Report: Saban wants to buy al-Jazeera
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Published: 08.10.09, 08:18
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1. aljazeera
robert verity ,   england   (10.08.09)
2. Promotion of terrorism doesn't attract much advertising.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.08.09)
3. The writer is missing the point
Ali Ahmad ,   E.Jerusalem   (10.08.09)
Aljazeera was never intended to work with financial consideration. Aljazzera has been proven to be too valuable to be sold to some guy who thinks money will be the answer to aljazeera popularity. Although, Qatar has benefited the most by becoming a regional player and affecting the dynamic of politics, but for the most part the Arab voice is big winner. Western governments with their puppets are unable to control the man and women on the street level. Despite what the newcons and Jewish groups says about it , it has provided a platform to the average Arab to speak. It doesn't matter what they speak as long they speak free from the dictators who hijacked the Arab voice by wrongfully clinching to power for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years. There is no way that the ruler of Qatar would let a valuable tool like al Jazeera to be sold
4. Ali Baba # 3--I hate to spoil your Knaffe,but
Duvdevan ,   IL   (10.08.09)
Money buys everything and anything,as long as the seller is an arab.
5. How can an ex Egyptian Jew now Israeli own Al Jazeera
semsem ,   New York, USA   (10.08.09)
How can an Egyptian Jewish refugee now Israeli own Al Jazeera?
6. Financial trouble
shuebydoo ,   USA   (10.09.09)
If Al Jazeera is in financial trouble, find some creative ways to help it to its demise. And if it's worth anything then, Haim Saban get get it for "pennies"
7. #4 Poor Duvdevan
Ali Ahmad ,   E.Jerusalem   (10.09.09)
You remind me of some idiot from on of the Gulf States who wanted to buy the Golden Gate Bridge some 20 years ago. If Aljazeera ever sold, it will be due to a political decision. But I guess you still don't get it
8. Ali Baba and his memory
Duvdevan ,   IL   (10.09.09)
No way Ali can it be? A jew fron a gulf state? I remind you of? Let me remind you of another fact ,(you must have forgotten as your brain works just like any other occupier and usurper's brain).....its been 60 years since ANY jew is allowed to live in the Gulf states. I wonder why? "Judenrein"? perhaps Mein Kampf in arabic?
9. If Saban buys this station
Debbie ,   Toronto   (10.09.09)
they will have to change the name to Al JEW zerah.... LOL That will really put #3's nose out of joint
10. hope aljazeera declines offer
jerusalem   (10.09.09)
why dont arab countries donate? thats a shame... keep it strong aljazeera..
11. Poor Duvdevan double take
Ali Ahmad ,   E.Jerusalem   (10.09.09)
I guess reading is hard but thinking and comprehension is the hardest for you. Who said anything about a Jew from the Gulf States!!!!!!!!
12. Wonderful idea!
Heather Czerniak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (10.10.09)
Then perhaps Al-Jazeera's content will be more balanced, something they've lacked for so long.
13. Its only 50% of stakes and its just business
jo ,   Israel   (10.11.09)
14. Al-Jazeera
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (11.04.09)
The same way that Arabs can own half of London and NewYork,money talks so watch this space.
15. Al-Jazeera
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (11.04.09)
No more virulent anti-Israeli propaganda as the Israelis will be in charge ,not Amr Moussa and his League.
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