Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Netanyahu at his best
Nahum Barnea
Published: 25.09.09, 16:43
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1. Long Live Bibi
Frank ,   USA   (09.25.09)
2. Terrible speech
He trivialized the Holocaust by presenting documents to show it happend. There is no need to provide proof for the Holocaust, trying to do that only provides strength to what's his name in Iran. Why is he playing a stupid game with someone most of the world knows is an idiot like that?? Not to mention how could he compare the the German blitz on London to the rockets fired at Israel by Hamas??? How many were killed in London (25,000) in just over a year...Israel hasn't lost that many people in 61 years.
3. barena haughtiness
mohson   (09.25.09)
Bibi is not self confident, in fact he is insecure and somewhat nervous. He understands the value of a hill, a missile. Haughtiness and arrogance applies to barnea's best friend indicted olmert, who does not have a clue about the value of a hill or missile. Barnea would be better doing some idf service than writing trash trying to salvage his best friend olmert who likely plied cigars and booze and good food to sway him.
4. Bibi at PRO,is very good.He really told
Eric.... ,   Israel....   (09.25.09)
the world what they needed too hear,not that it will do anything.We have take care of our own problems.The UN is not worth much .
5. Excellent speech! Well done!
TT   (09.25.09)
6. Bibi's speech by far was the climatic moment in this whole
Rothstein ,   USA   (09.25.09)
UN meeting. The audience was captivated and sat on the edge of their seats to listen to every word he had to say. Only the 1 Palestinian note take walked out. Everyone else listened very carefully. By far, Bibi and NOT Obama came out the clear winner in this weeks meetings. All the other clowns like a-jad,chavez,and goofy ghadaffi were made to bear the brunt of jokes because of their mad rants and obvious lies. But Bibi, he was set apart as a clear, concise, and experienced leader that he is. I am was very proud to have heard him and to know that he, and not Olmert, nor Obama has Israels back.
7. Never mind..push is coming to shove its time for leadership
Al   (09.25.09)
Those who cant lead and believe in what they say and say what they believe should get out of the way..its time that Israels true leaders take the helm. Israel has experimented with two bit blowhearts for awhile. All for not. Push is coming to shove and its high time that Israel start readying itself for a drawn out slugfest. Its 67 all over again..Israel is standing alone with no one at their side. It will be upto Israel and Israel alone. Sharpen your skills and get ready.... Obama will drop you like a hot potato..You will be alone ala 67.
8. Well received from the UN
fred ,   Tampa, FL   (09.25.09)
Unfortunatley, the member nations of the UN do not care for or about Israel or the Jews. Correct me if I am wrong but I did not see or hear a statment of apology for their behavior or in support of Netanyahu's remarks by a single nation at the UN. All I heard was President Obama saying today that Iran has lied and build another nuclear facility for un-peaceful purposes yet the US still wants to meet and discuss it with Iran. How stupid and blind can you be. Iran is building nuclear weapons and lying to the world and you still want to sit and have tea with them. Act now before it's too late.
9. I think Ahmadinijad should be considered a serious threat.
vered ,   israel   (09.25.09)
I don't think we should ever be overconfident or complacent. We already have a precedent for that: the Holocaust.
10. what wavering Holocaust document Netanyahu shows in UNGA?
observer   (09.25.09)
Everyone there knows very well that that the Holocaust is irrelevant to Gaza or Iran. Will Netanyahu stop victimizing?
11. Greatest speech bibi!
Yonah ,   TA ISrael   (09.25.09)
Was an amazing speech
12. Netanyahu, Oren, Ayalon, Dermer... the perfect team
Hayes Shelton ,   USA   (09.25.09)
Israel has put it's best face(s) forward in the US at this critical time. It is a fact that cultures respond best to those who understand the culture, and certainly this team understands Americans and speaks directly to our hearts and minds. Israel must do what is right for Israel regardless of what American president's want, and having this fine team in place at this critical time is great, just great.
13. Obama does not Speak for the U.S.
Jeff M ,   Dallas, TX   (09.25.09)
Most of America loves Israel. We're happy you have a strong leader in Bibi when ours is so weak. Bless you!
14. Netanyahu the Statesman
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (09.25.09)
Never has there been a better more poignant speech illustrating the danger and the dire consequences. Sadly there are too many nations that have no honor and no shame. Furthermore we have a weak kneed mealy mouthed U.S. President who cannot stand up to Iran and has lost the respect of the world leaders. Obama draws a line in the sand, Irand walks over the line and Obama draws another line in the sand. This week we saw Netanyahu at his finest and all Israeli's and indeed all Jews need to be very proud. Now we wait to see if the world can muster a response or is it again our duty to eliminate the threat to the world. If we take out Iran's nuclear facilities we must also decapitate the Islamic maniacs that have a choke hold on the people. It would be ironic if Islam owed its continued existence to the Jews.
15. Did you just copy Ha Aretz?
Andrzej ,   Warszawa   (09.25.09)
Yes, there were flows. But you have to keep in mind who the speech was meant for. The time to criticize is not now. The time to offer leftist suggestions is never.
16. bib deservs credit!
OZ   (09.25.09)
his speech was excellent, delivered in a very concise and straight forward mannar. bibi's speech was very well recieved by the american press, and it prvoes that bib has made the transfer to be a great statesman!
