Say ‘no’ to Obama
Yair Shamir
Published: 18.09.09, 00:43
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1. shamir
alexi   (09.18.09)
Your dad was solid as a rock. H e said no to baker as is well known. Real leaders have to do sometimes do it notwithstanding that the US is israel's prime supporter, though that is a 2 way street. If Obama thinks that jordan and turkey are more reliable allies, then he is free to do what he wants. Real leaders try different tacks-rabin wth oslo, begin with egypt and so on. regrettably, israel has had some phony leaders without real world views, or limited military and political exposure. Peretz, olmert, livni, peres, ramon are just a few and they have endangered israel by bowing down the US completely making israel a laughing stock,a banana republic. In fact, the last leader who almost cut israel's throat-olmert, is a military flunkee who is alleged to be white collar crook. He had no guts to say no to rice and bush to annapolis. Bibi is not a strong leader, but he has some military and political exposure. He understands hills an valleys and border points, while olmert understood nothing and sent his son to france to avoid the idf. Bibi cares about israel, and should do the right thing especially buttressed by begin, yaalon, merridor and lieberman. For all his warts, lieberman is courageous and will not let israel be railroaded. Taking nothing away from obama, he and rashidi were soulmates and he has adopted the arab narrative. So, Israel, be careful and do not concede since it is a trap.Just as Obama sugarcoats iran's nuclear progress, he has walking away from poland and chezk republic and he will walk away from Israel. Be careful about russia since putin is feeding ahmadinejad all of israel's vitals. Do not sell drone technology to russia as they will study and then neutralize it.
2. Current American administration
Bill Shimukonas ,   Schwenksville, PA, U   (09.18.09)
Watch your backs. The abrogation of the USA's missle defence pact today with Poland and the Czech Republic is just another indicator of how this President views real world issues (no explanation necessary). His administration has already been feeding you the leftovers. What do you suppose is next? Tread carefully Israel.
3. Very eloquent column. Thank you. But there is more.
Marcella   (09.18.09)
Your column shows an excellent attitude that unfortunately is missing in so many present day politicians. However, Mr. Shamir, there is an important part of the argument for Israeli sovereignty that deserves our attention: International law fully backs the right of Israel to Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Golan, and of course all of Jerusalem. That still legal international law includes the League of Nations Mandate Agreement, the San Remo Conference, and the 1924 US-Great Britain Treaty. The United Nations, as we know, is bound to respect all agreements reached before its inception. A group of reputable Israeli lawyers with Justice For Israel Now have gathered all the legal evidence necessary to "file a case in the United States against the US Government's continued violations of the Treaties that recognize Israel's rights to its internationally recognized legal borders, the prohibition against ceding any land belonging to the Jewish National Home, and supporting the right of Jewish settlement within those internationally recognized borders". These concepts are pretty obvious to Israelis, but many foreign leaders appear oblivious to their own countries' legal commitments regarding Israel, and how they are violating them. And they need to be made fully aware of this. Please, Mr. Shamir, visit the Justice For Israel Now website and see how private individuals - among them Howard Grief, Mark B. Kaplan, and Michael Snidecor - have taken on this project to support Israel's case against those who want to partition your tiny country. Their website has it all laid out for anyone who wants to familiarize himself with this project, including a Question and Answer section. I encourage everyone to see that there is a strong legal argument for Israel's sovereignty over all of its land.
4. Link to the website I mentioned in previous talkback
Marcella   (09.18.09)
Justice For Israel Now http://www.justicenow4israel.com/
5. You may fight, but you will lose
DK ,   NYC, USA   (09.18.09)
Trying to exploit our president's "perceived" weaknesses in order to boost your own futile and juvenile intransigence is both disingenuous and downright dangerous. Pres. Obama is simply advocating US policies in place since Bush 1. Now it is Israel's moment to adhere to them. Good luck!
6. Mr. Yair Shamir:
Israeli 2   (09.18.09)
Thank you sooo much for your great article! May you and your family and your parents be blessed for being the great people they are. Your Dad was a GREAT Prime Minister...perhaps the BEST!!
