Iran: We'll launch missile into space
Dudi Cohen
Published: 07.10.09, 17:15
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1. Testing to see if they could put a nuke into space and bring
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.07.09)
it back down again - accurately.
2. President Obama:
Say "bye-bye" to Riyhad. Say "hello" to oil at $200 a barrel. Say "so long" to your presidency. But at least you can blame Israelis.
3. Coult they please make Ahmadinejad the astronaut
meir elazar   (10.07.09)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.07.09)
In the next 24 hours,as usual from atleast 3 capital cities.
5. #1 B unnie Rabbit
Marco ,   Spain   (10.07.09)
Testing to see if your brains function properly.
6. Why don't you put Admad the mad man on top of the missile...
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (10.07.09)
And send the first monkey into space. Do us a favor.
7. An atomic attack on Israel at the port of Haifa with a dirty
Rivkah   (10.07.09)
nuke almost happened in 2008, but the ELS Torah codes said Mousavi was in the matrix with atomic war, USA, Israel. IF Mousavi had been elected instead of Ahmadinejad, 25 Somalian pirates would not have boarded the Iranian ship with uranium and sandy gravel in its hull that was going to pretend to be in distress to stop at Haifa for repairs and then detonated, whcih would have left the port city uninhabitable for many years. The 25 Somalian pirates who unknowingly saved Israel from an atomic attack by Iran all died from radiation exposure after they inspected the cargo. Two weeks later they were all dead or dying. America paid a ransom of $7 million to instpect the mysterious contents of the ship. It was intended to be exploded at Haifa october 9, 2008 on Yom Kippur. Grant Jeffries writes about this in his book, "Shadow Government". ONE FACTOR was changed in the matrix of the ELS Torah codes and that prevented the war with Iran in 2008. Mousavi was not elected. Iran is dangerous, but war was delayed...praise God. Now Iran is putting in solid fuel missiles that can be fired in minutes instead of the warning time of fueling liquid fuel into them that would be a warning to Israel. Iran also has the nuclear warheads to put on them. Isaiah the Prophet in the Bible said God will walk His people through the fires and the floods. BUT that is contingent chapter 65 and 66 say upon certain things: the Messiah will not protect swine eaters or those who eat unclean foods. It is time for a national law in Israel banning pork and all pork products, shrimp, oysters, catfish, and other unclean foods that take from the people their protection from the Lord. Israel is the only nation on earth with a national seventh day Shabbat as God intended. Let it be a nation that also bans unclean foods for ALL its people.
8. 1 Bunnie: More likely, they want to test their capacity to
Rivkah   (10.07.09)
send a rocket into space to detonate it above an enemy to cause an EMP (ElectroMagneticPulse) wave from a high altitude nuclear explosion that will shut down the electronics of the nations beneath it. There is a horrific warning in the Bible about though you mount your defenses to the heavens, the Lord will bring you down. That could refer to missiles that don't work because of an EMP attack. I personally think it is best to do unto them before they do unto us: EMP 'em, NOW!
9. TO 4
Fist   (10.07.09)
While the loudmouthed self styled "president" of the Shiite entity, Ahmadarejendeh, speaks once again about making empahtically threats and annouces, the US military has ordrerd larger bunker buster bombs for use in your artificialy created IRI. The time of your monkey regime are counted; The shiite tumor is dying out from itself. The popular riots wher ethe fisrt nail in that coffin. The destruction of your nuclear program, and the military defeat of your political army thugs (bassijis & Pasadaran) in teh ensuing war, will bring the akhoonds on their knees and free the world from that sand nazi redux.
10. There's a real threat here
Juan ,   Spain   (10.07.09)
.. and that is that Iran could explode a nuclear bomb very high over an "enemy" country such as the USA. The resulting EMP would wipe out computers, phones, car ignition systems and virtually everything that relies on semiconductors. The physical destruction need not be great, but the damage to communications and transport systems could grind the enemy country to a halt for weeks. In fact it might never recover.
11. space missiles can be turned into ICBMS
zionist forever   (10.07.09)
Missiles that can go into space with a heavy payload and then reenter the atmosphere can be used as ICBMS. Forget Israel its Europe and possibly even the US with cause for concern now and if Obama doesn't authorise air strikes and caves into Iran which he is famous for doing then he will never be forgiven if Iran develops a nuke and a reliable delivery system.
GOOD LUCK EUROPE!   (10.07.09)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.07.09)
Whilst the subject in the article relates to a proud announcement from Iran of its intention of launching the third setellite,you are are full of hatred and talking about the strong Iranian leadership.Your correct spellings suggest that you are either a remnant of Shah probably residing in USA or are being influenced by one of his stooges there.Nevertheless,one can easily gather how lowly placed you are. Tend to discuss the article and contest on the same.But I am sure you know nothing and that is the reason why you have named yourself 'fist'.
14. #1: Almost Nailed It Bunnie
emanon ,   usa   (10.07.09)
These nutsos do not care about accuracy as long as it does not end up back on their launch pad. They could aim at US and have it hit Iraq and be just as happy.
15. Iran's long range rockets need preemption
Brod ,   USA   (10.07.09)
Did they buy those long range missiles from N. Korea to test their capabilities and copycat them? Long range missiles in the hands of Islamist-Jihadist fanatics is like nukes in the hands of these fanatics. They should be preempted before the West and Israel see their cities smoldering and thousands of innocent people murdered in an instant.
LAWRENCE RAP ARTISTE ,   Safed Israel   (10.07.09)
Ahmadinejad always fancied himself as an Astronaut,either way he will soon be "seeing stars."
17. 7 cont'd: When you consider that a restaurant that cooks
Rivkah   (10.07.09)
even bacon on its grill and then cooks a grilled cheese sandwich can affect the person trying to avoid unclean foods by contamination, that makes me reluctant to go to restaurants at all if unclean foods are served. Nuclear war is too near to risk having one's innerds contaminated with unclean foods because the protection of Isaiah that the Messiah will protect His people does not apply to swine eaters or those who eat unclean foods. It takes nine months for a person's innerds to become wholesome again after eating unclean foods. Last January 1 (2009), I ate some shrimp for New Year's Eve/New Year's, thinking a little unclean food once in a great while will not be that upsetting to the Lord. I got sick and then got rheumatoid arthritis and was gravely ill in the Lord's disgust at the pollution of my digestive tract and body with an unclean food. It is now nine months since the ingestion of the unclean food ( a small amount, not a lot) and now I am well. It is all or nothing when it comes to unclean foods: you do or you don't obey the Lord. I learned my lesson and eat at home mostly now to be sure I know what is in the food I am eating to the best of my ability.
LAWRENCE RAP ARTISTE ,   Safed Israel   (10.07.09)
Is that a Rocket in your pocket or are you merely glad to see me ??
19. to #12: in 6 to 12 months Iran will be able to reach NY CITY
who u gonna call.... ,   obama?   (10.07.09)
20. 10# That would be the best darn thing Iran
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (10.08.09)
could do for the United States and Europe. Get Japan and China while you are at it. When the shitheads don't have anyone buying their friggin oil.....I'll surely weep.
21. Rivkah i cannot stop laughing
tea man ,   marjayoun   (10.08.09)
your ration not to eat in a resturant is really cracking me up you could have said i donot afford it instead of two pages lecture about unclean food and Emp iread your post with interest until you gave yourself away in the last one funny
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