17. Netanyahu at his best.....please
kb richard ,   Shelburne VT USA   (09.25.09)
Not sure why you think the U.S. hates the United Nations. Our Democratic party and most Americans like and apreciate the UN. They (UN) stand for what we (US) stand for. Maintaining peace and livlihood, helping the poor starving dying diseased downtrodden who need our help. The worse off their destitution the more their souls reach out to us. The Israeli used to be that people. Everyone here now sees an oppressive country who happen to be one race, kickin the living crap out of squallored reffugees who happen to be of another race and no end in site to atrocities or expanding settlements, Obama will soon close those purse strings that do a lot for your countries bottom line. Throw those war mongering out of office. Your leaders cancerous effects are worse than those Bush was conjuring. Maybe the Israeli Experiment isnt working in this occupation of Jerusalem and a less racist soloution needs to be found. The Holy Land is every ones Holy Land. Steward ship is an honor and a privelage...not a right.
18. From a politician to a new Churchill
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (09.25.09)
This is indeed the speech in which Benjamin Netanyahu made the transition from a politician to a new Churchill. You just KNEW that you were witnessing a historic moment. Finally, the Prime Minister was saying exactly the things that should have been said years ago. The similarity with the 1940 is eerie. France has just capitulated, the Battle of Britain is about to begin. The only difference now is that Chamberlain is still thereā€¦
19. I utterly agree-this was Bibi's finest hour!
Israeli ,   Israel   (09.25.09)
He is truly THE Prime Minister of Israel.
20. dear #2
Avi   (09.25.09)
so we should wait that 25000 will be dead and then react? you stupid do you know that many of those rockets explode at schools kinder garden fabric and people's live saved thanks to the alarm. what about USA, Australia, England, Germany, what they are doing at Afghanistan?in your way they should that their people will be dead and then react hypocrite
21. Bibi's interview on Situation Room:
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (09.25.09)
I was spellbound throughout Wolf Blitzer's tough interview of Binyamin Netanyahu, in English, preceding Netanyahu's talk at the U.N. in New York City. Bibi was everything one could hope for in a PM, and this from a member not of Likud but Yisrael Beiteinu. He was elegant, persuasive, did not flinch from tough questions but refused to answer those which fell into the areas of "speculation"; he was clear in his call for peace but unwavering in his pronouncements that Israel will not sacrifice its own people and will, under any circumstances, do what is required to defend itself. We saw and heard an intelligent and very articulate patriot, unafraid to lay his cards on the table and challenging the opposition to do as much. I saw from his eyes that he was tired but, like a real soldier, he did not allow his state of fatigue to obstruct his purpose which was to make the case for Israel in the face of an international community which appears to challenge our right to protect ourselves and begrudges our right to exist in our homeland. At that moment in time, I felt especially proud to be an Israeli.
22. "Observer", #10, continues to
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (09.25.09)
use the Talkback section of YNet to distillate his fenzied distaste for Israel. It never fails. He will always find a jstification to pan our state and its leaders. For your information, socalled "observer", observe the fact that Bibi was not just saying but showing the world that we (Jews) will never again allow ourselves to go unprotected. It was, perhaps, a theatrical device. but then theatre is the vehicle which playwrights use to make a dramatic point. If you go on to pan theatre, which you probably will, remember that Euripides, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Arthur Miller and Eugene O'Neill were all playwrights. But I suppose, "obsever", that you're not really familiar with them either. Frankly, you belong in Haaretz with all the other Israel bashers. You'd feel at home there.
23. Netanyahu's Speech to UN
Kathryn ,   Canton OH   (09.25.09)
I love Bibi! Always have. I was born in the USA and am not Jewish. Israel rocks!! I'd probably vote for him for our President if I could. When another nation denies your right to exist I think he has every right, and responsibility to bring up the Holocaust. We need more people like Bibi to stand strong in the face of other world leaders who wouldn't know where to LOOK for their spine!
25. Israel's Finest
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (09.26.09)
If there is one other Israeli who captured a US audience like Bibi, it was Dan Gillerman. The elegance and eloquence of those 2 gentlemen is/was unsurpassed.
26. a convenient enemy?
BJL ,   us   (09.26.09)
What a stupid article. Convenient? How about genocidal? How about Shoah 2? You think Netanyahu is happy about having this enemy? You think he wants to attack Iran for the hell of it? A war that will be horrific to Israel and the whole world? Iran must be stopped and there is nothing convenient about that....
27. Netanyahu at his best
Chana ,   RamatHaSharon Israel   (09.25.09)
Too bad Nahum Barnea had to ruin his positive assessment of Netanyahu's excellent speech by adding the last negative sentence. Are these the dues a journalist must pay to be included in their "select" clique?
28. Long life to Bibi. Amazing speech
Esteban ,   Argentina   (09.25.09)
Well done! Hope the world listens this time.
29. #22 after a second thought, Holocaust is relevant to Gaza
observer   (09.26.09)
The psychosis of the Holocaust is deeply entrenched in Jews mind. In Judaism, there is only one or two verses to recite in time of illness, but there are hundred verses to recite on revenge. That urging desire to vent vengeance make it time ticking bomb. So, where else to revenge except in the most vulnerable place. Therefore, Gaza's collective punishment is relevant to the Holocaust.
30. losed when at his best
observer   (09.26.09)
For 8 month before the last war on Gaza, Israel recruited a PR crew ; its job was to prepare the pubic opinion for accepting Israel's version of justification of an open war on Gaza civilians. Peres delivered speeches, Livni toured the south towns with foreign representatives to show how Israel's restraint had reached the limit. Now, the employees of the Ministry of Truth go back and rewrite history so that any prediction Big Brother (Israel's government) previously made is accurate. Then, how many of you journalists helped to make the speech of truth?
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