7. Why say no!
Norm ,   Rehovot, Israel   (09.18.09)
Perhaps it would be best to go along with Pres. Obama and let the ball be in the other court. I am sure it would be come obvious that they do not peace.
8. Obama has sold everyone out.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.18.09)
He is no longer leading. He is cutting deals and abandoning Eastern Europe and Israel. All these people know, is that the United States can't be trusted anymore, from Obama and the Democratic Party, which are walking over and conversing with the enemy. Biden is blathering about how Iran is not an enemy now. We don't need a missile defense shield. They have abandoned Israel. They can pull everyone out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither Biden or Obama could fight themselves out of a wet paper sack. They are putting the military in danger by making asinine rules of engagement similar to Vietnam. If the Democrats don't want a military then disband it for pete's sakes. Let the jokers learn to raise their hands and give up before being made another nations slaves. This government is a frigging joke. It's filled with a bunch of pussies who won't fight for their own nations freedom. Obama or Biden don't deserve to command the military. They are inept losers who place the men in the military at risk. They undermine the military at every turn. We are no longer a superpower.... Obama runs a group of super whimps.
9. just say, NO.
Mark   (09.18.09)
NO...two letters and so important to be able to say them..just tell the "Messiah" and Mitchell..NO.
10. The PM saying "No"
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.18.09)
I have been telling the PM to say "No " to the U.S Obama and Co,for years. I juts can't figure out why the PM does not listen to me !!!!!!????
... ISRAEL ,   ATİLLA KARAGÖZOĞLU   (09.18.09)
12. Say No To Obama
Kathryn ,   Canton OH   (09.18.09)
Citizens of Israel stand strong. I loved this article; if our President does not support Israel he will lose support. Actually 2010 can't come soon enough to use the ballot box to send many in our Congress back to their home states for not following our Constitution. STAND FIRM ISRAEL YOU ARE NOT ALONE. For some reason our President thinks he is godlike and he is NOT.
13. First , kiss good bye to the "NEGEV BASE"
Ann   (09.18.09)
14. "Firm as a rock"
Ann   (09.18.09)
Israel's sovereignty, by default, marked Israel from its neighbours even if that neighbour is not a svereignty or a state. It is Israel's refusal to accept even its own declaration of sovereignty of May 14 1948. The international recognition it was given under that declaration, only US veto in the UNSC has saved Israel from censure & action, then to claim as firm for the rock.
15. You got that right, #2
Cameron ,   USA   (09.18.09)
This tossing of the missile defence pact came right out of the blue. Caught everyone here off-guard. God alone knows what arcane, Realpolitik calculations figured into this move.
16. Shamir was the best PM ever
He does not get enough credit.
17. We didn't elect Obama & don't care what he wants.
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (09.18.09)
We elected a right wing government & expect them to do our will, not Barak Husein Obama's will. No to any building freeze in YESHA or Yerushaliem Ir HaKodesh.
18. SAY NO TO OBAMA !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.18.09)
19. I can't say No to Obama,
Israeli   (09.18.09)
He has fed me and my mouth has been too full to say a single word.
20. Tell b.o. to get lost.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.18.09)
We do not need the enemy to dictate to us. b.o. is no friend and it is his part in the international jihad to destroy Israel, then the rest of the west. b.o. just wants to bring us the caliphate. b.o. will be remembered as the most evil and treasonous president in history.
21. Obama is a "reconstituted NIXON" with
Le' Faux Jew ,   US   (09.18.09)
Marxists / Neo facists foundation. There are so many similaroties (for those who remember President Nixon). The biggest of which is, because of paranoia, creating a structure within the government as it exists. Some will attribute this to his immaturity, but it is because this is what he believes and how he was raised.
22. Obama read my lips
Lioness ,   Israel   (09.18.09)
23. "SAY NO TO OBAMA" ???
LAWRENCE ,   Safed Israel   (09.18.09)
How can one say no to the Messiah?
