Goldstone defends Gaza war crimes report
Associated Press
Published: 29.09.09, 12:08
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1. sweet the judge is on the defendant stand...
ghostq   (09.29.09)
oh I guess they will one sidedly find him guilty oh when karma goes back and hunt someone who wish to harm others.
2. FINALLY, Israel is judged for its crime against humanity!
pacino ,   Canada   (09.29.09)
FINALLY, the UN stood up afterall for the first time ever to judge Israel for its war crime against humanity and barbarian massacre of innocent lebanese and palestinian people. Israel must be judge and sanctionned for the use of illegal armament such as Phosphorus bombs, cluster bombs and the bombing and massacre of several U.N. soldiers and locations Go UN go!
3. Goldstone is a disgrace to his profession.
Susuu ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.29.09)
He began his "investigation" with a preconceived notion of Israel's guilt. Surprise! His preconceptions were confirmed by Israel's enemies. Minimal attention was paid to Israel's view. GIGO The pages of his report might by useful next to a toilet.
4. Mandate for the report shows inherent bias
JPS ,   Efrat   (09.29.09)
Goldstone whines that his hands were tied since his commission was mandated with only investigating the time period of Cast Lead. However, his own conclusions show the root causes began in 2001 and that Palestinian war crimes continued continuously for seven years leading up to Cast Lead. Goldstone concludes that Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians are war crimes, yet Goldstone simply refuses to confront the fact that these war crimes were perpetrated for years and had official Palestinian government sanction. Where were Goldstone and the UN between 2001 and 2007? Why was Goldstone silent when thousands of rockets (aka thousands of war crimes) rained down on Israeli civilians? The report is one of a kangaroo court. Goldstone had more than enough submissions from non-government Israeli groups that all told the same history of war crimes. The UN, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch all reached the exact same conclusion: Palestinian rocket attacks and suicide bombings are war crimes. Any grade school kid who can read the newspapers knows this has been going on for decades. Goldstone and the UN are a sham. When Palestinians carry out war crimes, the UN is silent. Shame on Goldstone for being a tool of the pro-Palestinian lobby that makes sure nobody puts Palestinian war criminals on trial.
5. How appropriate for Goldstone's initials to be JR like the
Rivkah   (09.29.09)
tv series JR who was such a scoundrel.
6. Goldstone defends Gaza war crimes report
Mezzie ,   USA   (09.29.09)
It amazes me. Goldstone must be a self hating Jew. Just like those Jewish lawyers that are defending the Guatanamo defendants. We have learned NOTHING from the HOLOCAUST. NOTHING!
7. Goldstone defending his own reputation as much as the report
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.29.09)
The report played out exactly as its critics had predicted. That's not surprising considering: - its prejudicial mandate - "investigators" who had charged Israel with "war crimes" before taking their first bit of evidence - tainted witnesses (provided by Hamas) - discredited sources (including Goldstone's old buddies in Human Rights Watch) - ignoring exculpatory evidence (e.g. the mosque videos) That Goldstone himself - "a Zionist who loves Israel" according to his daughter - fell asleep when an Israeli witnesses was testifying in Geneva suggests he found such testimony of no interest. Hopefully, the report is written on ready-to-be-recycled paper. That's all it's good for.
8. to #2 WP is legal and was used among other
ghostq   (09.29.09)
wars in WW1 and in 2004 in Iraq, pluse UN soldiers weren't stationed in Gaza needless to say israel gave official complaint and warning in the UN before opening cast lead the UN didn't do nothing or say nothing and aproved the mission they had fair time to say no, witch they never did, any action against Israel will cuse investigation against the UN officials. ti hi
stude ham   (09.29.09)
10. weather report puppet
weather report ,   IL   (09.29.09)
defended a report Tuesday that accuses Israel and Hamas of war crimes during their conflict in Gaza, an - temperature is 0 degrees - neither cold nor hot- hmmm
11. If Goldstone is a friend......
I. Barr ,   USA   (09.29.09)
If Goldstone is the Jewish Zionist friend who needs enemies. Where was he when thousands of missiles were fired by Hamas on Israel? Jews have to walk to the gas chambers quietly and orderly as some of the elder Jews in the Holocaust directed. So here is another one of these characters that would not have allowed Warsaw Ghetto uprising because Nazis may get hurt. Goldstone is irrelevant.
12. ''Shame on Goldstone...
r cummimgs ,   London England   (09.29.09)
for being a tool of the pro-Palestinian lobby that makes sure nobody puts Palestinian war criminals on trial.' Err, that's not really correct at all JPS. Hamas leaders are under exactly the same stricture to hold a proper independent inquiry within six months and are just as likely to end up in the ICC if they don't fully comply. The bit that the leaders and much of the public on both sides don't seem to get is that the standards for the treatment of civilians (and prisoners) in wartime, as set out in the Geneva Convention, are now being enforced. As with Rwanda and Serbia, as with Sudan, Israel and Hamastan, those who order or carry out atrocities or war crimes will be charged. No amount of spurious comparisons with the fighting in Afghanistan, what China is doing in Tibet, what the Spanish did in South America X00 years ago,, how much provocation there was, etc., can serve as a legal defense for war crimes. If Israel has clean hands, there's no need to be concerned. However, if it does not, Israeli people should be taking their government and military leaders to task, not shooting the messenger. In the modern world, it is surely imperative to punish and deter war criminals, not excuse and elevate them. Surely?
