Brigade commander denies condoning violence against Palestinians
Aviad Glickman
Published: 23.09.09, 17:26
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1. There is nothing wrong with using
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.23.09)
violence against pali civilians. There is something wrong with "jews" going after officers that do this. I hope when they are called to reserve duty their comrades remember them and show them their contempt.
2. yesh din= there's justice?
OZ   (09.23.09)
it's about time this liberal, bleeding hearts group comes to grip with the fact that they are anti- israel, and seek profesional, psychiatric help, urgently! lobotomy must be considered!
3. is this a joke (a real bad one at that)?
les ,   canada   (09.23.09)
col. virov. we are PROUD AS HELL OF YOU!! soldiers like you and your men are the reason that israel is still there, a free, vibrant and democratic country! those "rights groups", reather TRAITORS! would be long dead by now without you guarding israel! THANK YOU, AND THE IDF. GOD MAY BLESS YOU ALL.
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