Erdogan: Innocent children hurt by phosphorous in Gaza
Published: 13.10.09, 11:54
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1. Free Kurdistan
2. he said something of the sort at cast lead
ghostq   (10.13.09)
but he correct himself and apologized now he added the USA, , this clown is realy funny, his own country use to execute Arab leaders during the Turkish mandate, I guess he also slept during history lessons. ti hi.
3. With friends like these
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (10.13.09)
If this is how Israel's best Muslim ally behaves - cancels an annual military exercise because Israel has always been part of it - leads the propaganda war against Israel then why do we need them?
4. Erdogan is a madman
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.13.09)
Israel wouldn't waste expensive weapons on innocent civilians. The Turks bomb the Iraqi Kurds and kill civilians including children. Why no war crimes charges against him and the Turkish army?
5. Politics
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.13.09)
Politic is not only bending to anybody who commercially is good for us. Politics is about mutual proud and that brings economic deals. Why don't we do a private call from PM to PM and explain that we are sick and bored with his rhetorical and that if we bother him some much, maybe we should call this "friendliness" to an end?
nadav ,   israel   (10.13.09)
and Return the lands you stole from the Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians! Erdogan is an Islamist JIhadist, a wold in sheep's clothing. We are all waiting for him t o be either voted out and Thrown out by the defenders of democracy in turkey. Erdogan is a hypocrit (uses force against Kurds EVERYDAY!!)
7. where was he concerne for israelis children being bombed in
sick of the lecture ,   reality   (10.13.09)
here we go, someone woke up turkey and convinced them that 25 years of israeli frinedship was worth ruinging for political gain ..the fear of europeans that turkey is a muslim country and not european is coming true .. forget the EU, and NATO .. they can have assad and iran
8. Its obvious Erdogan wants to destroy Israel-Turkish relation
Alan ,   SA   (10.13.09)
Is it because he has an election soon or whatever? How can Turkey be a mediator between Israel and say Syria , with this type of behaviour . Either he has decided Turkey is part of the Hamas Axis or Turkey is an honest broker .He cant align Turkey on both . Im sure he is playing to his Islamists .
9. he doesnt even mention hamas rockets
sami ,   tel aviv   (10.13.09)
this is absurd this clown should resign he is pulling turkey into the black depths of radical islam
TURKEY=IRAN   (10.13.09)
SO OBVIOUS   (10.13.09)
13. what about the poor innocent kurds ? let me remind you
dovdevan ,   ashdod,israel   (10.13.09)
turkish governement became the angels of the world they defend people who are opressed by the americano-zionist but they are ready to get their money from zionist who come to holidays to their country and arms from the americans opressor that they use against innocent poor civilians kurds !!!
14.  "Good Sight" Your Arm Chair is in Ankara
Roland Seener ,   London England   (10.13.09)
A Muslim Country is always Biased,and your Country is one of them.How can we expect the likes of you to condemn the Rockets that have rained down on S"derot.Tell us quite plainly you don"t want Israeli tourists or trade.Discretion is not your vantage point as you could have low-keyed the issue by asking the IDF or War Ministry long ago what exactly had happened.I n finality I ,(not being a diplomat who wants to keep his job) look forwards to a long broken relationship with you and hope a general "Boycott "by Israel is in the offing to make you feel the pinch. It is time Israel reacted at a Govt level to these Insults....Kop in Drerd !
15. NATO is finished
Steve from Raleigh   (10.13.09)
And the EU will now HAVE to open its arms to Turkey, now that they've embraced official Jew Hatred.
17. Skewed Semantics
usa   (10.13.09)
Phospherous bombs were not fired "at" children, they were fired "from" planes to light the sky. Yes, children can be the victims of war, it is a sad fact. Why doesn't Erdowank ask Hamas why they were firing rockets at Israel in the first place?
18. #8 Point well taken!
19. Erdogan PLANS SUPRISE EARLY ELECTIONS so targeting Israel
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.13.09)
It is now CLEAR Erdogan Recently escalating rhetoric against Israel, in fact in his previous critics and TV show with Israeli President Peres was also deviced to collect Muslim votes. Now it is more clear Erdogan planning to hit opposition by early election and therefore preparing political vote base from Muslim voters. However Erdogan waits something before going elections: IMF aid. As soon as IMF aid was agreed and if it is sufficiently large Turkey will experience short term mellow and that is the best time for early election. You may assume Erdogan will escalete anti-israili rhetoric and Israeli government will not respond Because Israeli government KNOW ERDOGAN IS THEIR LOYAL ALLAY and Israel will support Erdogan's anti-israili play as much as they can.
20. Erdogan
Bruria   (10.13.09)
This from the country who all but exterminated the Armenian people--and remain in denial? Pfffft
21. Erdogan and Turkeys record
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.13.09)
At least We have not commititted genocide and neither would we unlike his country did and would do again. First the Armenians and then the Kurds
22. Boycott turkey!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.13.09)
Make it illegal for Israelis to travel there till this turkey is replaced by a normal person. Hopefully the army will crush this crazy government and the religious fanatics in turkey.
23. #22
tourism, especially israeli tourism and lack of it, or bringing it to a zero, will make turkey feel the pinch in a very very bad economical way. unfortunatelly, israelis in most part, do not look at it this way and sometimes choosing cheep vacations like in turkey will continue despite erdogan's bileful rhetoric.
24. TYPHOON THE BABOON BUFFOON, to believe your AL Takyia or
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.13.09)
Erdogan's? you are both Jihadis so it doesn't matter Jews mind has been made up already to side with the oppressed and occuppied by Turkish settlers of Asia Minor and not follow your propaganda
25. Sanctimonious hypocrite
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.13.09)
Approximately 375,000 Kurdish civilians have been murdered in cold blood since Turkey actively started its program of genocide in 1984, including approximately 47,000 children. Of course there is no need to belabor the subject of the Armenian genocide -- except to point out that it paved the way for the Holocaust. There was also the invasion of Cyprus in 1974, purportedly to "protect" Cypriot Turks, but in truth solely for the purpose of acquiring the deep water ports of Nicosia and Limassol in addition to the one they already had at Famagusta. A lot of innocent Greek civilians died in that endeavor. In sum -- methinks he doth protest too much.
26. 13
Rosie   (10.14.09)
"WORLD WAR 3 = ISLAM VS THE WEST (End) SO OBVIOUS (10.13.09)" No. The West is being conquered by Islam, slowly, but surely. THIS is obvious.
27. 25
Rosie   (10.14.09)
Vaaluable info. Thank you.
28. Innocent children
Rosie   (10.14.09)
What about Jewish innocent children hurt by rockets?
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