Chief rabbis urged not to harm animals in Kapparot custom
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 23.09.09, 08:49
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1. Swing Ovadia Yosef instead
Avi ,   israel   (09.23.09)
Some one should swing Ovadia Yosef around so that the Sins of Shas May be forgiven ! Although with 7 Shas MKs so far convicted it might take a bit more than that to forgive their discusting behavior.
2. Amen!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.23.09)
3. I agree
Sviyah ,   Tel Aviv   (09.23.09)
4. This article is soooo dangerous!!
Israeli 2   (09.23.09)
People should know and understand Torat Hanistar - but aparently even the Rabbis do not know it. We are doomed. Soon they will urge rabbis not to circumcise because it is dangerous and soon they will tell rabbis not to slaughter any animals. We are doomed.
5. OK: CUE all the Haredi-slamming talkbacks about "barbarians"
6. This custom can be done carefully and mercifully and as ment
L ,   Elad   (09.23.09) mentioned, the chickens are then distributed free to the poor. I personally only use money, which is 100% EQUALLY acceptable. They DO have a good point in requesting extra care in the handling of the birds, especially at a time when we ourselves request divine Mercy. On Yom Kippur we do not wear leather shoes in order to show extra sensitivity and compassion on that day. We have a very special commandment regarding "Tzar Baalei Chaim," not inflicting pain or suffering on animals unnecessarily. Kapparot, again, can be performed with care and compassion -- custom, according to Jewish Law, is not to be taken lightly. Unless one is of the vegetarian contingency oneself, there is no basis to cry "barbarianism" about careful performance of Kapparot. We do not believe that our "sins" are ACTUALLY transferred to either the money or the chicken (wouldn't that be so like a quick hail-mary and absolution, ey?) -- more to the point, it is a physical demonstration to ourselves of something abstract, "bringing the point home," if you will. Doing bad things to oneself and to others, having bad character brings about inner destruction in a real and concrete way, a slow inner rot and spiritual death. Kapparot is supposed to be an upsetting experience for the participant, not for the animal -- it helps some to be more aware of their own mortality and the eventual comeuppance that we all eventually face.
7. Kapparot even less than a custom. It's plain superstition!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.23.09)
contrary to Torah.
8. Now THAT is something I agree with
Anna ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (09.23.09)
Customs like this should be left to Voodoo rituals.
9. kapparot with chickens is usser
jew jew ,   jerusalem israel   (09.23.09)
This custom of using white chickens for kapparot is forbidden by the Torah. Read the Shulchan Aruch. And for those who mistakenly claim chicken kapparot is part of "torat hanistar", the beit yosef was steeped in knowledge of kabbala yet still wrote that kapparot are forbidden. Thats because this custom is taken directly from ancient pagan religions. Its forbidden to continue this stupid custom of idolatry.
10. #4:The antichrist will stop animal sacrifices
JC ,   USA   (09.23.09)
during the middle of the 7 year peace agreement with Israel. The ENPI agreement Israel has with her enemies includes a law for the better treatment of animals that goes into affect in 2010. Coincidence? I think not.
11. Dying Chickens
SR ,   Montreal QC   (09.23.09)
While I do not believe that the minhag of kapparot should be stopped, it horrifies me to think that there is any truth to the accusation that the chickens are dying from thirst and hunger before they even get to be schechted. That is just wrong, not only from the perspective of the suffering of the animal but that chicken was "purchased" by someone to be given to a poor family. THe caretaker who would then let that animal die before being shechted (which couldn't happen once it was dead) and given to a poor family is stealing from the person who bought that chicken and from the poor people who could have benefitted.
12. #9: I would appreciate it very much
Israeli 2   (09.23.09)
should you be able to tell me where in the Torah or in any rabbinical literature it is written that kapparot are forbidden for any reason. This Israeli would thank you
Birds of a feather stick to gether,finger-licking good.What voodoo..
