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Amos Oz seen as Nobel favorite in UK
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 26.09.09, 10:42
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1. Jews and Antisemites
Igor ,   Germany   (09.26.09)
When I look at the list of past winners (last paragraph) it strikes my eye that more than half of them are either of Jewish ancestry or anti-Sem... I mean Israel-critics (sometimes with Nazi past), or, in at least one case, both.
2. It's a political award, not a literary award
steve from raleigh   (09.27.09)
So the only meaningful variable is how leftist the politics of said writer is. It's only by accident that they occasionally award it to a person who's also a brilliant writer.
3. 1 Igor: Do you pronounce your name I-GOR or EEgore?
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