Diplomat: EU to sign partnership with Syria this month
Published: 08.10.09, 21:21
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1. The Swedes won't let a little torture get in the way....
Cynic ,   USA   (10.08.09)
when it comes to the arabs.
2. there is not alternative
Charles   (10.08.09)
to the Assad regime, unless we wish AlQaida or the Moslem Brotherhood to take over Syria.
3. How far back shall we go on the EU's human rights record?
truthteller   (10.08.09)
ten years? 60 years? They have been eliminating Jews any way they can since well before the dark ages. I would argue that they've never broke with their pogroms. So all it takes is a couple of years after Harir to be blasted off the street like the dropping from a Paris poodle and it's all forgotten--even by his own son. Oh yes, and ,bomb Tehren.
4. The Terrorist State of Syria.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (10.09.09)
Israel cannot be reconciled with the Mafia regime of Assad. Syria will wait till the moment that it sees chances of defeating Israel. Syria cannot efford good relations with Israel. The Assad family has established a hereditary dynasty shored up by repression within, and confrontation and terror abroad. The rule of the Assads is not aimed at improving the lot of their people or forwarding a particular ideology. They changed ideology from secular Arabism to a seemingly impossible confection of pan-Arabism and Islamist extremism because it was expedient to do so. Hafez Assad came to power following a dizzying succession of coups that had made Syria the most unstable regime in the Middle East. The Assads are seated atop a bucking bronco. They are members of the Allawi religious minority who are usually not even considered to be Muslims. They rule a country of disparate minorities with a potential for chaos almost as great as that of Iraq. The radical Muslim Brotherhood is always there, threatening to take over the country by fair means or foul, and the usual Ba’th party rivalries that have plagued all such regimes are also a threat to Assad family rule. Their rule is not about improving living standards for Syria. Syrian living standards have fallen behind the none-too-glamorous ones of Jordan or Egypt. It is not about democracy, a Western luxury Syria can’t afford, according to Bashar Assad. The Assad regime is about stability, and it is about money and power for the Assad family. The regime is comparable in every way to the fictional Corleone Mafia family. Prosperity and peace would ruin the Assad regime. Therefore, Western assumptions that Syrian leadership must want peace and prosperity are mistaken, and it is pointless to “engage” Syria in dialogue except insofar as it is possible to confront them with their violations and insist that they mend their ways as explained at :
5. Also a clause in EU-Israel but IDF keeps on murdering
Ezra ,   London   (10.09.09)
children and we still trade with you. So you see we treat all the criminals alike
6. wot like Israel Human rights record? At least Syria
Caroline ,   Ta   (10.09.09)
doesnt pretend to be a democracy.
7. jew haters on this site
martin ,   stevenage uk   (10.09.09)
please inform us where there is democratic moslem/arab site that will enable me to write such garbage against the arabs as you do against israel. to compare syria and israel is ridiculous and shows the desperate level the eu has fallen to. they speak of boycotts against israel, yet, want to play with syria, that bastion of peace loving democracy
8. Sure Martin everyone is a self hating jew
Caroline ,   TA   (10.09.09)
boohoo all critics are bad. the excuse for abusing other because someone else does the same hasn't worked since I'm about 5, of course for some that's the only childish justification as there isn't a reasonable one. how simple
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