Will world learn Persian?
Shaul Rosenfeld
Published: 02.10.09, 00:43
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1. Regime change is necessary in...
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.02.09)
...both Iran and USA. Achmedinejad and Obama are both scary as hell!!!
2. Perish with the sword
Robert ,   Oakland CA   (10.02.09)
Thank God the the US now has a leader that reveals the vile treachery from our great ME ally. The Iranians are fourth rate villains.. Why are you so afraid?
"Deception and trickery: In fact, the whole of Iran’s nuclear program, in the last 20 years at least, is premised on deception and trickery." Damn. Why don't the Iranians develop the Bomb as openly as Israel did? No deception, trickery rf offing JFK who "demanded absolute proof" from Ben Gurion of no nukes. If I lived next to a genocidal, crimes against humanity thug wtih 1200 nukes, I'd be nuts to not want a few to prevent my aerial holocaust. So, the Iranian are nuts for not making nukes for self defence. Martin van Creveld's warning and boast should chill the Germans and all of us.
4. Learn Persian? No, it'll be convert to Islam or die
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.02.09)
The Iranians have repeatedly said they have the goal of exporting their Islamic revolution. If Israel does indeed have the bomb, then we've been sitting on it for decades, never used it, and never threatened to use it. We've never threatened to "wipe Iran off the map". In fact, we really don't care about Iran other than that they are an imperialist theocracy trying to take over the region. The Iranians are threatening the entire non-Shiite world. They want nuclear weapons, and they embrace the concept of suicide warriors who get to heaven quickly by mass murdering infidels. We should be worried.
5. By this week everybody has learned Persian word مشكاة "Meshkat"-lantern
Hasan ,   Kazan~RUSSIA   (10.02.09)
6. Beware of facts!!
Hana ,   Jerusalem   (10.02.09)
So many factual/historical errors... but well, facts should not ruin a good story, especially should it be another hasbara piece. One can just wonder what would be reaction of Israelis if someone write about their country so many nonsenses concentrated in such a short article...
7. #3, Choose your words instead
Chosen one ,   The world   (10.02.09)
Exactly when did Israel commit genocide? Exactly when did Israel use, or even just threaten to use its nukes? So exactly why would Iran need nukes for self-defense? I'm sorry to say this, but you are biased by your hateful ignorance.
8. Racist writer
Dan ,   Geneva Switzerland   (10.02.09)
I quote "The “great surprise” of Western ... is yet another demonstration that many in the West, including many members of the current American leadership, continue to simply “not understand” Persian or Arabic (or any of the languages and secret acts used by crazy rulers.) "" unquote... so if I understand well, all those who speak arabic or persian are crazy rulers... great effort at generalizing... sounds to me like you're being very racist... and no matter what the topic is, the means don't justify the end... being a racist doesn't justify making a point as you are trying to... overall very lousy article...
9. #7 I tend to agree. #3's comments are fairly typical
Taipan ,   Australia   (10.02.09)
Silly comparisons. Plain and simple. Israel maybe imperfect , but definitely not the root cause of all ills as some try make to be the case. Israel has never spruiked about its nukes, or threatened...if so when? and hasn't committed genocide...if so when? I hope you dont wheel out the ridiculous comparisons with the Nazis - try Islamic fanatics in Darfur for a fresh uptake on how its done.. I believe Goldstone is going there next week ....yes. right. Nobody gives a shit do they? I'd really like to see some FAIRNESS. I'm sure many others feel the same way. Iran will get the bomb and we'll all be worse off for that. From their behaviour now...even before they have it .Once in possession and emboldened ...I'm sorry, its not a good look. Iran getting nukes will be all Israel's fault too I suppose.
10. Will the world learn persion?
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (10.02.09)
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Read the Bible - the whole Bible. G-d will strike esau down. I say to iran: Bring it on.
11. Persia
kate ,   atlanta USA   (10.02.09)
I imagine everyone in Israel is relieved to know that her ally (USA) is talking to Iran. Didn't that work well with korea and Iraq under Hussien? Our soldiers (deployed)here are in grave danger; Obama is giving you a message. your planes are in just as great of danger from us as iran.
12. Israel can say 'We told you so'
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.02.09)
Israel was right and the U.S. and the Western powers wrong. But you will not hear one of them speaking about it in this way. Secretary Gates should hang his head in shame. He is a decent man, but he has proven a total do- nothing under two different Administrations.
13. And did ElBaradei help Islamic states?
Jane ,   London - UK   (10.02.09)
In the September/October 2009 issue of the ‘Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists", El said, "Probably because I’m a lawyer, I don’t see how you can accuse someone of something without showing them the evidence. We have to apply due process and not a Kafkaesque process". The basic presumption of innocence is good for as long as no strong evidence is brought to light that can become the basis for an indictment, but in cases where the actions of states are in question, and where the evidence is worrying, the international community surely has the right to take preventive action, and Iran’s breaches of obligations have already been perceived as sufficiently worrying to warrant UN Security Council action on several occasions. http://tinyurl.com/ElBaradei-a-muslim
14. EXACTLY !!!.
Arn-Orao. ,   Sweden-Srbia.   (10.02.09)
Above all, any logical person would realize that no state, as mad as it may be, would be willing to pay intolerable economic, social, and diplomatic prices only in order to acquire nuclear energy for civilian needs; certainly not a state that is home to giant oil and gas reservoirs. After all, anyone who has not allowed naiveté to undermine his judgment is supposed to understand that even in the view of Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs, no civilian nuclear program is worth the heavy price of isolation, sanctions, and possibly a threat to the regime. If they are indeed willing to bear such heavy costs, it could only be for the purpose of acquiring the bomb. This bomb cannot be curbed by adopting the principle of “better bomb than bombing,” as certain US officials stated (according to Israeli sources). The opposite is true. The Iranian nuclear abscess cannot be removed by “uncovering” another smoking gun, or through further sanctions; rather, it can only be done through the path that habitual liberals such as Obama love to hate so much: By force. Dr. Shaul Rosenfeld is a philosophy lecturer THIS IS HE MAN, BY FORCE YES !!!. Arn-Orao.
