Obama to hold trilateral summit Tuesday
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.09.09, 10:23
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1. American agreements to allies are absolutely worthless.
Obama hussein is the ,   enemy of peace!   (09.20.09)
2. Trilateral summit?
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.20.09)
Oh, excuse me. Here I was, recognizing Obama as a head of state (unfortunately) and Netanyahu as a head of state (blissfully). What in the hell is Abbas? President of what, an outhouse in Ramallah? Palestine is not a state. Never has been (actually, never will be, but that's a debate for another day). Trilateral summit, indeed. Bibi, stay home. You do not need any part of Obama's pipe dream. And Abbas is nothing more than terrorist scum. You, Bibi, are far too good for either of those miscreants. Stay home.
3. #1 Quite right. They promised a settlement freeze
john ,   jerusalem   (09.20.09)
...and failed to deliver. Let's hope this isn't the end of Obama's pressure on Bibi to commit to peace. The Palestinians are doing their bit. They need a partner for peace on the Israeli side.
4. #3 No settlement freeze
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (09.20.09)
WB is legaly Israeli land, won in a defensive war against Jordain which unilaterally attacked Israel. There is no partner for peace from the palestinian side, never was and never will be.
5. The Spineless Abbas U-Turns
Nour ,   Palestine   (09.20.09)
Only yesterday Erekat said "The Americans came to Ramallah to have us accept a situation where settlements will go on while we meet the Israelis in New York - it will not happen". OK Abbas, you don't want to break Oh-Bummer's heart, know something we don't? Now that it's official, hopefully Netanyahu can be cornered and ridiculed by all nations as a gross violator of human rights and an outright thieving liar.
6. it's bilateral summit; PA & USA on one side
observer   (09.20.09)
Waleed ,   NJ   (09.20.09)
Surah 17 Verse 104 states: "And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel, "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)": but when the second of the warnings came to pass, We gathered you together in a mingled crowd." Surah 5 Verse 20-21 states: "Moses said to his people: O my people! Remember the bounty of God upon you when He bestowed prophets upon you, and made you kings and gave you that which had not been given to anyone before you amongst the nations. O my people! Enter the Holy Land which God has written for you, and do not turn tail, otherwise you will be losers."
8. What kind of beer will be served?
CHRISTIAN ,   ISRAEL   (09.20.09)
The palestenian hve to settle there internal problem first before even asking for peace,that's if they deserve it.What's all the blame/accusation international countries has been showering on israel?lf i may ask,if there a nation/country on earth that will fold it's arms at watch another country kill her citizens contineously?
10. All 3 musnt forget their Colgate for the smiling Photo oppor
Alan ,   SA   (09.20.09)
11. One Good Tank Sweep With F15s and By By Hamas
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (09.20.09)
I favor this meeting between Abbas, Bibi and Obama. If anything, it has upset Hamas, which is just fine with me. Bibi's red lines included Fatah putting the lid on Hamas (Gaza Strip), as part of an overall peace. Is it possible for two states..Jewish and exclusively Arab w/o the Strip? With or w/o this feat will be difficult. I don't know if a truncated two states would have leverage over Hamas..or even destroy it's power? Fatah cannot handle Hamas by good tank sweep by Israel, coupled with artillery and rocket..would do wonders against Hamas..oh, and a squadron of F15s.
12. Hamas is right Israel can't talk with the palestinian
dovdevan ,   ashdod , israel   (09.20.09)
as some a ruling gaza others are ruling the west bank so there is no one to talk to ! Obama's meeting is a waste of time PA has no authority over all the palestinian
13. #8 honeybee
observer   (09.20.09)
14. HAMAS - are xitian/evangelical pawns
YAMALB ,   USA   (09.20.09)
Same old story supersession-dogma complicity
15. Never ending story
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (09.20.09)
Hamas does not need to worry. George Michel will probably keep commuting back and forth until the end of the Obama Administration just like Dennis Ross before him in the Clinton Administration. Any one wants to make a bet?
16. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.20.09)
Yeah. I'll bet you Sweden continues to remain irrelevant .
17. We Need Mosquito Spray
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (09.20.09)
Who was that mosquito buzzing around my head? Was that Haniyeh? Let us swat him as one would swat a mosquito for he is nothing more, just a bloodsucker of his own people. Arafat was a homosexual pedophie. What perversions does Haniyeh participate in while he keeps Arabs in an open air prison?
18. Obama to hold trilateral summit Tuesday
R C ,   USA   (09.20.09)
The Palestinians do not seem to be able to have peace amongst themselves, how can they possibly make peace with Israel.
19. Who Cares What Hamas Rejects?
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (09.20.09)
The Palestinians ignore Hamas. Israel ignores Hamas The U.S. ignores Hamas. The suffering citizens of Gaza want them out. Which part of irrelevant does Haniyeh not grasp?
20. #19, agree with you,we ignore hamas but ..
saher   (09.20.09)
ignoring hamas doesn't mean take anything israel offer's , Abbas has to get something fair in eyes of the palestinians not because of the palestinains rights but to be sure there is nothing still to hamas to use it. like what happened in withdraw of gaze hamas claim they are the reason for that they used it to incease their popularity and maybe its the only reason why they won in the elections,the arrogance of sharoon prevent him make it as deal bet. israel and PA there is somthing here say "there is no normal people all the palestinians are leaders " coz every one of us think he is the right the same way as you but the fact is you are stupid and we are stupid our arrogance ,pride and stupid ideology prevent us to admit that but its a fact better to someone decide for us coz we have self destruction thinking
21. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.20.09)
The core of every Palestinian organization's (there are some thirty of them) charter is a call for the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people. Unless and until these charters are repudiated, Israel does not have a peace partner. The Palestinians have done nothing but demand and whine, demand and whine. They have made no concessions of any sort. So I'm afraid you are severely deluded if you think that the "Palestinians are doing their bit."
22. Only one legal head of State
Mendy ,   Brooklyn   (09.21.09)
Palestine ia not a State and Obama is not a US born citizen thus he is not a legal US President. He has spent close to a million dollars to seal his records what is he hiding? Before we can accept what he says he needs to prove that he is indeed the legal POTUS
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