Lieberman: Goldstone report meant to destroy Israel's image
Roni Sofer
Published: 17.09.09, 07:50
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1. Israels Should be Indited
Yousuf Qardawi ,   Qatar   (09.17.09)
It mus happen that we see all responsible people of these 1400 lives to be put on Coutr (international) and punish them
2. actually he is right around the world
ghostq   (09.17.09)
the newspaper barly payed any attention to the reaport cause they know the UN is meaning less how ever one news paper who like the gaurdian who usully doesn't like Israel also claims that this reaport comes from baiest source and it's not very reliable reaport cause it was predetermind the investigators ignored the Israeli side completely and was held by Arabs(well except one jewish turd) so UN is obselete institution witch serve Arab population only cause the disgraceful situation in africa is ignored completely especially when Ruwand muslims rape Chritian lil girls there. Sudan is no better and one place who is hell on earth is the Congo area witch doesn't have gov at all only armed gangs.
3. Goldstone report meant to destroy Israel's image
Yonatan ,   Jeruaslem   (09.17.09)
when the arab oil rich nations offer the un free oil for the destruction of Israel then maybe we should start worrying, untill then rosh hsana tova be happy, when the jews are happy the antisemites really gets pissed off
4. An indirect result
Alexandre Chinovich   (09.17.09)
The appearence of Goldstone's report is an indirect result of pro-islamic administration coming to power in the USA. Now, the destruction of thousands people in Iraq and Afghanistan is automatically attributed to Bush-Cheney. Jewish antisemitism - be it Goldstone, Peace Now, or the ensamble of Obama's speechwriters - is an effective tool in their hands. The only way to fight it is total denial. Otherwise, Israel Government will be despised both in the world and in its own country.
5. whining madam
observer   (09.17.09)
is Lieberman angry because the Report never discussed the issue of Hamas hiding behind women and children? does he feels furious because the IDF behaved in Democratic way with advanced weapons while those members are working in service of 'countries that don't know the term 'human rights'?
6. What is the reason of all these false accusations? WAKE UP!
Kalman   (09.17.09)
Midah keneged midah! What the State of Israel is doing to the Hareidim with their false accusations and fabrication, esp. the Starving Mom, the UN is doing to the State of Israel. The timing is perfect!!! How coincidental that it is happening at the same time!!! Wake up people, there’s a G-d in the world that wants to show Israel YESH DIN VEYESH DAYAN!!!!! The woman's child, now three and a half years of age, was hospitalized at Hadassah on and off for the last two years, as doctors at the hospital claimed he had a mysterious illness that they could not diagnose. During that time, hundreds of tests and procedures were performed on the child, many of them painful and dangerous. Over the last several months, the child was fed only intravenously. Many sorts of drugs, some with dangerous side effects, were administered. All these procedures left the child weak and emaciated, weighing half of what a child his age should weigh. The current battle began in July 2009, when the mother stopped trusting the doctors and decided to transfer the child to a different hospital. Realizing that this might lead to bad publicity for them, Hadassah decided to accuse her of causing the child's illness. They alleged that she was suffering from a mental condition known as Munchausen's syndrome, causing her to deliberately withhold food from her son and lie about his symptoms in order to fool doctors into thinking he was ill. (This is belied by the fact that before each period of hospitalization, the child's health was much better than at the end of the hospitalization.) According to True Torah Jews, the police arrested her and took her to jail, where they tortured and intimidated her for ten days in the hopes that she would confess to the charges. But she remained resolute. The reaction of the Orthodox community of Jerusalem was swift. Tens of thousands protested in the streets, demanding that the woman be set free and her son be released from the hospital. Under immense pressure, an Israeli court decided to release the woman and her son, but that they could not see one another. The young boy quickly began to gain weight and is on his way to recovery. But Hadassah Hospital is not finished. They are still pursuing legal action against the mother, which could lead to the court taking all her five children away from her. The State of Israel cannot bear to see its most prestigious and symbolically important hospital be tarnished with the terrible crime of conducting medical research on an innocent child, so their legal system is cooperating with Hadassah to make sure that the child's mother gets fully blamed. "Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem and around the world are outraged over this injustice and are coming out in protest," said Rabbi Menashe Fulop of Brooklyn's Williamsburg Jewish community. "Letters and phone calls are pouring into the hospital's offices demanding that the charges against the woman be dropped and an investigation committee be set up to examine the conduct of the doctors. Tomorrow's demonstration is a part of this protest. We will not stop until the woman is reunited with all of her family." "This is not the first time that we have raised a storm over Hadassah's human rights violations. In the 1960's and 70's, they were doing autopsies for medical research without permission from the bereaved families. Then they cut up dead people; now they cut up live people. It is not only this child; we have testimony from hundreds of people who were used for research by doctors at Hadassah." said Rabbi Fulop.
