Salah released; banned from J'lem for 30 days
Efrat Weiss
Published: 06.10.09, 23:13
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1. Expel him, and others, to Gaza, remove citizenship
bernard ross ,   st.,anns bay,jamaica   (10.06.09)
et him live with those he emulates, he is an existential enemy of jews.
2. Israel's legal system
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.06.09)
Mrs. Beinish and all those anti reality judges should be kicked out of Israel together with Sheik Salah and his kind! He calls muslims for war and this "magistrate" bans him from Jerusalem? Is he stupid? Is he so worried about legal verdicts that he doesn't understand this man is dangerous and an enemy of Israel? Please somebody make them understand that there are 2 sides here, Israel and the arabs, if judges choose arab side, they have nothing to do in this country no matter how technically perfect his decision was!!!
3. another case of cowerdly israeli verdict.
4. #2 Ricardo the land thief and his judgement
Yossi ,   Haifa   (10.07.09)
Oh I see , so its all about sides and justice dosent come in to it, which is very rich from a land thief such as you living in occupied Palestine. How strange the Rabbis that incite riots on a weekly basis for protecting child abusers are allowed to roam free. Justice im not sure you know th e meaning of the word.
5. Quit making him into an Islamic celebrity
Truthteller   (10.07.09)
Honestly part of his motivation is the power he is gaining within his own fifdom by name and face recognition. Report the stories minus the pics.
6. What the heck?
J K ,   NYC, USA   (10.07.09)
This guy has 7 criminal investigations going on against him and is a seditious troublemaker just the same and the court/police decision is to tell him he can't come to Jerusalem for 30 days? Great...not he can go back to Wadi Joz and continue to rant about defending Al Aqsa and terrorizing Jews. This is smart?
7. The Hell with him...........
Asher ,   Ny,USA   (10.07.09)
8. So just because "his opinions are known" he's free to incite
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.07.09)
Is it any wonder so many have lost faith in Israel's rule of law! Earlier today I posted, following his arrest, speculating how many hours he'd be held before being released. The answer, it appears, was 3. It's no wonder Salah was smiling. He knows Israel won't do anything to him.
9. ban him for 20 years
galut ,   selah   (10.07.09)
and anyone that follows in his shoes
10. Salah the Al Hussieni
Brod ,   USA   (10.07.09)
should be jailed for life. Al Hussieni was in cahoots with Hitler in effecting the Holocaust in WWII.
11. Israel's response to Jerusalem riots
Roman   (10.07.09)
just confirms that Jerusalem is not united. East Jerusalem and Mosques to the the Arabs; West Jerusalem and Western Wall to the Jews. You can't pray together - you are already divided!
12. even the most progressive democracy
OZ   (10.07.09)
wouldn't have put up with slah and his cronies. his rehtoric, actions and standing must be met with an iron fist- try him for crimes against the state , lock him up and throw away the key!
13. Can't a democracy defent itself from this man? I think it is
Naim Khoury ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.07.09)
high time the man should find his place elsewhere and not among people who wish to live peacefully in the 21st century instead of the 7th century.
14. He's a muslim right?
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.07.09)
15. what other country
Duchess   (10.07.09)
in this area would allow its citizens to behave and talk like he does? Exactly-none
16. #14 are all muslims right?
observer   (10.07.09)
17. a voice from the past
Galut ,   Selah   (10.07.09)
as those folk who would insist on violence to keep jewish and christian worshipers from the top of the mount... obadiah warns Obadiah 1:15 For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done to(israel implied), it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head. ===== it should be noted the bulk of palistinians are desendants of Esau ... a large part of Obadiah deals with the fate of Esau's decendants in the day of the Lord...
18. #17...Galut
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.07.09)
I mean no disrespect to you and others who constantly quote the Bible,Torah,Koran etc...but lets get a little bit modern here. These books were written about 2000 years ago and are pure fiction. For people in the 21st century that feel obligated to adhere to these "myths"I say start thinking for yourselves,and forget this nonsense. It truly is nonsense.
19. it can sure because you have a faked democracy system
just one ,   Haifa   (10.07.09)
you are always bragging for applying what is still called democracy at time you make crimes and pretend that you are the victims! Al-aqsa is for muslims so get away from it ..........
20. agree with u! (End)
one Israeli guy ,   Haifa   (10.07.09)
21. if u can only see that other who are not like u as an enemy
one to one ,   world   (10.07.09)
so u have to go to one therapist to give u a cure! how much is it easy to talk the way u talked forgeting that Arabs live within Israel are born in the land and u equpy the land not them to live instead and not aside! however they should always defend their own case so stop ur illusion!
22. yes he is muslims are 16% of israeli population but where
are their rights with other Arabs christiains in Israel ??????!!!! Al-aqsa their own mosque but they can hardly reach it!!!!??? if they demand for their rights , they are directly accused to be as terrorests and extremists as they keep inciting against Israel??!! what the hell justice they talk about in at time they advocating for their basic rights????
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