Bedouins protest poor school conditions
Ilana Curiel
Published: 29.09.09, 13:28
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1. than tell them to pay for school improvments
ghostq   (09.29.09)
or taxes, only than they will get better aducation. until than quite the whining.
2. Many Olim protest poor school conditions
rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.29.09)
So we send out kids to private and semi-private schools and pay for better education. You get what you pay for, what you invest in.
3. Try Paying Taxes first. That'll do wonders for ya. 98% tax
jae ,   lynn us   (09.29.09)
evasion rate wont. progress- its a 2 way street. Buy into the systme, support the Jewish state, enlist in the army, dont doubletime with hamas and hizbollah. Pay taxes-- and get the noblest treatment in return. Then it would be deserved. Some people are pretty audacious me thinks.
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