Promotion of police officer who cursed Gaza evacuees irks Right
Efrat Weiss
Published: 05.10.09, 01:24
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1. A leopard doesn't change it's spots, he will be back to harm
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.05.09)
settlers, this time with more power.
2. appointment
colin   (10.05.09)
Shaham like his pal hates jews and pioneerspioneers.Shaham wants to copy Defence )evicting)minisetr Barak and attempt to slower progress of Israel His appointment to higher rank being only political will have many reprecussions in the future
3. ...language criminals hesitate to use...
R   (10.05.09)
"Police must take a good look at itself and see this man, who used language that hardened criminals hesitate to use." Come on - hardened criminals use that language. Junior high school students use that language. It is a manifestation of the violence in our society which doesn't stop with hardened criminals, police, settlers, or non-settlers. The kiddies hear and see it on TV and on the internet . If they don't then they hear it from their schoolmates who do. And it isn't just in Israel.
4. Daniel in the Bible said God rules in the kingdoms of men
Rivkah   (10.05.09)
and sets up over them the basest of men. People get what they deserve in leaders. If the Gaza Jews had obeyed the lawful but unpopular decision to pull out of Gaza, then they would get lawful leaders. They chose to be unlawful and to obstruct the withdrawal instead of waiting on the Lord to avenge them, so they get leaders who reflect what they themselves did and became: lawless. What would Moses or Joshua have doen with the people who were disobedient to an unpopular decision? They would have slain them or God would have. I have seen police and Navy officers and politicians who were perjurers get promoted. If the perjury was against me personally, that was too bad for them because as a saint of the Lord, I can keep them out of heaven if you read the book of Job. Maybe vengeance does not come immediately as many would like it to, but it does come if I am the target of sins God cannot forgive unless the person who is harmed by blasphemy of the Holy Spirit asks God to accept them. Were there sins commited by those in authority against the Gaza Jews that God cannot forgive? I think so because Joel the Prophet said dividing God's land leads to Armageddon. If God could forgive that, Armageddon could be avoided. So the Jews who were pulled out of Gaza and other territories and eventually parts of Jerusalem who do not ask God to accept their leaders inspite of what was done, are a party to the destruction that is coming. Is that good or bad? It is good in that the Jewish Messiah will come. It is bad because the Prophet Zechariah said two-thirds of Israelis will die before that.
5. If this guy is the big bad wolf of the Gaza pullout, then
Rivkah   (10.05.09)
why is he being promoted and Omri Sharon has not even been pardoned?
6. Where does he live?
David ,   Raanana   (10.05.09)
They should demonstrate outside his house day and night.
7. Promoted after killing Enough Palestinian Young
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.05.09)
Obviously Israeli police promotes only after a certain number of Palestinian youth killed and according to number of killings.
8. low life gutter trash, foul mouthed scum
Berl Rabinowitz ,   Jerusalem   (10.05.09)
9. Funny how Bunnie Meyer & the hollywood jews root for israel
concerned american ,   dc   (10.05.09)
from their cushy LA homes... These pro-apartheid swindlers and hucksters are a joke in the eyes of most americans.
10. Bring him to America, we could use him here
Noah ,   New York, NY   (10.05.09)
This is a hardass police commander who takes no BS from anyone and enforces the law. If you think you've got problems over there with rock throwing Jewish and Muslim whack-jobs (and they do belong in the same category, sorry), that's a picnic compared to the armed violence we have going on in cities here. This is definitely a guy we could use in the States. So if you don't like him, we'll take him and put him in charge in Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, L.A., etc.
11. #7: read again,promotions in Israel come from beating upJews
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (10.05.09)
Amona was a device used by Olmert to get elected. Killing Arabs is no longer acceptable by the Zionists in power. Beating up settlers and Haredim is a sure bet to get a fat salary, even if you can't get elected.These days, you need to set arab murderers free if you want an appointment in the Zionist governement. This guy is proof positive. He is obviously not very intelligent if he needs to resort to that language. Yet he is officer material, by Zionist standards, because he likes to beat up religious Jews.
12. All those who had a hand is our disengagement have met very
bad fates.It's just ,   a matter of time.   (10.05.09)
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