Iran: Israel's threats inexplicable
Dudi Cohen
Published: 09.10.09, 23:19
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1. Hypocrisy
Michael ,   Idaho, United States   (10.10.09)
So, leaders in Iran can threaten to wipe out everyone in Israel with impunity, yet Israel can do nothing to protect its national interest? How dumb is this. Israel is threatening to bomb a military installation. Iran is threatening genocide. This only makes sense to hypocrits.
2. iranian protests
alexi   (10.10.09)
Revolutionary guard and the man who iranians say death to kameinei because jewish ahaminejad stole the election from moussavi threaten israel with destruction. So how come iran runs to the UN crying about sneh's threats. I tell you one thing ahmadinejad. Forget about saddam hussein and pacificists tutu and goldstone.. If it comes to war, Israelis will beat the hell out of you, I mean it. And it won't take 10 years to do it. In the meantime, I call on persians to throw out this rotten, filthy , pedophile regime of ahmadinejad. Iranians, since you hate jews, I remind you that ahmadinejad was jewish. Check his genitals. I believe he had a bar mitvah.
3. The warning was a favor to the world, Next comes bombs.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.10.09)
4. Iran sanctions
Toc ,   Santa Rosa USA   (10.10.09)
So Israel will attack Iran if sanctions are not in place by Christmas? How will anyone know when that is since Christmas has been replaced by 'holiday'?? Hmmmm--Israel will attack Iran if sanctions not in place by the holidays is much too vague for threat language with any teeth in it.
5. Iran's such a crybaby
Yaniv ,   Israel   (10.10.09)
Iran started all this when it threatened to wipe Israel off the map, not Israel. And now when Israel is prepeared to attack and destroy their (developing) capability to launch nukes against Israel to fullfill their wet dreams, they run crying to the UN. Pathetic little creatures they are.
6. israel's threats...???
les ,   canada   (10.10.09)
now.. now mr khazaee, this is not nice. first you want to wipe israel off the map, then you want to "blow up israel's heart", not to mention the beatings, raping, murdering your own people. and now you run to the Useless Nerds for protection? you are hard at work making your own bed, AND YOU'LL GOING TO SLEEP IN IT! hopefully the iranian people will act before it'll be too late.
7. Iran Fraud
Miguel ,   las Vegas   (10.10.09)
This country and these leaders are going to doom as us. i pray that someone with balls stands up to these bullies and put bullets between their EYES. Yes Bullets, not flowers and appeasing words. Unbelievable, what you people are doing to humanity. You are all frauds.
8. "Decisive?"
Roy ,   USA   (10.10.09)
If Israel is waiting on something "decisive" from Odumdum, they are in for a long wait! Israel will have to bomb Iran's nuclear bomb factories; when Iran overreacts, the nukes will have to come "out of the closet," and Japan will have "company" in the WBNC, the "We Been Nuked Club!"
9. Well Gosh, Mr. Khazaee!
Heather Czerniak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (10.10.09)
Why don't you tell your ol' pal Ahmadinejad to stop making threats against Israel? If you don't like to tango, stay off the dance floor.
10. No worries
Rob ,   Seattle, WA   (10.10.09)
No worries. Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize now. Iran is probably quaking in its boots.
11. Iran: Israel's threats inexplicable
Terry Kette ,   Sandusky Ohio USA   (10.10.09)
Thank God there is a country in this world that has the intestinal fortitude to confront evil. Israel, many people in the USA are praying for you. Our president is too busy getting Nobel Peace prizes for "peace". Although our country has lost the testosterone to confront these evils, we thank God you are always there.
12. israel/iran
james ,   rochester, USA   (10.10.09)
Israeli has only 2 tanker aircraft, a raid by even 4 attack planes would require ew, fighters, rescue choppers all the way in and out, over 24 aircraft over US forces all the way in and back, not possible unless US participates and that would mean Iran attacks Iraq, i.e., the US, not feasible and Iran knows it
13. Iran is like a schoolyard bully.
Allan ,   Florida   (10.10.09)
The minute you stand up to him and bloody his nose he runs crying to momma. What a pathetic excuse for a country.
14. Israel's promise to attack Iran
Gary ,   Yorba Linda, CA USA   (10.10.09)
I, for one, support Israel (God's chosen people) 100%. I pray that they take out the corrupt Islamic regime while they're at it.
15. Israel speaks plain truth.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles   (10.10.09)
Iran will almost certainly fail to do what is necessary to avoid war.
