Barak okays 37 more West Bank housing units
Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.09.09, 15:39
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1. Oppenheimer
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (09.23.09)
Every time Yariv gets angry I know that we are doing what we should! Peace Now is opposed to anything near Zionist and/or Jewish. Thank you HaShem for giving us this New Year's present to build more Jewish and Zionist houses!
stude ham   (09.23.09)
3. We are “restraining” settlement activity
rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.23.09)
We should be building everywhere.
4. is building on private land legal?
observer   (09.23.09)
An Israeli advocacy group has found that 39 percent of the land used by Jewish settlements in the West Bank is private Palestinian property, which the organization contends is a violation of international and Israeli law guaranteeing property rights in the occupied territories. The Settlement Watch project of Peace Now also disclosed that much of the land that Israeli officials have said would remain part of the Jewish state under any final peace agreement is private Palestinian property. That includes some of the large settlement blocs inside the barrier that Israel is building to separate Israelis from the Palestinian population in the West Bank. According to the Civil Administration data compiled in October 2006, 44 of the 120 West Bank settlements "are based to some extent" on lands seized by military order. A knowledgeable security source said that most of this land was privately owned by Palestinians. The list includes a major "ideological" settlement; Kedumim. The effect of industrial development in Karnei Shomron on the quality of groundwater found to be « significantly more polluted » near the settlement than elsewhere. The settlements occupy a total of 15,271 acres of private Palestinian land.
6. About the left, the media and the settlers.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (09.23.09)
From the perspective of the left and the media, settlers have become the ultimate Other, mainly because of the ideological threat that they, religious Zionists and anyone who identifies with them poses to those who pride themselves on an absence of ideology. The settlers – in the path they have chosen, in their faith and even in their appearance – represent the exact opposite: values, traditions, solidarity and, yes, hope for the future of the Jewish people. That is their sin, and that is their reward. As to justice and Arabs :
7. #4
Shlomo Kamra   (09.23.09)
Well written-they hate the truth, like this: The data, stated, Blau, was “political dynamite” and was suppressed by Defence Minister Ehud Barak. It was “dynamite” not because of what it revealed about expropriations - which Peace Now has faithfully tried to document - but because it showed that construction in the “vast majority of settlements - about 75 per cent - has been carried out without the appropriate permits or contrary to the permits that were issued”.’ Now that kind Mr Barak is going to build 37 units for future Palestinian/ Arab occupation.
8. When will the Arabs be restrained to build in West Bank?
Gail ,   USA   (09.23.09)
It is not their land.
9. The Arabs claiming Palestinian identity
Dave ,   USA   (09.23.09)
have 75% off Jordan, 100% of Gaza, 93% of West Bank, 20% of Israel and a good chunk of South Lebanon. Yet, it is not enough. They want to get what the Jews have. Specifically, Haifa and Tel Aviv, Do they realize that if they chase the Jews out who will build the world-class hospitals, universities and the research centers? Who will treat them or give them welfare so that they can contunue to procreate in big numbers, socialize and play backgammon?
10. new homes
colin   (09.23.09)
As usual the leftest prees twists words to say karnei shomron is building.TRUTH they have extended thier lease.But the virus strikes again !! Is there no docter to stop this sickness in Israel This virus (peace now) has become a laughing joke in all Israel Get rid of these foreigners .Send them back to wherever they originated. They are definitely not jews but traiters to Israel
11. And Another
Israel is a society where virulent anti-Arab racism and Nakba denial are the norm although none of the European and American leaders who constantly lecture about Holocaust denial will dare to admonish Netanyahu for his bald lies and omissions about Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. The goal remains the same: to control maximum land with minimum Palestinians.
13. disgrace. really a disgrace...
Krzysztof ,   Heidelberg, Germany   (09.23.09)
when will this stupid conflict end, if even the doves turn to hawks...
14. barak , either approve ,or
end up like rabin and sharon and arafat
15. #4 & #7 - This means that at least 61% isn't private land...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (09.23.09)
What property laws are violated by building on ownerless land? Besides, I highly doubt Peace Now researched the chain of title for the remaining 39% claimed to be privately owned. Most land here was owned by the Turkish Sultanate prior to the years of the British Mandate and the Fellahi population rarely gained enough wealth from the fallow land to be able to purchase land. I would suspect most Arab deeds to be forgeries.
16. This is nothing more than a gentle slap in Obama's face,&he
deserved it 2.Build ,   I say, Build.!!!   (09.23.09)
17. Jews are welcome in Palestine
Nour ,   Palestine   (09.23.09)
However they should prepare for minority status in ONE state solution (The Palestine Solution). Amen.
18. Only 37 houses
Lioness ,   Israel   (09.23.09)
We need much more than that we have loads of young couples who need somewhere to live. Come on Netanyahu we are talking about Natural Growth!!!!!!
19. #15 No, meaning; the 61% internationally illegal is disputed
observer   (09.23.09)
by Israel's law, and 39% is illegal by both the international and Israel's law. There is no place in the international law to discuss the case of ownership in an Occupied territory; the occupied people owns their land and that is the compelling norm by the same int'l law.
20. #19 - Nice try but you're way off
SD ,   Karnei Shomron   (09.24.09)
You wrote, "the occupied people owns their land." But the only people whose land was every occupied here is the Jews. They had a sovereign country for several centuries. The Romans conquered them and occupied the country, bringing in outsiders and exiling much of the Jewish population. But the Jews kept returning whenever they could. No united "people" ever lived in this land since the Jews were exiled 2000 years ago. There was just a mixture of nomads from lots of places. Even 150 years ago, Mark Twain documented an almost deserted land here. Until an Israeli state was established, there was no defined "people" living here. The term "Palestinian" didn't even exist except to describe Jews living in Palestine! In all the recent centuries, the Ottoman Empire residents in Israel never defined themselves as an independent people. And the reason Jews didn't own land is that by and large they were forbidden to because of Ottoman-Muslim law. It's quite preposterous to say that because of this AntiSemitic law, the Jews have no right to their land which was occupied from THEM.
21. #20 then why not taking your case to the court?
observer   (09.24.09)
I'll tell you the answer; Because many modern civil law systems in Europe and elsewhere are heavily influenced by Roman law, not the Jewish law. The Roman law limited grants and ownership of ager publicus, "public land" conquered by the Roman army, to less than 500 iugera, or 320 acres (1.3 km2), for a single person. This was intended to prevent patricians from seizing all the ager publicus. It also allowed for an additional 250 iugera for each of two sons. That's every Palestinian person in the West Bank owns 320 acres of what is called "State land".
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