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US court okays 'Jews only' inheritance
Associated Press
Published: 27.09.09, 08:42
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1. 4 of 5 grandchildren marry non-Jews, welcome to the diaspora
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (09.27.09)
2. such unconditional love
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.27.09)
3. people are disinherited for all sorts of reasons
johanna from tsfat ,   tsfat   (09.27.09)
so why not because they "marry out". i knew of someone who was a lesbian& her parents disapproved. so they only left her money if she got married. so she married a gay guy and got her inheritance. some people disinherit their children all together for all sorts of reasons and leave all their money to the cat home or whatever. the grandchildren have the choice either marry a fellow jew, it doesn't appear to say that they have to be religious, and inherit or marry out and don't. seems a fair enough choice.
4. Disappointing ruling!
Yehudit ,   London, England   (09.27.09)
As a Jew, I support Jews who marry othere Jews, from Love. As a Jewish parent, I am shocked about Michael's (the father) behaviour towards his children. That father should love his children unconditionally and that grandfather should have understood that a Jew remains a Jew, irrespective of whom they marry. I am disturbed that this matter had to go as far as the Supreme Court, when it could have easily been resolved, by Michael the father sharing his inheritance with his children, ensuring that them and his grandchildren were taken care of, rather than being referred to as technically dead.
5. Instead, say "I divorce you" 3 times like ourbrother muslims
Tristan   (09.27.09)
That would be more appropriate.
6. The children all seem to love his money equally
It's his money to give, and I'd rather give it to charity than to such greedy kids
7. Inheritance is not automatic!
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (09.27.09)
Nobody bent the arm of the grandchildren or forced them at gun point to marry a Jew. Nobody practiced religious intolerance with them, or disconnected them from the family, upon marrying a non-Jew. No, the whole story focuses on the inheritance from the grandparents. However this is the grandparents' money to begin with! And they may do with it whatever they want. It is by no means they duty to leave it to any of their descendants, and thus they may condition the inheritance as they wish.
8. it's his money to do as he wishes
sara ,   israel   (09.27.09)
totally fair and i don't know why there's even a question of legality. if he wanted to give it to only his children who were affiliated with the nazi party that would be his right too.
10. waste of court's time
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (09.27.09)
As someone who pays tax in the US these lawsuits were frivolous and a waste of taxpayer money. As #7 so beautifully said, no one has a "right" to an inheritance. I can leave someone out of my will for their actions, their children, their choice of hair color. My money, my heirs! To #4, that would be YOUR choice, it wasn't the choice here. BTW a Jew who marries a non-Jew may remain a Jew, but the children are Jewish ONLY if their mom was Jewish AND studies show that children of mixed marriages will usually do the same, so it is only a few generations down the line that the Jews are gone!
11. It shouldn't take a technicality to reach proper judgement
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.27.09)
It is, as sara writes, his money to do with as he wishes. It is - at least for now - still a free country. "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and all that. And I expect he made clear that having children or grandchildren who leave the faith or marry out would make him unhappy. People put stipulations in their wills all the time, give to favored children and stiff the rest. This should have been for the court a no brainer.
13. 5 Tristan: The penalty for leaving Islam is worse than three
"I divorce you's". That is grounds for killing the person who leaves Islam for another religion.
14. 9 So it's ok if others do it too
Jean   (09.27.09)
You know that there are a lot of parents that continue to love their children no matter what choices they make. I don't suppose that qualifies for you as worth standing up for.
15. Jean # 14
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.27.09)
This rivka never had children , too expensive as she told us , she prefers her pets above humans .
16. To avoid such problems
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.27.09)
Send your children to a Jewish , not necessarely religious , school . It's what i did , and as a result , we all made Alyah and my grandchildren are all 100 % Jewish .
17. 13 - Give it time
Tristan   (09.27.09)
Look at what happened to that Messianic child (child!) in Ariel, you know, when he was given a bomb for Purim and he was nearly killed. Talk about Jewish honor killings, there you have it.