7. Facts don't lie but the truth is bent and twisted
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, USA   (09.17.09)
In many cases the IDF tried to do the right thing in Gaza but in trying to protect soldiers at all cost it had to break the rules. Anyone who got to close to the soldiers was killed because they could have a bomb or weapons on them, "white flags" were over looked to keep soldiers safe. If someone shoots at soldiers from an apartment building it is easier and safer to blowup it up with aircraft or artillery. For Israel to play fully by the rules and laws it would have cost many soldiers lives but many in Gala maybe still alive but imposible to know for sure. UN rules and laws may well be outdated with modern weapons and push button killing, that can destroy a house or a town in the blink of an eye.
8. Not all bad. Now the world will be forced to review all the
JO   (09.17.09)
evidence far more clearly, and much contradictions of data being touted by the wittnesses in Gaza. Let's see it al. A trail will only force such truths out and Hamas will have to answer to it's glorying of it's many suicide bombings etec etc long before Cast Lead.
9. The Moral Inversion of Richard Goldstone
Love of the Land ,   Israel   (09.17.09)
So now we can see how Richard Goldstone thinks he has preserved his judicial reputation while perpetrating a blood libel against Israel. He has produced a report which, as anticipated, finds that Israel committed all the ‘war crimes’ during Operation Cast Lead of which his Mission members had decided it was guilty before even starting their deliberations, along with the NGOs whose unremitting hostility and malice towards Israel and history of peddling.
10. Goldstone pre-determined
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.17.09)
What is surprising is that anyone ever conceivably expected anything different in a report commisioned by the UN. The only requirement is the person doing the report must hate Israel and if he is a Jew so much the better. Next time finish the job in Gaza, Iran etc as we have everything to gain and nothing to lose
11. get over yourself and go pay taxes
ghostq   (09.17.09)
and stop protecting woman who abused her child the court find her guity after examine pathological facts unlike your people who desrupted a fair trile. you have no respect for the stat laws or for seculars go to Teheran cause there the Ayatulas will welcome you with open arms.
12. who is guilty
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.17.09)
The funny thing is that Goldstone finds Olmert, Livni, Barak and Mazuz to be war criminals. These people are Israel's most pro-Arab leaders who are willing to accept all Arab demands and are known for having no sympathy for the settlers.
13. Hey #1 The UN is CLEARLY G-d's message to Israel
The Israel Sodomite Court finding (read concocting) her guilt is equal to the UN's findings. You have no respect for the UN go live in Teheran cause there the Ayatulas will welcome you with open arms.
14. No Israel is destrying it's own image
Carla ,   London   (09.17.09)
its a international suicide.
15. Maybe this is whey the good judge feel asleep
m   (09.17.09)
When presented with captions of Hamas attacks on Sderot. What good will it do, he already knew in advance the results.
16. "don't let the facts confuse you" LOL! I like that one!
Haha Lieberman! ,   LMAO so true!   (09.17.09)
17. Nothing more destroying to Israel's image than Lieberman
himself !
18. Goldstone
Roy ,   Atlanta   (09.17.09)
What turns a good Jew into a self destructing Jew? Goldstone was a man of high principal & highly respected in South Africa - perhaps they have paid him off to sell his principals and morals to hide the shame I hope he feels when he repents on Yom Kippur - Chag Sameach Richard
19. biggest enemy of the jewish people is zionism and leiberman
palestinian ,   dc   (09.17.09)
most rational and knowledgeable jewish experts agree that the biggest enemy hurting the interests of the jewish people worldwide is: zionism and the likes of leiberman and netanyahu until the israeli renounce zionist apartheid policies and vote for more rational leaders, things will only worsen for the jewish people everywhere. some advice from your palestinian "cousin"...
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