Temple Mount entry restricted following riots
Efrat Weiss
Published: 04.10.09, 20:22
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1. Take Back the Temple Mount
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area   (10.04.09)
It's Jewish - not Goyish. It doesn't belong to the invaders who believe in a nightmare that actually happened. When Mythology is proven to be accurate perhaps I will believe it. The arafaters/hamassvillans need to go to Jordan since that was their land as per agreement.
2. Religious Freedom of Muslims are restricted and targeted!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.04.09)
Israel deliberately provoked riots sending non-muslim tourist to Muslim Mosque, and then ban religious praying of muslims in the mosque Israel tries to destruct Mosque because it has symbolic meanings for Muslims Israel systematically infringe religious freedom of Muslims and try to eliminate muslims form Jarusalem.
3. lock down the mount untill futher notice !
Galut ,   selah   (10.04.09)
4. Temple Mount entry restricted; it's impossible in Jews' hand
observer   (10.04.09)
With the best possible intentions, it may be doubted whether the Jews could possibly seem to either Christians or Moslems proper guardians of the holy places, or custodians of the Holy Land as a whole. The reason is this: the places which are most sacred to Christians-those having to do with Jesus-and which are also sacred to Moslems, are not only not sacred to Jews, but abhorrent to them. It is simply impossible, under those circumstances, for Moslems and Christians to feel satisfied to have these places in Jewish hands, or under the custody of Jews (American King-Crane Commission, 1919)
5. Re: 4
Galut ,   Selah   (10.04.09)
Muslim will not let christians pray on the mount either ....politicaly at the moment it is the muslims that is the probverbial fly in the ointment that is preventing a joint sharing of the mount...any Observer can see that... as far as Iam concerned the mount needs to be shut down with only minimal maintiance crews there....till a proper sharing araingment is negotiated ....
6. @2 Jews are restricted!!
S.   (10.05.09)
It's the other way round. Jews are restricted to go their holy Temple Mount. There is only the Western Wall freely available. And once Muslim Arabs started to hurl stones towards worshippers, it got escalated. Now they have to pay the price. What comes around goes around. What if Christians would occupy Mecca and will not let Muslims pray in Mecca - and only let them sporadically visit? would you call the visit of Muslims a provocation? Would you - when Christians start to hurl stones at Muslim worshipers giving the Saudi police no choice but to restrict entrance to mecca for Christians - call it a provocation? Thought so. Learn or stay ignorant.
7. "limit visitation to worshipers only" ??-WHO
Chris ,   Boston, US   (10.05.09)
Who are the worshipers? Of course, you have the Muslims worshiping in their mosques. How about the Jews? That mount is sacred to Jews. Couldn't they be considered worshipers too? Not at the mosque, of course. However, I assume many would like to stand somewhere on the Temple Mount Plaza and worship. Why are the Jews limited to the Western Wall? It's their land. What about Christians? Christ walked on that mount as did the first apostles going in and out of the temple. It is a place that is holy to Christians as well. Christians are worshipers too. Not at the mosque, of course. I'm sure a small piece of space could be roped off and Christians would love to stand there and worship G-d. How come only one group of people who want to worship there are allowed? It's Israel who owns the land where the mount is situated. At the very least the Jews should be able to worship there.
8. Oh Muslims, ya blew it!
Cameron ,   USA   (10.05.09)
Now you'll spend a few days on the outside, looking in. Hysteria is penalized.
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