Ministers: Foreign workers' kids to be deported by summer
Yael Branovsky
Published: 12.10.09, 21:17
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1. Missed opportunity
cas reader   (10.12.09)
These children can only be deported provided that these children have proper identification papers, and provided that their countries of origin are willing to accept their return. It's really unfortunate that these children are being deported. They could become the greatest supporters of Israel when they grow up.
2. millions children never experienced that in Saudi Arabia
observer   (10.12.09)
over decades. The only oasis of democracy in the middle east is logically in the middle of the desert.
3. Children should only be deported..........
Saftala ,   Israel   (10.12.09)
if their parents are also deported. Are the parents illegals or did we invite them to come to Israel and work?
4. I agree with Herzog and with #1 and #3
Israeli 2   (10.12.09)
We are going the ways of the gentiles. What have become of us? A light unto the nations? I am sooo deeply ashamed!!!. Why Israel? WHY????
5. ashamed
steve ,   israel   (10.12.09)
I feel ashamed to be Israeli and Jewish with this attitude of deportation. Where is our soul, to use there parents was ok now lets wash our hands of them And supported by a Haredi Minister DISGRACE
6. Shame on Israel
Daniel ,   CANADA   (10.12.09)
If Israel considers itself like a western democracy, it should start act like one
7. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.12.09)
Observer you need to take your medication,you are talking rubbish again.
8. children
Ilana   (10.12.09)
keep them here. Here the girls will get more than most places they will go. Please keep them here.
9. shame on us
shai ,   tel aviv israel   (10.12.09)
this should not be our attitude towards those innocent children.this country can easily absorb a few thousand kids that speak hebrew and feel israeli .
10. #6, and the ashameds
i ,   jerusalem   (10.12.09)
Exactly, we are not a democracy, and in no way should we act like one. Democracies eat themselves alive against their self interest for the whims and morals of men, and of some very stupid men at that.
11. Steve, ashamed
Jewish Labor only ,   Israel   (10.12.09)
You may be israeli, but not very much jew. Jew has misva of lo tehanem-- Not to give gentiles a foothold in the land, not to give preferential treatment. "anchor children" or serious numbers of foreign workers is foothold enough. Especially with bleeding goyish hearts like yours. And the labor issue is simple to solve. If you want benefits, work. If you refuse restaurant, cleaning caregiving or construction work, no welfare. And the contractors do not have to be so filthy rich.
12. expelling of children of illegal immigants
DANIEL BERK ,   HAMILTON   (10.12.09)
as a jew I am upset, when we the jewish people start expelling children from israel then we become what we fled from europe the discrimmination and hate because those countries never considered us part of there nation. to those in power in israel today if you want the support of jews in north america you better change the way you handle the children every child that you love and nurish will become a new citizen of israel even if he is not jewish and will stand up to the world and say look what this country did for me a child
13. Thank You So Much!!!
Angelus Villanueva ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.13.09)
Thank You So Much!!! For all the people who supporting the legality of the foreign children in this country ISRAEL. My son did not choose to be born in this country but GOD chose it. When I was in Germany, I herd the Country Israel to my cousins and they doesn't want to go in this country which I don't know the reason why. After two years , I found my self here in Israel with fear and negative thoughts but a months and years passby i becoming like here and love this country despite all the hardships and fear of the war, I THANK GOD bec. i may say i met and i am working with a GOOD Citizens of this country, who are loving, caring, open minded, and they love and fun of children so much especially to my son. To all my employers who makes us feel like a members of their family, that's why I am so happy to work with them with all my heart. and we love them so much!!! TO ALL PRO deportation may the spirit of the late HITLER may NOT dwell into your HEART, SOUL AND MIND. And the spirit of holucoust may not be reapeted. GOD BLESS US ALL!!! MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU!!!
14. To #10
Mike ,   Portland, USA   (10.13.09)
Exactly. Israel is not a democracy which is why it has extremely limited aliyah appeal to U.S. Jews., which are mostly non-orthodox and highly oriented toward democracy. Good luck on your de-evolution into a Jewish-Taliban theocracy type state. You can continue to count on an ever-declining base of U.S. Jewish support. I fully expect the Haredim to over-populate and over-run secular Israel and for Manhedrin segregated (gender) buses a la pre-civil rights American Dixie to be your future. Eventually you will fall to the apartheid collapse and fate of white South Africa and be replaced by a multi-cultural state, where intermarriage will be accepted as it is elsewhere on planet earth. Sign me, disgusted-with-Israel intermarried U.S. Jew.
15. Thank YOU, Angelus # 13
Israeli 2   (10.13.09)
For coming to Israel and feeling good over here. WELCOME!! There are some very negative lements in this country that we must oppose. I, myself am a very religious Jew, and therefore I oppose those who have no Chesed and Rachamim!!! May the G-d of Israel protect us all, AMEN!
16. Foolish Bleedings Hearts
Raul ,   TA   (10.13.09)
If they will allow the kids to stay, that means their illegal parents stay. That means that all an illegal needs to do is have a kid in Israel and walla, he/she can stay. It would just become an easy way in. There are already 300,000 illegals in a country of around 6 million Jews. Just imagine the flood of illegals that will occur if these kids and their parents can stay. Sometimes I just don't get some American/Israeli Jews, you willingly destroy the character of your country just because you feel touched. I hope you actually read some Jewish literature, its widely different from your bleeding heart sentiments.
17. What does Torah say about it?
Oscar ,   Guatemala   (10.13.09)
"Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt." Shame on you Israel!
18. Deport Eli Yishai
Avi ,   Israel   (10.13.09)
Would be far easier to deport Eli Yishai the rascist crook that heads the Shas cult, obvioulsy these little children are not part of his plan to run our lives. This man is not only a discrase to Israel but a discrase to humanity.
19. As horrible as this seem, you've got to do this or you'll
wake up 1 day&find ,   20mil.more. USA   (10.13.09)
20. Deport Arabs along with these kids
shmujew ,   unholyland   (10.13.09)
Israel is the land of the Jews .....noone else
21. 14
Rosie ,   Israel   (10.13.09)
"disgusted-with-Israel intermarried U.S. Jew." Why bother reading Israeli news? Why care about what is going on in Israel?
22. Dealing with the future
R   (10.13.09)
Do not giving welfare payments to people who are not willing to work, and there wouldn't be a need to import foreign workers.
23. just to share a bit of info..
mi&yu ,   tlv,isr   (10.13.09)
i read once an article about this foreign couple who bear a child in japan...after 13 long years of stay the japanese government still didn't give the parents a residency so there were sent from the country of their origin..leaving their child all by herself from the country she were born ..the language she could only speak...clever japanese huh!so what's happen next???no one looks after their child...until they decided to take them with them...government of israel..stand for your will and implement your law...deport them if you want ,dont let them wait too long...
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