Iran: Israel's threats inexplicable
Dudi Cohen
Published: 09.10.09, 23:19
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61. Israels threats inexplicable
KC Eddie ,   Overland Park, USA   (10.10.09)
Who says they need planes to turn Tehran into glass. Bend over and kiss it goodbye Akmadinejad!
62. Iran: Israel's threats inexplicable
Matt ,   Cincinnati, Ohio, US   (10.10.09)
I can't believe the chutzpah of the Iranian ambassador... the pot is calling the kettle black. Wasn't it Ahmedenijad who threatened repeatedly to wipe Israel off the map? And yet no condemnation of those comments. Hypocrite!
63. Israeli strike on Iran's Nukes
Frank Madash ,   Anywhere, USA   (10.10.09)
I am not afraid of such a calamity, because the U.S. President has won a Nobel Peace Prize. He will protect Iran first by warning them of the strike in progress, and then by using the U.S. Navy and Airforce to shoot down Israeli planes transiting Iraq, as they try to reach the Iranian nuclear facilities. Peace!
64. iran: israel's threats
debbie ,   israel   (10.10.09)
DEAR BOB REYNOLDS, If you believe that Israel's threats against Iran are sufficient for Iran to strike Israel preemptively, then it follows that you also believe that Iran's continuous threats, to "wipe Israel off the earth" and "destroy the heart of Israel" and "scorch the Israeli earth", are also sufficient Iranian threats, so that Israel is justified in striking Iran preemptively? JUST WONDERING........
65. #41 AND # 52
Mike Hong Kong, please do not worry your pretty head about HOW Israel will attack Iran.Israel has many Jericho missiles and others and its Dolphin Submarines are widely rumoured to have nuclear -tipped cruise missiles.No need for a single Israeli airplane to be used.Iran could be radioactive glass in less time than it took to read this talkback.
66. 37.You should take you assets and move to Samoa before
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.10.09)
the next Tsunami or one of the other Pacific Islands that's sinking fast. Israel started Iran on the path to Nukes. It's OK for Israel to have Nukes and to violate the Int. Law but Iran as one of the founding member of the NPT is being harried. Full credit to Obama for refusing to wage war on the Iranians, and for not allowing himself to be led a la Bush by a bunch of murderous land thieves. Obama has instead tried to give 'peace a chance' and for merely trying he will be castigated by the war mongers. He truly deserve the Prize! congratulations Mr. President!
67. Just Plain Nonsense!
Christy ,   Boston, MA   (10.10.09)
Does he *REALLY* not understand that after all his threats towards Israel that Israel is just going to lie down, watch, and do nothing?! Is this person THAT dense? What's he expect the UN to do in light of the threats he's been making? Glad he chose Christmas as a target because I know a LOT of Christians will be, are, praying for Israel. This target makes it easier for us to remember the deadline. Other than making the target date easier for Christians to remember, I can't think of another reason why Christmas was chosen. Neither Iran or Israel celebrate Christmas.
68. Nukes
Another Nuker ,   USA BABY!   (10.10.09)
Do you have nukes too? Why don't you give them up? Douchebags. All you want to do is fight. You're no better than Iran. Thanks
69. Comment 13; Allan, Florida
J.H. de R. ,   Amsterdam, Netherlan   (10.10.09)
Israel is the bully, not Iran. Iran has not attacked another country in more than 200 years, while Israel . . . or do you have no memory function left?
70. Israel attacking Iran comments
Paul W. Carpenter ,   Fort Worth, Texas   (10.10.09)
How difficult and nasty is the taste your own words! Iran should tune in to their own President's words, take a big bite and see how they taste from Israel's side. We are all silently cheering for Israel to STAND UP and put these tyrants in the earth!
71. Myths and Rants II
Shlomo Kamra   (10.10.09)
1. Iran never threatened to wipe Israel off the map-it said Israel would wipe itself off the map by infighting and wrong policies.If Iamwrong, showmethe quote by AJ. 2. Israel is not capable of bombing Iran by itself,as others here with more millitary know-how than me have said. 3. People forget that Israel went running to the UN to complain about the harmless, non-guided missiles from Gaza landing in empty fields-boo hoo hoo! So don't complain about Iran complaining about a real threat from Israel.
72. Stop dreaming, Bombing called off if Iran holds to UN deal
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, USA   (10.10.09)
I don't see a bombing or sanctions if Iran holds up its side of the deal. Israeli nukes are out as a first strike option, that would force the world to act against Israel. While Israel want to keep bombing option on the table, it is unrealized without US or Suadi ok and missiles would not take out centrifuges.
73. #43-Have you been receiving no replies to your CV
74. Where is the Proof?
Shlomo Kamra   (10.10.09)
Someone show me 100% proof that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Not heresay or uneducated guesses, but 100% proof. None? Israel has to denuke itself, or everyone in the ME becomes a member of the nuke club.
75. Isreal
Kim Bell ,   Cincinnatti, Ohio   (10.10.09)
I support Isreal in whatever they deem is the correct thing to do for their Country!
