The last chance
Eitan Haber
Published: 01.10.09, 00:22
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1. Are the Iranians the real danger?
Avi ,   nyc, ny   (10.01.09)
As the warmongering continues and Iran is portrayed as a real danger to the world, let us ask one question, the answer to which might clarify the issue. Who are the people whose religious writings include pearls like "Hatov Shebagoyim Harog" which translates to "The Best of the Gentiles Should Be Killed"? Is this phrase taken from some Shiite book or from the Talmud?
2. Other than Avi's (#1) nonsense,
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (10.01.09)
let the writer be aware that undoubtedly we do know, and have known, the whereabouts of Gilad Shalit and also know that any raid would cause the death not only of those who guard him but of gilad Shalit himself. As to the socalled Iranian powerhouse, the writer's negative thinking is a much bigger danger than Iran's current capacity to destroy us. We can, and will, if necessary, take Iran out. We could take out Hizbollah and Hamas if we chose to. Those are simple and clear facts.
3. if Iran deals will it still have its reactor and centrifuges
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, USA   (10.01.09)
If Iran deals it would lose nukes for now but still have ability to make them in afew years if needed. Any deal would be bad for Israel since Iran would still have reactors and better chance of getting newer weapons. Israel best option is to hope Iran refuses any deal and can gets ok for flyover and bombing. Israel could use missiles to take out reactor but now the centrifuges.
4. "Gentiles be Killed"??
Eli Freedman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.01.09)
Typical of these Anti-semites and Jew haters. "Avi" (?), likes to state half truths and distortions and ignores the truth. "The Best of the Gentiles Should Be Killed", is PART of a text in the original teaching of a study in the book of Exodus 14:7 and they were discussing a case of war Reading Shimon ben Yochai's teaching as a single-sentence imperative to kill all gentiles is simply wrong and is not how Jewish scholars have ever understood it. So, "Avi", caught lying again??
5. no. the REAL danger to the world is
ari ,   israel   (10.01.09)
the anti-christ also spelled O-B-A-M-A
6. strike
Robert ,   ITALY   (10.01.09)
An israeli air strike on iran will immediatly bear in a matter of day, as Israel can not absorbe thousands iranian missile, to a nuclear strike from Israel......
7. Israel will attack Sooner or later
Alexis ,   Argentina   (10.01.09)
The question is: Will OBAMA Understand that they need to go together, or will leave the best army in the world do that alone? When the attack will start, Israel will have no doubts and won´t care about the world´s opinion, because It will be when no more time to wait. Dont think Israel is not planning everything with all the alternatives....for one reason they are still where they are.
8. The WHOLE world sat by and let this happen while Israel
pleaded w/them for ,   help. Shame,shame.   (10.01.09)
9. Yet More Clever Advice from Fat Idiot who gave us Oslo War
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (10.01.09)
10. only one lousy dream ,by the way
Palestinian ,   Jerusalem ,Palestine   (10.01.09)
the entabee one .. still a lot of innocent people died in that lousy op ...will give that victory for a nice boy like you . six day war was a major conspiracy from assad/Hussain /Naser ..to negotiate the arabs occupied land and forget about Palestine . Now you are at risk of losing it all . even in yom kippour ..Hussein of Jordan Flew in according to your own released classified info ..he told your PM that the syrians and the egyptians are attacking you at 2 PM . your Army was humiliated in Lebanon and Gaza .. now those 2 wars are televised ..can't deny it ..although you still think you won in Gaza ..wrong . you are on a fast track of self-destruction ,Hitting Iran will makes even Faster . Go ahead .
11. As usual, a voice of intelligence...
Rafi ,   US   (10.02.09)
... and reason. If there were more folks like Mr Haber, Israel could focus on realities (rather than fantasies) and perhaps find real solutions. Bravo for your courageous voice, Eitan!
12. #10 in Jerusalem
EZ   (10.02.09)
"you are on a fast track of self-destruction" whereas you "Palestinian in Jerusalem" are the epitome of military, political and economic success. Here's a question for you: in 1947 Jews were outnumbered 2:1 and without any support in the world (no US or European support). What happened? You could've taken partition then but you decided to fight. Now 62 years later you have a chance at partition again. You really want to keep the fighting up and keep going down the same road?
13. mutually assured destruction
Karl Eysenbach ,   Eugene, OR USA   (10.02.09)
Even if Iran were to get the bomb, Israel mistakenly assumes that they would preemptively use them. Russia, China, and the US existed in a state of cold war like this for 50 years. Even Mao didn't use nukes. Israel's fear of Iran is vastly overblown.
14. Same Old Same Old
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (10.05.09)
Same Crap, Different Dictator. According to your constant Doomsday chattering. There is always another enemy that must be destroyed before the end of the world. Did you ever think that maybe you’re the crazies. Maybe you’re the real threat. The same old template that was used as far back as Nasser. Create a danger, even if one doesn’t exist, Shout the danger to the rest of the world and wrap the flag around you as you do. It creates a sense of passion mixed with patriotism and nationalism. The masses love a sense of drama. (Hey it worked in Germany and loads of other places such as the good old US of A. Stir it up in the country of obsession (even going as far as placing bombs in cinemas, remember the Lavon Terrorists, apologies to the sensitive, 'Freedom fighters' Bemoan why nobody helps you.. Cry 'Woe is us, nobody loves us, maybe we should use our bombs before they get their bombs' Beat your chest, bang your head against a wall, repeatedly. Get God on your side, (but of course he always was, he is just waiting for the right opportunity to make sure everyone can see him do his magic thing) A rule of thumb that was taught to me a long time ago.... "If you meet 3 assholes in one day, your the asshole."
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