15. Disgusting Primitivism
NYC Girl   (09.24.09)
What is this...the Hasidic version of Santeria? This sort of abuse of animals is inhumane and indecent. It's time to put a stop to it.
16. #12
jew jew ,   jerusalem israel   (09.23.09)
In the Shulchan Aruch, Section Orach Haim, Siman 605 (in mishna brura its section 6), the mechaber (beit yosef) says that "What some are accustomed to do for Kappara the day before YK, to slaughter a chicken for ever male and say verses, should be stopped. " The Mishna brura on this says "it should be stopped because we fear that it is similar to pagan rituals"
17. if they wave chicken over someone head
ghostq   (09.24.09)
you might get hit by an egg. jews like poultry.
18.  KFC
COLONEL SANDERS ,   Safed Israel   (09.24.09)
Kapparot Fried Chicken
19. Right on, #1! I agree!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.24.09)
Let's swing Ovadia Yosef for the forgiveness of the sins of the Shas Party.
20. #4: Rabbi Yoseph Cairo was quite aware of Torat HaNistar
Ari ,   London, UK   (09.24.09)
Rav Yoseph Cairo was one of the greatest Kabbalistic, as well as Halachic authorities of all time, yet he banned this cruel, baseless custom. Don't hide behind the pretense of "it's kabbalistic - you wouldn't understand." Rav Yoseph Cairo understood far better than you do.
21. Real man do kaparot with cows
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (09.24.09)
One in each hand.
22. #21 LOL
Le' Faux Jew ,   US   (09.24.09)
23. Real men do Kapporot with Cobras
Alan ,   SA   (09.24.09)
24. #21 fell off my chair laughing - thanks, I needed that!
L ,   Elad, Israel   (09.25.09)
25. Take Ahmadarejendeh instead !
Fist   (09.25.09)
26. response
Suzanne Dragan ,   Englishtown NJ USA   (09.25.09)
"Tighten oversight of slaughter???" Killing is killing. Period. Actions speak louder than words. As Jews we should be plant-based vegetarians for our health, for the environment and for the animals.
27. They do Kapparot also at the cemetery!!!
Sheila   (09.27.09)
I am accustomed to going to the cemetery on Yom Kippur eve, But, alas! They do kapparot also at the cemeteries! The poor chickens are brought in Cola boxes, and stay in the heat without water. At the Kapparot, they look absolutely terrified. They are not slaughtered at the cemeteries. At the end of the day they are left to be run over by cars, or to wander near the cemetery fence. Either way they find their death in misery. To me every visit to the cemetery on Yom Kippur eve has become a nightmare ! And why??? Can't I respect my beloved kins who passed away without suffering the nightmarish sight of Kapparot at the cemetery?
28. #15 you are right!
lira ,   tiberias   (09.27.09)
THAT'S SANTERIA!!! and they did not know it!!!
29. # 4 #10 The antichrist to stop animal sacrifices?????
sue ,   Jamestown ny, USA   (09.29.09)
What is ENPI???? I don't understand ??? Who do you think the Antichrist is???? God help us...
30. reply to #29
ben Ish   (09.30.09)
"The" sacrifice would refer to the burnt offering as commanded in the Torah; the sacrifice for sin. Kapporot is NOT the sacrifice for sin. It is not commanded, and therefore NOT lawful per the Torah. Because sin is the transgression of the law, Kapporot therefore is sin. In this case, the Torah has been cast aside in favor of a tradition which is completely made up; as the other posters have indicated. It is not worship, it is superstition. You asked about "the antichrist," but this is mentioned as such only in 2&3 John, and is described as the one who denies HaMoshiach. Therefore anyone who denies HaMoshiach is Anti-Messiah. In eschatology this is variously characterized as an individual and/or group of individuals, so... I believe what you really mean is "the Beast" of Rev. 13, but this can ONLY the one who stands in the Holy place (the Temple) and declares himself to be Elohim. So far, I haven't seen any person try *that*. Have you?
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