76. Just Do It!
Mike ,   Kinnelon NJ USA   (10.10.09)
These nuclear facilitys need to be taken out by Isreal now. My country has elected a weak president and he and his administration cannot be relied upon to stand up for what is right! Don't waste your time with the UN - there a useless organization!
77. Living in a Bad Neighborhood
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.10.09)
The bad neighbors understand why Israel has had nukes for quite some time and they are afraid with cause. Israel lives in the midst of very bad neighbors who started many,many wars to eradicate the nation to no avail.It would be wise of these bad neighbors to back off ,especially Iran because Israel is here to stay. Islam is going to learn a fearful message on this reality.
78. Wow
Harry ,   Tikrit, Iraq   (10.10.09)
Who knew the Israelies celebrated Christmas.
79. Mohammad Khazaee
ricardo maxwell ,   Orange park USA   (10.10.09)
Mr. Khazaee wrote: ..."there is no explanation for Israel's continuing threats against Tehran". Is Mr. Khazaee delusional or somehow mentally deficient? Does he live in a cave cut off from the world and only only come out to utter gibberish? FYI, Mr. Khazaee, your country has a short little Hitler type puppet dictator that threatens Israel's total destruction almost daily. So there's your explanation. Perhaps the next time you open your mouth, you will not appear so foolish.
80. Inexplicable?
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.10.09)
Okay. I'll explain. Thirty years of violent threatening rhetoric from Tehran promising to "wipe the Zionist entity from the map" for starters. Just this past week, we were treated to a promise to "destroy the heart of the Zionist entity." Mixed rhetoric out of Tehran promising its nuclear program is for "peaceful purposes only" with a promise in the same speech that Iran's nukes would not be used against its neighbors in the Arab and Islamic world, but only for use against the "Zionist entity." Inexplicable, indeed. Wait and see. All will be clear quite soon.
81. Re: hypocrisy
Soylent ,   Sweden, Stockholm   (10.10.09)
"So, leaders in Iran can threaten to wipe out everyone in Israel with impunity, yet Israel can do nothing to protect its national interest?" Ah, back to the old "wipe Israel of the map"-lie. It would have been exusable to buy into that mistranslation some odd 4 years ago when it was first reported. Now it's simply intentional distortion of the facts.
82. Drudge's headlines
eric ,   denver usa   (10.10.09)
Drudge's Headline: Israel will 'attack Iran if sanctions not in place by Christmas'... " When I click through I find out it's a quote from a FORMER DEPUTY defense minister. What a sad excuse for a website.
83. To: No. 81
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.10.09)
It's a not a lie, although I can see why coming from Sweden you have completely misapperceived the degree of the violent rhetoric. And it dates back thirty years, not four as you purport. Well, the Swedes are nothing if not predictable. Perhaps you should treat yourself to a course in Farsi and then do a little research. Pea brain!
84. israel's threat unexplainable
gene somers ,   presque isle usa   (10.10.09)
Iran cant understand why israel is talking about an attack on iran. How about irans threat to destroy israel. No wonder israel talks the way they do.
85. sanctions
Levi ,   Newark,USA   (10.10.09)
Isreal should let the process play out before any action is taken.If Isreal attacks Iran the world will see them as warmongers.Iran said they are not trying to get the bomb,we should verify that.
86. Israel
Ken ,   georgia   (10.10.09)
One day we all pay the price for the lack of ability once again for this over paid UN. Iran needs to be put on the front burner and all dictators of this world should be removed for their people to have what is EVERYONES right, freedom to express, speech, equality. Bombs away....
87. Israel should do it... they have been talking
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (10.10.09)
about it for years. Besides, it would be interesting to see what happens when the price of gasoline go to $20 / gallon.
88. Hypocrisy at the IAEA
Dave ,   Atlanta, U.S.A.   (10.10.09)
It sounds like El Baradei of the IAEA and Iran are talking from the same notes. Go figure...
89. Unbelieveable
JDough ,   Jefferson City, USA   (10.10.09)
Bob Reynolds - It is no surprise to me that your state favors legalization of marijuana, because I think you are already smoking it. Are you new to planet Earth, to the Internet or to news reporting in general? Have you not read or heard about the plethora of threats leveled by Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as well as Iran's spiritual leaders, for years threatening Israel's destruction? And Israel is supposed to do what...allow that to happen? Israel may very well have nuclear weapons itself - in fact, I'd bet a year's pay on it - but you don't hear Israel threatening to eliminate Iran out of pure hatred; you hear Israel threatening to target Iran's weapons of mass destruction program, which the country's leadership has oft threatened to use against Israel once the capability exists. Put the dope down, clear your head, and think clearly, man. You sound like a buffoon.
90. Reap what you Sow
Chel ,   Florida,, USA   (10.10.09)
Iran needs to get over it; what steps did the UN take against the constant ramblings of Iran's leader who constantly suggest that Israel be wiped off the map'; If you cannot take the heat then stay out of the Kitchen or better yet, people who live in glass houses should not throw rocks....
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