16. Iran: Israel's threats inexplicable
yewbee ,   US   (10.10.09)
Alrighty, then,... So it's ok for Iran's pres to deny the holocaust, refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist, make threats, etc,...but Israel can't defend itself with a pre-emptive attack against known nuclear facilities? Only the blind would side with Iran
17. Why are you publishing this...
Steven ,   London   (10.10.09)
and giving voice to the lying, and genocidal regeme in Iran?
18. patholgical ill regime
Fist   (10.10.09)
The iranian regime caught in the midst of its illogical behaviour. Yetserday a pasdaran thereatened once again to destroy Israel, but the mad mullahs running that country can'thear the same from the other side; Why ? Do ahmadarejendeh and his ilk believe seriously that Israel will not use his 200+nuke s against Iran if it is attacked with non conventional weapons ? in what world does like these cranks; time to bomb them into reality ! this will be teh last nail in Ira'ns Shiite regime coffin
19. Be afraid Mohammad, be very afraid.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (10.10.09)
20. Sneh Shouldn't Speak
Dan ,   USA   (10.10.09)
If the game Iran is playing wasn't so serious this would be funny. Iran allows it's officials to talk about demolishing the Jewish state almost every day but becomes offended if Israel threatens. Sneh's comment was stupid because it will eventually either be seen as another empty threat or will actually tip off Iran.
21. Christmas
Levi Pike ,   Fort Collins, CO   (10.10.09)
I just thought it was a bit of a funny headline, considering neither country celebrates Christmas.
22. Israel threatens Iran
Gordon Loop ,   Wake Forest, NC, USA   (10.10.09)
It is absurd for Iran to ask the UN to punish Israel for warning that it would attack Iran if the UN doesn't stop them from making a nuke bomb. Iran has repeated called for the annihilation of Israel as a state, and that they want to wipe them off the map. I would not be surprised if the UN rebuke Israel for it.
23. What?
tim wooley ,   cincinnati, ohio   (10.10.09)
24. Sneh has no official role now, but Iran's Supreme Villain
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.10.09)
today threatened to attack Israel in an outburst of curses in Qum
25. threats inexplicable??
Stuart Ford ,   United States   (10.10.09)
Whom are they trying to con with the "there is no explanation for Israel's continuing threats against Tehran" line? All Israel ever does is protect itself from attacks, and the wack jobs in Iran, that continually state that they will destroy your country! If the UN does anything about this "demand" they should be disbanded, as they are no longer a force for good in the world!
26. Iran vs. Isreal
Richard Veitengruber ,   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (10.10.09)
"there is no explanation for Israel's continuing threats against Tehran". Dorsn't Mohammad Khazaee have this whole concept backwards?
27. Sanctions against Iran by Christmas
candy ,   roseville USA   (10.10.09)
INEXPLICABLE!!!???? How about the threat of "wiping Israel from the face of the map"!!!!!!!! What more explanation is needed!!
28. Iran and Israel
Anthony ,   Austin Tx USA   (10.10.09)
The Iranian UN ambassador, must take have wax in his ear. The Iranians have continously threatened to attack Israel for years, but when an Israeli leader says it back, they call it irresponsible. Iran acts like it is totally innocent for all the acts of violence it has been responsible for since the revolution worldwide. They are the aggressors and being provocative. I wish someone in Iran would wake up and be responsible.
29. Iran
Scott ,   USA   (10.10.09)
What a fool this Iranian ambassador is. The Iranian government has been espousing war-like rhetoric against Israel ("wipe Israel off the map") for years.Israel has the right of self defense against a clear and present danger like Iran....before Iran gets the nuclear bomb it's trying to develop....BTW, I'm not Jewish and I have several Iranian friends in the US who hate the Iran government/mullahs.
30. Look Who's Talking, Iran!
ela ,   Fairbanks, Alaska   (10.10.09)
Iran's leader has called Israel illegitimate. Iran's leader has called Israel a stinking corpse. Iran's leader has denied the Holocaust -- and yet, apparently, feels perfectly free to threaten a 'real' one. Iran's leader has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Iran is further developing nuclear sites, defying the west, and continuing with threats and taunts towards Israel. The world guffaws around, thumb in mouth, shrugging and stuttering in response. And when ISRAEL -- sensing the encroaching disaster --responds with the threat of force to stop it, Iran goes bawling to the UN, saying they can't understand it, and uttering more antisemitism against Israel. I say to Israel: Let 'em have it. If Iran wants nukes so badly, give them some. It's about time. It's long overdue.
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