13. Just another self hating Jew-Goy-wanna-be
14. Honestly, why did they bother? Legal "circus"
Taipan ,   Australia   (09.29.09)
Many people would agree that the Goldstone Report - or any report like this , would be difficult to conduct. The claims that it was 'pre-ordained' have merit as the accusations against Israel's behavior were flowing freely in the media - so getting a fair, honest evaluation was never going to happen. Why then did they bother with this stupidity? Especially when there are countless other real and ongoing examples of war crimes of the kind around the world. Why did they bother? What makes that particular conflict more worthy of "investigation"? There is no "investigation" by Goldstone into the real horrors perpetrated by muslim fanatics in Darfur. Why has such a report not be organised there? He would have got zero cooperation from the genocidal regime there too - and that didnt stop him in this case. Sorry, I'm not convinced in the good intentions of anyone who supported this fiasco. It appears to be just an Israel-bash even if Goldstone genuinely feels it wasn't supposed be - it has ended up that way.
15. #2 pacino
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (09.29.09)
pacino's comment is the standard anti Israeli knee-jerk reaction to anything that even has a smell of being anti-Israel. He/she joins in the chorus of parroting people who don't even bother to check their facts before they accuse Israel of whatever they want. While phosphorous is not illegal in warfare. It is illegal to use it against civilians. It is NOT illegal to use it for non-anti personal purposes - to whit - illuminating an area. The fact that civilians may have been burned by the wp does not mean that it was used against civilians. Until the adoption of the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Dublin in May 2008 cluster bombs were not banned by any international treaty and were considered legitimate weapons by some governments. The Convention on Cluster Munitions requires 30 countries to ratify it before it becomes legally binding and becomes a piece of international law. As of September 2009, 19 countries have ratified the Convention. Therefore, although a number of countries unilaterally have banned the use of cluster munitions, there is no international treaty in force banning their use. Cluster bombs were not used in Gaza, they were used in the Lebanese war in 2006. Therefore, Israel's use of them was not illegal under international law. Before you go off spouting, check your facts.
16. Goldstone gracious report
bro ,   canada   (09.29.09)
Finally someone somewhere had the courage to say something right and denounce those innosent Israelis whose atrocities since the creation of the devilish state of Israel had surpassed all barbarians in the history of the mankind and put Hitler , Napolion and others into shame
17. "motivated by a desire to hold accountable"
rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.29.09)
What happened to motivated by "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth". Goldstone's motivation smuthered his professionalism.
18. pacino...
Heather Czerniak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (09.29.09)
Who will sanction Iran when the first nuke flies? Or are you even worried about that? But I agree with you that the UN should go, though not quite the way you have in mind.
19. Who will hold the UN accountable?
Heather Czerniak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (09.29.09)
The UN raised nary a protest over the use of its vehicles and facilities by Hamas to attack Israel. Time for the UN to justify its existence.
20. Israeli citizens should attack UN personnal in Israel!
GET OUT OF ISRAEL   (09.29.09)
21. Goldstone is new "Walt and Mearsheimer"
GZLives   (09.29.09)
The Jew bashers always need a "study" to use to prove we are demons. Its even better when its done by another Jew
22. Impartiality.. Hah
Simon ,   Israel   (09.29.09)
I don't recall any war crimes report against British or American offiicers after the 2nd Gulf War, or the war in Afghanistan. Or against Russian officers for incursions into Chechnya and Georgia. What about Tibet, Burma, Angola, Zimbabwe. The report is a farce. Since when is self defence a war crime?
23. A Kapo and grave danger to Israel
Elly ,   Vienna, Israel   (09.29.09)
He is a Kapo and grave danger to Israel.
24. I hate to clue you in...Civilians have no rights during war.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.29.09)
They have the right to pick up a weapon and defend themselves like everyone else. Other than that....they are fair game. What planet are you all living on? The soldier that was forced to defend Israel because of the Attacks from Hamas every day, was putting his butt on the line to defend Israel. If he sees fit....Then grant amnesty to civilians if need be. If his life is on the line....To heck with the civilians. The Palestinians started a with the consequences.
25. goldstone.....
les ,   canada   (09.29.09)
26. goldstone
how can you possibly defend the indefensible garbage you created? shame on you and your severily biased mandate as well as those you included in this report who came prepared already with a conviction. go home. you are useless as a judge. useless and corrupt. you are defending your reputation and a possible prize from the un rather than the actual truth and this is severily insencere on your part. hameed aboughaze, iranian
27. Goldstone is an anti-semetic pig. Plain & simple.
Gary A, MD ,   Boston MA, USA   (09.29.09)
Another Jew hater, why all the fuss. The world is full of them.
28. all knows it...but most moral
ale ,   Italia   (09.29.09)
"A UN investigator defended a report Tuesday that accuses Israel and Hamas of war crimes during their conflict in Gaza, an allegation Israel condemns and claims is the result of bias against the Jewish state. " UN is good against iran but UN is antisemitic when evidences against israel (remember: MOST MORAL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!) dear mr Goldstone...i'm with you like I'M with mandela, Amnesty, B'SELEM, peace now.....
29. what had (---IS---)happened in Gaza
ale ,   Italia   (09.29.09)
today gaza is under attack. all days gaza is a lager with israelis on limes...fighting everyone. nothings can enter in gaza today like yesterday too....... gaza voted becouse israelis asked it......... after elections...israelis made a lager in gaza..... israelis promises.... are illegal but are really too. remember: MOST MORAL COMMUNITY!!!!
30. goldstone defends his lies with more lies
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (09.29.09) enemy of Israel who's pen is his sword. A terrorist of the written word. Disgusting attitude, ignorance and "...the truth is not in" him.
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