Egyptians irked by virginity faking device
Published: 29.09.09, 08:42
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1. hahahha Egyptian woman hahahaha
ghostq   (09.29.09)
breaking their own rules, mummies gets hot.
2. Virginity "Made in China" Hahahaha
Narah Correa ,   BRASIL   (09.29.09)
3. Seriously, does this surprise anybody?
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (09.29.09)
What else could you expect from such backwards country with patriarchical and chauvinistic establishment, where female circumcision is widely practiced. I wonder if these strict chastity laws apply also for Egyptian men. Are they also expected to be sexually pure when they marry, and get stoned to death otherwise?...
4. stupid
Golan ,   SL   (09.29.09)
the entire idea about virginity is silly.
5. why worry we know all unmarried arab women are virgins
zionist forever   (09.29.09)
We also know there are no gays in Iran. These are Americas new best friends, people who oppress women so much that they need to buy chineese gizmos that will allow them to pretend to be virgins. The arabs should be educating their women on the importance of safe sex and the reality of things like AIDS. Education not oppression is they key.
6. Not everyone bleeds
chava ,   yerushalayim   (09.29.09)
Not all virgins bleed on their wedding night. I wonder whether those who are truly virgins but don't bleed have problems.
7. In paradise bad business because all 72 are virgins already
Alan ,   SA   (09.29.09)
8. When feudalism runs into the 21st century
Cameron ,   USA   (09.29.09)
Hilarious! Only a fool underestimates the ladies. Where there is a will, there is a way.
9. # 6 Chava
That's exactly what I was thinking. In fact, a Persian friend once told me that newlywed couples were expected to hang their bed sheets out the window after the marriage had been consummated to show the woman had been a virgin. But, apparently, the back-up plan was to use chicken blood in those rare instances where the woman wasn't a virgin, or in case she didn't bleed.
10. to #7 Maybe they use this device also?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.29.09)
11. I can well believe that Islamic back-up plan, #9
Cameron ,   USA   (09.29.09)
12. If the Muslim males did not rape the Muslim girls, there
Rivkah   (09.29.09)
would be no need for such a device. Revelation lists the categories of sinners who go to hell if the sins are unrepented of and not forsaken. It says ADULTERERS (male not female word) go to hell. Does God hold males more accountable than females in the adultery department and unlawful sex department? Women pay a higher price for sexual immorality in loss of virginity that is detectable and in pregancies and in the stigma of sexual immorality that males do not suffer as a rule. The mistreatment of women causes me to think there will be few males in heaven besides the Lord and the Messiah and the host of angels. Human males are too depraved and prefer not to repent of sins lest they lose the admiration of other swine males.
13. Just when you think they can't sink lower.
The 11th Man ,   London   (09.29.09)
The indignity, the shame, the degeneracy of these 'societies' is almost depressing. Have they ever heard of the concept of Trust? Love? Compassion?...... the list is almost endless. Oh, yes, they understand about Honour.......Honour-killing! The Koran is poison.
14. Are you for real????
Can't believe it   (09.29.09)
15. Virgins
Malone ,   Hfx   (09.29.09)
How does any woman lose her virginity all covered up in a burka. The poor guys can't really choose,don't know what they're getting.
16. What a sorry ass backward "culture"....
Farouk Hosni comes from!
17. Back up plan
Back up plan to use chicken blood on the sheet is not necessarily Muslim actually. It's been used by Sicilians and Greeks for many years too, virginity was very important in many places until some decades ago. So many chickens were sacrificed in good old Scily because of that. Hey, how about Haredim? Sure, they don't have sex before marriage, do they? Maybe Israelis should learn not to make fun of others' traditions but to look at their dodgy trdaitions, eh?
18. OI!"Liberal" Egypt, GO HOME to your freedom & your tolerance
jae ,   Lynn US   (09.29.09)
Talk about injustice (on ridiculous levels, like faking virginity=DEATH), racism (see how they shoot black africans with impunity), anti- semtism (not enough space here), and sexism (DITTO that). Egypt= tyranical control over fundamentalist or arab nationalist, sexist, corrupt, impoverished, pollutted country that dares boycott Israel. Israel should relaize Egypt does not uphold any peace treaty. Its plain to see if you read.
19. Israel signed a peace treaty with this? Good going menachem.
jae ,   lynn usa   (09.29.09)
20. Virginity.....
Wahid   (09.29.09)
You show no respect for our glorious culture. Virginity is a matter of honor. Maybe if you let your women wear burkas you would appreciate their modesty. By the beard of the Prophet, every self respecting Arab male must ensure that his wife is a virgin when he marries. Otherwise, his family honor will be at stake. Do not contaminate our wonderful social norms with your pseudo-liberalism.
21. egyptian MAN????
les ,   canada   (09.29.09)
this is just too too too funny to believe. just who is taking their virginity before their (FORCED) marriage? how about bringing from china some castrating tools, you fools.... ROFLMAO!
22. in syria 15 dollars,in saudi buy one get one free
mahmoud ,   wall-mart country   (09.29.09)
23. Uh... no
guy ,   Israel   (09.29.09)
Obviously you have never been to Israel. "Proof of virginity" is unheard of. As for the secular - and many semi-religious women - virginity doesn't count for anything. As for the others, I've never heard of an incident where a woman was found to be not a virgin and was sanctioned in any fashion. And about referring to us as "Israelis"... it's even more stupid than categorizing Americans. We are individuals u know.
24. Warning on package-Males should avoid choking on this device
Alan ,   SA   (09.29.09)
25. can I get a refund from China if it doesn't work?
better observer   (09.29.09)
or complain to Arab League Boycott Department or their Better Business Bureau?
26. Make it a zipper already! LOL!
Ariel ,   Europe   (09.29.09)
27. #20 glorious culture
Yossi ,   Canada   (09.29.09)
Dear Miss 9th century. We in the West evolved from our feudal past. I can look at a womans' arms and legs, and believe it or not, I don't need to rape her like a muslim would. I even let my daughters wear bickni's, and your not going to believe this either, I don't feel the need to kill them. In our sociey, honour is lost when you commit murder.
28. Wahid #20
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.29.09)
That is your number one problem. Everything is a matter of honor, so anything anybody ever does that doesn't support your honor is an insult. In the meantime you insult everybody else's cultures. You have no respect for anybody else, yet demand it of everybody else. Get over yourself already. As for your so-called glorious culture is a backward, racist, xenophobic people. Grow up already.
29. #20
Kay ,   kitchener, canada   (09.29.09)
I think these guys have gone quite off topic, and in some ways I do agree with you about your culture, and how they are disrespecting it. I have just one question; do you shun those that do not bleed immediately, or do you wait and get them examined first? Not all virgins bleed. I did not bleed my first time with my husband, though I was a virgin. I had broken my hymen because I was riding a horse and we hit a jump wrong, and landed hard. A sharp jolt on the lower body can often cause the hymen to break.
30. u don't think Israelis make fun of the Haredim?
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