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Holocaust survivors reunite with US veterans
Associated Press
Published: 25.09.09, 09:12
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1. Great Story!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.26.09)
Wonderful idea for these men and their families to get together. It's good to see they are getting together while the vets are still alive. The vets of WWII are dying at quite a fast rate, I've read. Soon there won't be any left. I had quite a few family members that fought in Europe during WWII. They're all dead now. Most friends I know who had relatives in WWII have also lost theirs.
2. In 1945 American Solders liberated my Family from Bergen-
meir elazar   (09.27.09)
Belsen. The typhoid was so bad that two of my aunts perished after the liberation. One uncle was taken away and never heard from again. After the war, because of the typhoid, they burned down all of the buildings. In 1982, I visited Bergen-Belsen. One of the most disturbing things was seeing all of the mounds of mass graves with the Sign in front "Hier Ruhen 10,0000" or whatever the number was. (Here lie 10,000). But even in their deaths the word "People" is missing from the sign further dehumanizing them in their deaths. If there were a way to get an email address or other address for Mr. Walsh and others who helped liberate my family, I would be greatly appreciative. I would very much like to write a letter of most profound gratitude to these great soldiers and gentlemen.
3. #1 Thank you! ...! #2 Contact the authors up top, or the
jae ,   Lynn US   (09.29.09)
ynet press, or the AP with the title of the thread .... or google this hero's name : carrol (2 r's it seems) walsh, retired supreme court judge for his state.
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