LAWRENCE RAP ARTISTE ,   Safed Israel   (09.18.09)
HEY ,YO OBAMA ,I just like to rap 'cos I don't wanna hear your crap ,your new year words are like stinking turds save them for the kurds ,we aint gonna bender to your no-good agenda or procrastinate to your arbitrary dictates no it's not to late to say no to Bo so go drink your Beer you aint no daddy here.
25. Itshak Shamir must be an example for ALL PMs
Trumpeldor   (09.18.09)
Not giving up because we lack any strategic depth Not giving up because our rights prevail over those of the other parties not caving in because the other party received 2/3 of the mandate he was not entitled to receive
26. If we don't say no today
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.18.09)
We won't be alive tomorrow. Say "NO", without hesitation, equivocation or evasion.
27. You profoundly misunderstand current American politics.
Jack ,   Us   (09.18.09)
Don't mistake the news reports or congressional speaches for the Opinions of the population at large in US. First, Obamas main supporters are young and use unconventional means of communications. There opinions are not included in the polls: no land phones in this population. The land lines are for high speed Internet and not phone calls. Polsters are banned from calling cellphones in us. These people get their news, and tv, from the net not the other way around. ALSo this population is the most educated and becomes more educated every year, and views with horror the apparent racism of the opposition. Americans from about 18 to about 45 or so, have less access to health insurance then those on Medicare. This group includes child bearing women who can easily lose theirs. The next election will have a population of babybaby boom who are currently 16 - 17. American youth now know that their votes count. All politics is local. To that end the idiotic republican base has been attacking their own moderates forcing them out at the primary level and supporting extreme right wing religous and racist polititionS that most people simply can't support. The republicans have simply lost Virginia which makes it extremely unlikely that they will recover, and they are about to lose north Carolina (land of republicans). Twelve years ago, half the scientists I new were republican, now none are. The republican party today is identified solely by this lunatic fringe of society that believes rush limbaugh. You have got to be completely blind to think that these wacky finatics who are screaming that the black man wants to kill granny are going to regain power in any state where they have lost it. This is the end. Stay tuned for the next version of republicans or perhaps they will be replaced by the new independent party. I can hardly wait. The republicans aren't comming back. They appear to be racist, white supremists who champion overthrow of our government because WE elected a black man president. And you actually think that these people (who believe unconverted Jews are damned) support Israel. They don't. They support a comic book Christianity in which a specific scenario brings about a global catastrophie centered in migido. In other words, their goal is armagedon. Instead why don't you try to give peace a chance. The bible says that peace is the fruit of justice. Why not try that instead of pinning all hope on the US voters becomming radicalized on the right. We are way beyond that. (25% of voters are republican and the nbers dwindle).
28. It should be mentioned that Shamir
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.18.09)
was the first P.M. to allow enemy missiles to fall on civilian areas and did not strike back! Anyone remember the first gulf war?
29. What Polls?
Andy ,   U.S.   (09.18.09)
What polls show unwavering support in the U.S. for Israel? This is simply not the case the majority of folks could care less about Israel. Israel should stop using this propaganda that every citizen in the United States is an ardent supporter.
30. Jack...a little out of touch aren't you?
Le' Faux Jew ,   US   (09.19.09)
Things have changed since January. Young people know that. Obama is starting to find out just how out of touch he is with people of all generations in this country. Do they really think that young people are so stupid to think that healthcare insurance is more important than a president who not only is a racial radical but appoints criminal Marxists Czars such as Van Jones (remember weather underground connection...you know domestic terrorists), who tried to use the plight of American Indians to gain power and control (sick and tired of bogus use of indians). How about the one white anti semite former president coming to the rescue of the black anti semite president? You know the same president who was fed a steady diet of James Cone anti semetic, white hate rhetoric in Black Liberation theology? Yuck...yuck....even Black Americans see through this, and know he is dealing with his own racist hole. But I will agree that the reason why the wealthy elite radical marxist and corporations have now gained power was because they got sick of the wealthy right wing.
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