Ahmadinejad: Proud of Holocaust denial speech
Dudi Cohen
Published: 21.09.09, 13:31
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1. hahahaha man slayer didn't he just
ghostq   (09.21.09)
killed Iranian demonstratord, who couldn't protect themselves and didn't carried weapons, mmm he just acused Israel in the thing he did diverting the guilt. oh yeah it's very known phenomena in criminology .
2. Recreating a Holocaust
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.21.09)
The perfect match, Ahmadinejad and Brezinski
3. typical
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.21.09)
every country does bad things. most are ashamed when they do. why is it that these guys are usually proud of what civilized people are ashamed of? is there no depth of depravity they won't proudly sink to? well, we know the answer to that.
4. 1 and 3-watch your bum for criticising Iran
Ali ,   Tehran   (09.21.09)
5. "Arrest him for Holocaust Denial."
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.21.09)
6. "Citizen Arrest if need be "
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.21.09)
7. Every Country in U.N.should issue an arrest warrant
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.21.09)
8. is it me or this behavior is retarded
ghostq   (09.21.09)
from the psycological espect, like a small child frame of mind... I don't think zaping will help him though.
9. Holocaust denial
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.21.09)
Well, I think we can safely file Ahmedinejad's Holocaust denial in the same place we filed his statements that there is no drug addiction in Iran and no homosexuality. Stupid little mutt, isn't he?
10. # 5 There never should have been a law against people who
Alex ,   Stockholm-Sweden   (09.21.09)
Speak against the Holocaust. This is what we (civilized people) refer to as freedom of speech. Let people talk about it,let them have the right to deny it. Why should people fear being caught and sent to prison when it comes to the Holocaust????Good to see Europe is waking up.
11. 4 - spoken like a true terrorist
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.21.09)
punishment for dissenting thoughts - nice. go back to worshiping your mullahs.
12. So why does he worship Hitler?
steve from raleigh   (09.21.09)
IF there was no Shoah then why do they kiss Hitler's feet?
13. Oh Mike. Iranian prison wardens always look for good buns
Ali ,   Tehran   (09.21.09)
Richard ,   Boca Raton USA   (09.21.09)
First of all Ahmadinejad's plane should be shot out of the sky by the IAF, and we would observe the UN, EU and other world sissies piss in their pants. Secondly, he should not be allowed in the USA to vomit his hate rhetoric. If he is allowed in the USA, Obama should castigate him publicly before the UN for his Holocaust denial garbage. I doubt that our socialist, liberal, president would do such a thing. What an opportunity to show the world what a backward schmuck Ahmadinejad is. Finally, If he is allowed here, Mossad should kidnap him and take him to Israel for a trial for crimes against humanity.
15. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.21.09)
No, it isn't freedom of speech. It is license. Chief Justice Holmes defines the difference rather nicely. He points out that yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre when there is no fire is not free exercise of speech, but license. Words that are contrived to defame, deny truth or arouse hatred do not constitute a free exercise of speech. If Swedes were truly a civilized people, they would know that. I guess you proved your true colors.
16. to #10 lol not if you r dictator who has
ghostq   (09.21.09)
nuclear weapon and declaried and I quot"to wipe Israel of the map". mmm silly you.
17. #10,people like you who deny Holocaust suggest let's do
Asher ,   NY,USA   (09.21.09)
it again. It shows freedom of speech is an excuse to return to barbarity and evil. Holocaust denials are not yet satisfied and their thirst for blood and geneside is still running in them. We need to put these barbarians in chain and keep them in cages to stop them harming inoscent people.
18. Israel doesn't really need a reason to exist.
vered ,   israel   (09.21.09)
There are over 20 Muslim countries, why can't there be one small Jewish country? But still, Israel bases her right to exist on the Holocaust. What reason does Iran have for the right to exist?
19. The laugh is on us.
robin ,   israel   (09.21.09)
Ahmadinijad is mentally retarded. I think all the leaders in the world feel so sorry for Iran that they have to choose such a clearly inferior person for a leader . Couldn't the world's silence be because of embarrassment? It's as if a 2-year old made a poop, took his diapers off and threw it in the audience and said, "That's my speech, aren't I cute?". The Emperor is wearing no clothes at all.
20. This is my third comment
vered ,   israel   (09.21.09)
Sorry, I just can't believe this man does not have a chemical imbalance. Maybe he is schizophrenic?
21. Antisemitism
Harvey ,   London   (09.21.09)
" In each generation there rises up a new Amalek to cause harm to the Jewish nation and each time the cause is cut down at the height of its evil doing " This new Amalek /Hamman will go the same way as all his predecessors. Jew hatred is as old as time .It comes in all forms .That which does physical harm and that which in the absence of opportunity confines itself to maligning , slandering and the demonisation of the Jewish people. However antisemitism is rarely seen as the venture of the rightous person ,the person of good works and deeds that benefit all mankind.On the contrary ,antisemitism is invariably accompanied by the propensity for a more general evil that afflicts all humanity.Thus if we use Hitler and Nazism as the ultimate expression of antisemitism ,it is apparent that this evil was not confined to Jews alone but against all mankind resulting in a war which caused the death of some 50 million people. Today the Islamist hatred of Jews is but one segment of an evil which is responsible for acts of murder and mayhem on a global scale. Again Ahmadinejad presides over a regime which sees fit to hang homosexuals and minor miscreants from crane jibs in town squares and following the recent fraudulent elections murders innocent citizens in full view of a watching world . Antisemitism remains an aberration of the human condition . Jews will continue to contribute to the good of mankind in every field of human endeavour whilst the likes of Amalek/Ahmadinejad will be cut down having contributed only hatred and evil as his legacy to mankind
22. #10 Free-thinkers make 2+2=5 Why School?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (09.21.09)
23. Wow # 4 and 13
Anna ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (09.21.09)
Just two short comments that tell you everything about how brainwashed the people of Iran are. I can't even get angry at him. I just feel sorry for him, really...
24. to #18 wrong it's not cause of the holocaust
ghostq   (09.21.09)
it's cause jews need to return home after exile, the zionist movment started way befor ww1, the holocaust was just another proff but not the reason and shocking you will find that the first OLIM came from Yemen and not EUROP. so be more acurate young lady.
25. Ahmadinejad: Proud of Holocaust denial speech
R C ,   USA   (09.21.09)
When Ahmadinejad and violent minded mullahs talk about Israel they project t themselves as if they have some kind of rabies. They remind me of the movie : I AM LEGEND. I hope someone comes up with a cure for them.
26. #21
Shlomo Kamra   (09.21.09)
Any contribution that jews make to society, always comes with way too much baggage. Jews are not wanted, liked, or needed. Got it?
27. Mission IMpossible
Ach...mad in a jam ,   IL   (09.21.09)
if there's anger is causeth waste of time not bcas Mr Ach denies Holocaust- that is definetly a poblem that shows how I G N O R A N T and hateful the leader of this country is! well' he evenlook the part- a complete ass
28. he kisses Hitler's feet maybe ....
to #12 ,   IL   (09.21.09)
he likes the smell?
29. no 4; Ali, get bent!!!!
smith   (09.21.09)
30. #26, you fit the stereotype #21 describes
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (09.21.09)
perfectly Have you already fulfilled today your duty of whoreshipping toward Mecca with your head down into the sand and your butt up toward your moon deity? You guys have never created anything positive to mankind. A dark, long winter has descended upon Islamic society. Despite hundreds of billions of dollars in income from oil and massive amounts of Western humanitarian aid, the Muslims have yet to create one single monument to human achievement, yet you belittle others who do
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