Erdogan: My people rejected Israel's participation
Published: 14.10.09, 20:16
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1. Who for 1 minute believes Erdogan is the voice of the people
usa   (10.14.09)
? Stalin thought the same thing about himself, didn't he.
2. What Erdogan does not grasp
Zvi   (10.14.09)
is that the reason why Turkey was worth something as a mediator was that it was a Muslim ally of Israel. Israel can no longer trust Erdogan's government - not at all - and therefore, Turkey will no longer mediate anything in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Syria, on the other hand, is a Baathist regime that slaughtered 30,000 of its own civilians in Hama and occupied the entire country of Lebanon for nearly 2 decades. Iraqi officials call it the "heart of darkness" for its harboring of al Qaeda and Syria also controls all of the Palestinian terrorist groups from Damascus, where their leaders reside. Erdogan's comments are outright hypocrisy.
3. Time to remove Turkey from vacation destination and more
David ,   Boston, USA   (10.14.09)
time to remove Turkish ambassador. This is a shame that the Turkish government has taken a step back in the world.
4. Israel no longer trusts Turkey to serve as honest broker
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.14.09)
Turkey has made clear its sympathies lie with Israel's enemies and the Muslim "umma". One of the first to diplomatically engage with Hamas, it's no surprise Turkey sided with them in the latest conflict. Or that it supports Syrian claims against Israel. So of what use is their "mediation"? The reality is that Turkey sees such mediation as strengthening its influence with the Muslim and Arab world. But what does that do for Israel?
5. quiet but firm
alexi   (10.14.09)
No fairy tales here-erdogan has returned turkey to ottomons, ataturk is dead. Israel has to be quiet to maintain whatever military deals, excluding highly sensitive stuff as they will be passed onto their new buddies the syrians. Yet, it has to be firm. I call on Israelis to reconsider their holidays plans.Also, its enough that sholmert, the imbecile trusted erdogan to give away the golan for empty words. Israel can never ever use Turkey as a conduit for negotiations. besides, Golan is israel, ancient, and won in defensive war and t hat is the end. Just as Syria got used to Turkey taking some of its land, Syria will have to get used to Israel reacquiring its ancient land. And shut up Olmert, barak and livni. Golan stays israeli period. Now for Iran, Israel take a few days and do what you have to do. US will not do anything as Obama is proarab as he was buddies with rashidi. Did you see him bow to king fahd? That says it all. The latest is Richard Goldstone who charged israel with war crimes in his UN report for a million dollars, now says his charges may be misproven and he wouldn' t lose any sleep over it. he admits that hamas cherry picked wha t he could see and that witnesses were not cross-examined. And he is a lawyer. He should be disbarred for overreaching.If you felt that way, you should not have come to any conclusions since it amounts to hama s propaganda. its not enough that Israel had to pay for the sins of rome in the jesus christ matter. Now one of its own pins war crimes on israel when hamas is the guilty party for an idiiot to see.What comes around goes around and Goldstone will not enjoy his retirement and that is a certainty.
6. What a crock of Sh#t
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (10.14.09)
You have shown huge amounts of distrust, backstabbing and utter partiality shown by all other Muslim countries toward Israel, but you want to be a negotiator for Israel! OK Judas! For the Article: "Erdogan said in the al-Arabiya interview that Turkey stood ready to resume brokering the indirect contacts aimed at re-launching US-brokered negotiations severed in 2000. "If Turkey was asked to play the role of the mediator between Israel and Syria, we will always be ready," he said."
7. Put on your fez, Erdogan
Miransky ,   Alabama   (10.14.09)
Put on your little red fez, Erdogan. And you don't have to wear that business suit any more. That is, you don't have to pretend to be secular. We know you want to recreate a Muslim state.
8. Just like the West/EU rejects Turkey
SGilbert ,   Teaneck US   (10.14.09)
9. We had a close escape from Turks conning Olmert outa Golan
Alan ,   SA   (10.14.09)
10. Expel Turkish ambassador from Israel!
Today not Tomorrow   (10.14.09)
The Israeli government must express our wishes!
JMK ,   NYC   (10.14.09)
12. Livni was blaming Bibi for this which shows her judgement
dan ,   haifa israel   (10.14.09)
Livni was bashing Bibi in the knesset over turkey relations. Livni is a quisling.
14. turkısh party always hosts hamas leaders
noa   (10.14.09)
we jews are ın fıre ın turkey
15. Turkey
Martin ,   USA   (10.14.09)
Maybe it is finally time for Israel to support Armenia's claim of Turkish genocide. But I guess that will upset Israel's growing ties with Azerbijian. Hmmmm.
