Mortar shell hits south; IDF fires back
Ilana Curiel
Published: 27.09.09, 07:15
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1. 1000 dead Pal for every rocket fired
TOMMY ,   Hong Kong   (09.27.09)
If Israel had any balls, like it used to have, we would give this ultimatum. i promise. after 3 rockets, the rockets will stop forever. just imagine... if we started this 8 years ago, before 9000 rockets * 1000 pal ... ??? you do the maths. Israel is to kind, and to nice to those trying to kill her citizens (Human rights??? Enough with that already - it does not work) . If i were in charge, this would of stoped long ago. Furthermore, for every anti Israel rally held, from London to Cairo, a further 500 Pal would have to pay the price. its like teaching a dog new tricks... believe me, they will learn... and we could all live in peace a year or two later. Unfortunatly we have to teach them how to be normal western human beings THE HARD WAY!!! NO MORE APPEASMENT - TO HELL WITH BEING TOO RIGHT OR TOO NICE
2. Enough Practice.
Shlomo Kamra   (09.28.09)
Now, let's see those rockets actually hit something for a change! Or is it that the Israellis keep producing the same rocket remains for the cameras in different empty fields, and claim they have been fired from Gaza, so that their so that the sons of space cadets can get their target practice? Come on lads, get on with the game ........already!
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