15. Facts needed, not hysterical and dangerous calls for war
Eyal ,   Rehovot   (10.02.09)
Iran announced Monday a week ago to the International Atomic Energy Agency that it had begun work on a second, civilian nuclear enrichment facility near Qom. There are no nuclear materials at the site and it has not gone hot, so technically Iran is not in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, though it did break its word to the IAEA that it would immediately inform the UN of any work on a new facility. Iran has pledged to allow the site to be inspected regularly by the IAEA, and if it honors the pledge, as it largely has at the Natanz plant, then Iran cannot produce nuclear weapons at the site, since that would be detected by the inspectors. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted on Sunday that Iran could not produce nuclear weapons at Natanz precisely because it is being inspected. Yet American and Israeli hawks have repeatedly demanded a strike on Natanz.
16. #15. That's BS.
Jake   (10.02.09)
It is widely accepted. Iran now has enough nuclear material to produce a bomb. Everybody and his dog knows that Iran is hellbent on obtaining nuclear weapons, and will violate all their obligations under the NPT to do so, like North Korea. It seems you and A'jad are alone in declaring that this is not the case. On the other hand, the notion that Israel is seriously intent on a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities is largely invented or inflated by the Media. While Israeli officials have always declared that no option should be taken off the table, Netanyahu has been exercising extreme caution on the Iran issue, emphasizing the importance of a united international front and sanctions that actually work, but always stopped short of directly threatening force. On top of that, be sure that behind the scenes the Obama aministration is applying extreme pressure and arm-twisting, including blackmail, to make sure that Israel does not strike Iranian nuclear facilities. Else Israel would have struck long ago and without going public on the issue, a-la-Ozirak.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.02.09)
Very easy to use these terms when it happens in which you are sitting on the other side of fence.In the case of Iranian second Nuclear facility that is coming up,I read that under the IAEA agreement,iran is only supposed to disclose,sorry,INFORM,IAEA 6 months prior to the opening of such a facility.In what way did Iran 'hide' this facility is bit difficult for one to understand. When it comes to 'deception',what deception really means is what the past American leaders will tell you how they deceived Iran into assisting USA against Al-Qaeda and how,once USA sensed success,they abondoned Iran and within few months called it 'an axis of evil'. Coming to the present talks,however desperate few leaders express in their statements wishing a conclusion to the matter and making it look as though the air raids on Iran is a few days job,they have to remember that they are dealing with a nation of 70 milion and not a small Sheikhdom in Persian Gulf.
18. Shaul Rosenfeld's problem is the American people have...
Persian CAT   (10.03.09)
waken up and realized the ones who are deceiving, blackmailing and picking their pockets are the Zionists and the Apartheid regime in Zioinistan. The Iranians have not gotten a penny of the increasingly impoverished American taxpayers. I think if Rosenfeld is dying to use "force", then he should quit barking about Obama and urge the Israeli military to do the job. The job that the IDF cowards have managed to "postpone" the kind of excuses that only Zionists can come up with. It is no surprise that war mongers can become "Doctor of Philosophy" and teach in Zionistan.
19. #18 You want Israel to do your dirty work
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.03.09)
You've made clear how disgusted you are by the Islamic Regime. The rapes, torture, beatings of your fellow Iranians are nothing to be proud of. Americans need to believe Ahmadinejad when he chants "Death to America" and threatens to send suicide bombers and missiles to the US and Europe. Seems you should be more concerned about Iranistan as a real and present danger to your existence.
20. 18
You are no Persian, but an Arab. Every Persian knows that the US is no friend of Israel or Iran. The CIA engineered "Ajax" to rob the Persian people of oil. Carter helped the Ayatollas to weaken Iran and strengthen Saudia. The Americans want Israel and Iran to fight because then Iran won't take the Saudi oil. Why do you think Obama supported Ahmadinejad against the democracy activists?
21. Perhaps Obaama should take Carter out to the woodshed&whoop
his @ss for creating ,   this problem 4 him.   (10.03.09)
22. Smokeing GUNNS
Mark ,   Australia   (10.04.09)
This latest absurd demonstration of the iranians is another decoy in the plot. If only this was a drama series it would have won an emmy award. These mullahs do not care about anything, there power , or there people, if there is a second facility surely there is a 2nd, third , fourth and even beyond, there playing the west on a violin , with every note played louder as we all get suckered deeper into a hole they so desperatley want to eventuate, then they can bargain again ............, Obviously its now the worlds problem and not just israels, so the question is really, when will they obtain the bomb and what kind of blackmail will they embark on at that point, very scary stuff, imagine ahmadinajad declareing they have nuclear bombs and that allah wants the guy who fell in the well to re-apear, this will be a predicament for mankind, wont it.
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