: Labor responsible for 2-state attempt
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.09.09, 20:22
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1. Of course Labor will lead again
Jake   (09.16.09)
After it fires the Yuli Tamir 'Nakba'-commemorating Leftists, and permanently abandons suicidal 'Land for Peace" philosophy, which Barak himself knows full well was a lie and a charade.
2. Barak sold out Labor. Either he goes or Labor does!
Observer   (09.16.09)
3. latest polls show Kadima & Labour would loose seats to Likud
zionist forever   (09.16.09)
Maybe it will lead again unfortunately but not on Baraks watch. He may be doing a reasonably good job as defense minister but he isn't riding high in the popularity polls. Last poll said that if elections were held now Likud would take some seats from Kadima. Labour would loose another seat taking them down to only 12 seats Until they can get their act together policy wise then they won't be getting reelected.
4. PLO State in The Land of Israel..NO-Way. (!!!)
Roy C Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (09.16.09)
when they demand a State in France,London,Belg'e,Italy,etc.What then.? Obama has set it up in the USA when he said, the USA was not a Christan Nation, What is next? How long will stupidity reign among the experts of the Globe today ?(!!!) The PLO or no one has a legal say in the Land of Israel. God gave it to the Children of Jacob. USA Land for Peace will lead to disaster for them all..(!!!) Roy C. Hudson USA
5. Barak, Barack and Mubarak
Lioness ,   Israel   (09.16.09)
6. Roadmap Leads To Elimination of Israel
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.17.09)
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