Erdogan: My people rejected Israel's participation
Published: 14.10.09, 20:16
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31. Erdogan do not speak for US,the Turks
Secular Turk ,   Mersin / Turkey   (10.15.09)
He is being hypocrite again. Turkish people could care less who attends the military training or not. We have more important things to care about. Erdogan should really stop lieing and hiding behind the people.
32. One minute
Zamazingo ,   Istanbul,TURKEY   (10.15.09)
As Kemal Ataturk say "peace at home,peace in the world".. There is no peace inside Turkey at the moment. University Deans behind bars or inside graveyard. Second phase of Economic crisis will be more efficient. Erdogan always playing the same scenario.. He wants to proof Israel as a reason of economy collapse...
33. to ghostq
Atheist Turk ,   Germany   (10.15.09)
Not greek, but as someone from Rize he could be a Laz, meaning simular to Georgian.
34. what a sensitive prime minister !!
ceren ,   turkey   (10.15.09)
i cannot stop my tears!!!
35. #31 Secular Turk
Marco ,   Spain   (10.15.09)
"Erdogan do not speak for US,the Turks". Are you dum or what? The last I checked you were, and still is a nobody in Turkey. Erdogan runs Turkey, not a stupid fool like yourself.
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