18. 15 know why?
amnon   (09.27.09)
remember what she told you?,11382,L-3603261,00.html
19. 15 That explains a lot
Jean   (09.27.09)
Interpersonal intimate relationships are not her specialty.
20. #1 & #2 were right enough
Cameron ,   USA   (09.27.09)
Faith and identity are not maintained through money & legalisms. Ultimately, for any religious/ethnic group, there is no avoiding the unavoidable. Not as we all race into the 21st century.
21. Love?
Yonatan ,   USA   (09.27.09)
What's all this talk about love and unconditional love? Who ever said this man didn't love his children always and no matter what? Just because he doesn't want to leave them a huge sum of cash he doesn't love them? Is that how we see love? We equate it with money? It better not be true or the horrible stereotypes about us will start to seem true. The money is a reward to those descendants of his who went the extra mile of preserving their heritage by marrying inside the faith. It's just a shame that marrying inside the faith in the US is becoming so rare that it is now something we feel the need to reward. It doesn't mean he didn't love them if he didn't give them the money. He just didn't see the need to reward them. The greed and sense of entitlement here is extraordinary.
22. My mother's husband was disinherited by his mother for
Rivkah   (09.27.09)
leaving the Sunday (Satan's pagan sabbath) sabbath and refusing to go to churches after he saw the darker side of them. That was costly for him, but he preferred God's truth to the devil's counterfeits.
23. inheritance
colin   (09.27.09)
The money belongs to the grandfarther and he can do whatever he likes.This case only proves that the grandchildren love money more than the grandfarther. The police should investigate--did the old man die natural causes or did the grandchildren enhance his death illegaly??Typical modern disrespect for the parents Let the grandchildren die paupers.
24. What was that, Rivkah?
Cameron ,   USA   (09.27.09)
"the devil's counterfeits"?? I trust you live in Israel, Rivkah, because if you were to start running your mouth like that to others in the ourside world, you would get your damn arm broken. Unbelievable. Respect is a 2-way street, honey. Have a real care if you're ever in other nations, madam, because if you start spilling out that kind of garbage in the real person, folks will grab on to you.
25. 15 Charles: I have fed and clothed and assisted far more
Rivkah   (09.27.09)
children and widows and homeless without having biological children than you have. But to you, that is evil to feed and clothe and help the poor who are godly if you don't have biological children. The Messiah did not and will not have biological children and I emulate him (Emmanuel).
26. 21 - yes daddy dearest
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.27.09)
you sound just like joan crawford, who didn't leave her children a cent of her fortune out of her "love" for themt. sure, she was free to do that but it was crystal clear to those kids what her true feelings for them was. it's not about the money. actions speak louder than words.
27. i support this
vicki ,   australia   (09.28.09)
and no - i am not jewish. a greek orthodox christian female who says - good on him for wanting to preserve his cultural and tradition and race. all this intermarriage - in particular racial intermarriage - is a catastrophe and people need to preserve what god has created. this includes the different races. i wish more greeks did this!!
28. Of course
Steve from Raleigh   (09.28.09)
Unless the government wants to impose a 100% tax on all estates. People can still do what they want with their own money. I know this must infuriate radical liberals who insist Jews must give their money to terrorists and animal shelters, but unless and until we live in their Stalinist paradise that's not going to happen.
29. News Flash #26
Yonatan ,   USA   (09.28.09)
Just because you love someone does not mean you always approve of their decisions. And when you are disappointed with their decisions the last thing you do is reward them for it. If they are too stupid to tell the difference between disapproval and a lack of love, then the child has far bigger problems than a parent they don't see eye to eye with.
30. 24 "Cameron: There have been many attacks on me and
Rivkah   (09.28.09)
attempts on my life. What I say is not popular, but to the best of my knowledge it is the truth. My reward is not in this world, but I have a massive bank-on account in heaven that has protected my life supernaturally many times.
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