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Liebling family immigrates to Land of Israel – part 2
Nadav Man
Published: 23.09.09, 08:33
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1. jewish women got nice legs.
ghostq   (09.23.09)
2. In photo E, that's an Austrian uniform
Alon ,   Israel   (09.23.09)
not a German uniform.
3. #2
British Sabra ,   London, England   (09.23.09)
Alon, can I ask how you know?
4. foto#4 drinking water the Levant way.
observer   (09.23.09)
That is only popular in Syria and Lebanon.
5. to #4 as always you r wrong it's been
ghostq   (09.24.09)
drinking style around the world like south America, australia and other places. it's not local drinkig unless people in your country drinks dogy style.
6. #4
so now there is an arab way of drinking water???? how idiotic. i am in the usa army, marines...and we drink water from canteens in the same way and manner. drinking water from canteens is done precisley in this way...and i have never visited an arab land. i wonder where i got the habit from then. how dumb you are. soon, you'll tell us christians that our biblical testaments were written by those whose religion was born after judaism and christianity. thanks god we do not practice the arab ways...even while drinking. sg. marvin taylor, pr. marines
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