16. Iranian missles in Turkey will bomb all of Europe.
Eurabia should ,   wake up   (10.14.09)
17. this is the reason
meg ,   israel   (10.14.09)
i wasnt tempted bycheap holidays to turkey...i opted for Bulgaria, and it was great! Turkey can go suck, wouldnt give them a agora/cent/whatever of my money. next week in Eilat!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.14.09)
And others cannot claim that they had not noticed the changes.Turkey will no longer be what it was and that is a certainty.But,to overnight,strart abusive language is not called for.Of course,it is a Muslim country and presently enjoys good relationship with the neighbouring Muslim countries.All was ok upto the time its relationship was normal with Iran.Recently,it has improved a lot and both countries tend to feel that it is a mutual benefit for them.There are more moves that one can predict happening in Turkey and rather than creating enimity with the Turks,it would be wise to accomodate these changes rather than start accusing Erodgan.He is not personally involved in these moves.It is the majority of Turkish people.Like it or not
19. He is not talking for me
Atheist Turk ,   Germany   (10.14.09)
What does he think who he is? What makes him for to speak for all Turks? What a pitty! He is ruling Turkey. He was elected by a bunch of idiots! He is really disgusting! Erdogan! Bring our money back and leave the country.
20. Long Live an Independent Kurdistan!
Hello Kurdistan ,   USA   (10.14.09)
21. Muslim killers
Brandur   (10.14.09)
Israel! Stay away from muslims. For every singel step they make forward. They just want to kill the citizens in you.
22. Erdogan, before you turn your back on Israel like Obama
Larry ,   Raanana   (10.14.09)
Remember who came to aid 10 years when you had that massive earthquake Remember who built a city for you to provide temporary housing for the homeless. Remember who saved man y of your people's lives Israel did
23. embarrassed
chaim ,   canada   (10.14.09)
as one of turkish origin, i feel totally embarrassed by the so called will of the people of turkey. this is nothing but islamist policies coming to the surface to win brownie points, i hope the secular are much smarter than this goof ball gov't in ankara.
Help Turks in their hour of need,I prefer to let them squirm .
25. Erdogan and his Islamist-Jihadist fanatics
Brod ,   USA   (10.15.09)
When Erdogan refers to "my people" he is talking about the fanatical Islamist-Jihadists in Turkey that have been emboldened under his Islamist-Jihadist government. NATO should kick Turkey out. No Islamist-Jihadist state deserves to be a member of NATO.
26. things to do
dani   (10.15.09)
#1 recognize armenian genocide #2 provide arms to kurds. perhaps when missiles are launched at turkish towns incessantly night and day, the shoe will be on the other foot. (of course, the kurds wouldn't do that, because they know what the turks would do them (see #1 for info))
27. Erdogan dishonors Turkish people with cynical, dishonest...
Peter Borsodi ,   Chicago, Il   (10.15.09)
cynical, dishonest betrayal of Turkey's heritage. Turkey is not and should not be a slave to the Arabs. There is no reason that Turkey should not be a friend to any country, including Israel, that wants to be friends with Turkey. Erdogan is a fool.
28. he isn't even Turkish,
ghostq   (10.15.09)
he got more greek khazer origin, he needs to watch the Turks won't reject him.
29. turkey
frank ,   israel   (10.15.09)
great, the truks have spoken. They have a serious conscience that only allows strong measures against Kurds...I say we cut ties with the Turks, cancel tourism, and if they don't buy our military hardware, fine, that will be less they can sell to the other enemy. Turkey has spoken and I believe that as a terrorist state the US is certainly going to side with Turkey as US foreign policy now seems to be rewarding the bad and punishing the good but fine with me. No Israeli tourism, exports, technology or weapons...I don't have a problem with that. In fact, what about countries that buy from us and sell to turkey, I say we start charging them triple and let the turks drown along with their terrorist friends. And yes, he does speak for his people!!!!
30. #18 Yes Mahmood, Turkey has changed
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.15.09)
Erdogan is selling Turkey into dhimmitude. As a rite of passage, Turkey must first post anti-Israel propaganda films. Dumb the Turkish people down and get them ready for Iranian style Sharia Law. What does Turkey get in return from Iran? Gas, pistachio nuts, the Islamic stamp of approval? Erdogan could have improved his relationship with Iran without the sleezy behavior toward Israel. Erdogan seems shaky and unsure of himself.
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